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Miles from Tomorrowland Birthday Party Supplies and Themed Ideas

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Plan a Miles from Tomorrowland birthday party

When it comes to TV shows that kids quickly take to their hearts, nobody does it better than Disney – and they’ve struck gold once more with their fantastic new space-themed show, Miles from Tomorrowland.

The series follows Miles – an adventurous and curious boy with a bit of a reckless streak, who lives on a spaceship with the rest of his family, the Callistos. Miles and his sister Loretta often find themselves getting into some intergalactic trouble, and the series has a real educational element to it, helping teach kids about space, stars and the solar system.

If your kids are positively manic for Miles and the rest of the gang, here’s how you can plan a perfect Miles from Tomorrowland birthday party that they’re sure to remember forever.

Outer space party table with night sky and planet backdrop and a delicious array of Space theme party food.

Outer space party table with night sky and planet backdrop and a delicious array of Space theme party food.

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Obviously your Miles from Tomorrowland birthday party invitations are going to have an awesome space theme – and there are plenty of online downloads and invitations that you can buy to get this party started. These sweet invitations from a seller on Etsy can be sent to your inbox in a digital file format, while this site also offers a customisable template download that you can print off yourself.

Alternatively, why not get a little crafty and make some invitations yourself? Grab some dark blue card and a silver pen, and have your little ones dot the background with plenty of stars. Then use cut-outs of colourful card and paper to create your own planets, rockets and even aliens! If your kids are a little older you could have them help with addressing the invitations, but if not, this is one task best left to Mom or Dad.

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Everyone loves a space theme – and the great news is, it’s easy and affordable to make this party theme look great. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hang circular paper lampshades in different colours from the ceiling with a piece of string. This will create a stylish solar system that might even teach kids a thing or too. Perhaps you could turn one of them in a space-themed piñata filled with candy?
  • Blow up some balloons in blue, green and grey and, using a felt-tip pen, draw on some alien features. The only limit here is your imagination – so go wild! You could even hire a balloon artist for your party, to create custom aliens for each of the kids. This incredible alien balloon creation surely takes the crown – if only it weren’t so scary for the little ones!
  • Another fun way to add to your Miles from Tomorrowland birthday party decorations is to create some bunting. This bunting could come in the form of stars, moons, planets, alien faces or even spaceships! You could even set up a bunting station and ask guests to make their own, which they can then take home with them.

Hanging Star Decorations

Hanging star decorations - string, star paper cutouts and some tape are all that's needed to make these eye catching decorations.

Hanging star decorations - string, star paper cutouts and some tape are all that's needed to make these eye catching decorations.

3 Teir planet Cake

3 Teir planet Cake

Miles from Tomorrowland Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

The cake is one of the focal points of the whole party – it’ll be the centre of all attention while everyone’s singing ‘Happy Birthday’, and it has to look (and taste) fantastic!

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Having a space theme means there’s plenty of scope, and lots of room to be creative when making the birthday cake. This three-tier creation combines elements of space and robotics, while this fabulous creation was finished off with Miles from Tomorrowland toys from the Disney store itself – inventive! You could also make sure each kid has a cake to take home with them by making sweet little alien cupcakes, as shown here in this colourful example.

If you’re not hugely confident in the kitchen, it makes sense to stick to smaller cupcakes – they’re less adventurous, but they still look fantastic! This Facebook page offers a multitude of ideas, with some really easy cupcakes to replicate. The Sand Creature cupcakes can be iced with chocolate and googly eyes from a craft store, and adding some green icing to a regular cupcake will create the perfect Blodger Blop.

How to Make a 3D Earth Themed Cake

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

All good parties need memorable party favors. We’ve already covered a few suggestions (cupcakes or space bunting, for example), but here are some more ideas for Miles from Tomorrowland party favors to serve as a souvenir for all guests.

  • These little gift bags from Etsy are great for saving time if you’re already spent your entire day making bunting and lampshade-planets! The bags come with a sticker, a bubble wand and three pieces of candy that children can take home with them.
  • Wrap some aluminium foil around pieces of chocolate and label them ‘Moon Rocks’ – you might not fool kids into thinking they’re taking a piece of the moon home, but they’ll surely forget all about it when they sink their teeth into the candy within!
  • Pick up some straws from the local store and download these cute rocket printables. All you need is a little glue, some colored pencils and a pair of safety scissors, and you can give each guest a rocket straw as a great party favour. You can even cut the end off some plastic pipettes and use them to fire the rockets!
  • There’s a multitude of Miles from Tomorrowland merchandise on the web right now – why not send kids home with a brand new figurine, colouring book, set of trading cards or another licensed toy? Your local Disney store is likely to be packed with ideas.
  • Cake pops are a modern new alternative to cupcakes – they’re like lollipops, but with spherical pieces of cake on the end! You can buy cake pop makers online, or you could also check out your local bakery and see how much it would cost them to make you a set of identical cake pops. The spherical shape means you could have them decorated as planets or moons – and they’ll taste delicious too!

Planet Cookies

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Food & Drink

With dozens of excited kids running around and using up all their energy, it’s important to put on a good selection of food and drink options so that they don’t return home hungry and tired. Let’s start with the food…

First, buy some lollipop stocks or skewers from your local store. Then chop up a selection of fruit – strawberries and bananas work well for this particular party piece. Stack the fruit on the skewers, alternating as you go, then carve up a peach or a pineapple into spiky shapes and add that to the bottom of the skewer. Behold – a fruit rocket! You could also buy a few star-shaped cookie-cutters from the store, and use them to create various different snacks shaped like stars.

Now onto the drinks. Peel off the labels from your cola bottles and replace it with a sign that says ‘Rocket Fuel’ – it sure has the same effect on kids! You could also hand out jello shots (non-alcoholic!) labelled as ‘Alien Juice’ or even ‘Power Boost’ to give your little astronauts even more to be excited about! Real fruit juice is also a good option – label it ‘Liquid Nitrogen’ to remain within the space theme.

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Games and Activities

We’ve already mentioned a multitude of Miles from Tomorrowland party activities that will keep the little ones entertained, from space piñatas to making bunting – but here are a few more:

  • Set up a rocket-making station with some toilet paper holders, plenty of colourful card, some child-friendly scissors and some glue. This will keep the kids busy for hours, and they could even race them later on in the day, when all the glue has dried.
  • If you made your own solar system with paper lanterns before, why not host a space-themed quiz? Ask the kids to point out Mars or Neptune from your ceiling solar system – the winner gets a prize!
  • Fancy dress competitions are a great way to get everybody in the spirit of a birthday party. Ask your guests to come dressed as the most gruesome alien possible, and give a prize to the weirdest, funniest, strangest costume.
  • The Space Races is a good opportunity to get kids playing in groups. Separate the kids into two teams and have them line up one behind the other. Pass the leader of each line a balloon. When the game starts, they must pass this balloon between their legs to the person behind, who must pass it over their head to the person behind, and so on. When the balloon reaches the back of the queue, the kid runs to the front and starts the whole chain again. The team whose leader returns to the front first wins!
  • Astronaut Statues is a fun game to play for any space-themed party. Play some upbeat music and ask the kids to dance. When the music stops, they must immediately freeze as though they’re in zero-gravity! Whoever moves first is out and must sit down.

With such a broad subject matter, there are a multitude of other ways you can make your space-related Miles from Tomorrowland birthday party a hit with all of your guests. Do you have any suggestions that would take this party to a truly intergalactic level? Comment below with your suggestions!

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