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Mid-range Price for Baptism and Reception at Makati

Memorable Event

We live in the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country. Baptism is a big deal here and it goes to the extent of parents delaying the baptism just to have a good celebration. On our case though we did not want to delay since from what I read it is recommended to have Catholic babies baptized by three months after birth - and I agree, why delay just because of the price of a celebration? That is not the purpose of baptism. Nevertheless we also wanted a memorable Baptism for our first born.

"Born of water and the Holy Spirit"

"Born of water and the Holy Spirit"

Catholic Baptism & Reception

The first thing we took into consideration was where we lived. For all celebrations it is important that the baby is comfortable. We only had one church in mind for the baptism - St. Andrews Parish Church. We often go to church there and it is just five minutes away from our place. The reception on the other hand took some research. Finally I came upon Precious Moments Restaurant Manila Branch which was located around 15 minutes by car from the church. It was considerably priced and the place fits the occasion with all the Precious Moments Dolls on Display.

Catholic Church Baptism

In preparing for the baptism we were asked by the St Andrews Office for our Marriage Certificate, our baby's Birth Certificate, and the Parish Permit from the church nearest to where we live. The names of the Godparents should also already be at hand since it was included in the form we filled up.

The baptism lasted for about less than an hour. We were provided a Baptismal Missalette which has the three parts of baptism inside it - The Reception of the Child, Celebration of the Word, and the Celebration of the Sacrament.

The Reception of the Child includes the request of the parents to the church to have their child baptized. The priest will also ask the child's name, which is advised to be a Christian name. The Celebration of the Word includes the reading of the scriptures, and praying for the child, parents, and Godparents. Lastly, the Celebration of the Sacrament includes the pouring of the Holy Water on child's forehead and the anointing with the sacred chrism. The chrism is a perfumed oil blessed by the bishop.

After the baptism we were given ample time to have our pictures taken. Then we were off to the reception at Precious Moments.


We were expecting someone to be in front of the restaurant to assist us with the parking but no one was there. The place only had two parking spaces available, good thing our guests were allowed to park at the nearby building. That was the only mishap though, and the rest of the party flowed smoothly. We started with a prayer, followed by an opening game aptly called 'Man vs Sam' since Precious Moments serves a burger named Sam Burger which is as big as a plate with potato chips on the side. We asked two sponsors to eat the meal within one minute, and the one who finished first got a Starbucks gift certificate. Next I asked the guests to fill up a paper to be put in a 'time capsule'. It had questions like 'How many countries would baby visit?'. After they filled up their papers it was time to have lunch. We also had the cake cut and served to the guests. For the finale we had the opening of gifts and picture taking.


St. Andrew the Apostle Parish

Address: N. Garcia St. cor. Kalayaan Ave. Bel-Air II, Makati City

Contact Numbers: (632) 890-1796 / 890-1743

Price: 1,000P for a private baptism. 50P per sponsor. Includes baptismal candle and use of function area with air conditioner. There is a cheaper option for a mass baptism inside the church, I did not get the details though.

Precious Moments Restaurant and Gift Shop

95 Sen Gil Puyat Avenue, Palanan, Makati City

Contact: (02) 887 52 52, (02) 387 10 92

Price: 350P for the most affordable Adult Meals, 250P for Kiddie Meals. Price is inclusive of the place and waiters. There is a free food tasting upon reservation. We chose the serviced buffet set which included spinach soup, fried chicken, spare ribs, chopsuey, fruit salad, and one round of ice tea for the adult meal. The kiddie meal included chicken, spaghetti, fruit salad, and one round of ice tea. There is a 250P corkage for bringing in a cake since the place offers their own baked goods.

Precious Moments Banner

Precious Moments Banner

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Wearing her baptism clothes from SM Makati

Wearing her baptism clothes from SM Makati

Shoes from SM Makati and cutie foot

Shoes from SM Makati and cutie foot

Reception clothes from Mothercare

Reception clothes from Mothercare

Estrel's Marshmallow cake with Precious Moments topper

Estrel's Marshmallow cake with Precious Moments topper

DIY Invite

DIY Invite

Customized tags replace the Max tags

Customized tags replace the Max tags

Ready DIY giveaways

Ready DIY giveaways

Now 'the Other' Details

Baptismal Clothes

I wanted baby to look best on her special day. There are lots of options on where to buy Christening clothes, cheapest of which are in Divisoria and Baclaran. But we took the easier route and decided to buy at nearby malls in our place - the final choices were Rustans in Glorietta, SM, and Mothercare in Greenbelt. The best thing about this is that we were able to bring baby with us to fit the clothes!

We decided on two clothes - one for the church and the other for the reception. Her long baptismal dress and shoes came from SM Makati. There were lots of choices, but we settled for one that had a Jacqueline Kennedy vibe. We were not supposed to buy her reception clothes but I thought the long dress might make her uncomfortable so I got her a flowered white dress from Mothercare. Baptismal clothes can also become an heirloom or a keepsake so it is sometimes ok to invest in it.

Baptismal Reception Cake

We had two options for the cake - Polly's and Estrel's. For Polly's I was thinking of having the cake customized with a marshmallow icing and chocolate inside. It was easy to communicate with the point person in their commissary in Paranaque if my idea can be done, but after several emails they told me that they cannot have the cake by the time I specified (I needed it by 8:30am). For Estrel's they already have pretty cakes available, I just chose one rectangular cake good for 20-30 people and asked them to put a topper on it. I got the topper at Precious Moments, and since I collect dolls and figurines, I did not mind the cost for this. The end product was a lovely cake perfect for a baptism.


The give-aways for the sponsors were different from the other guests. To keep in-theme we got snowball angels from Blue Magic and put the cute face of our baby under via a token sticker. For the guests I wanted customized sugar cookies and tried to contact Classic Confection at Greenbelt but after I emailed my request they never got back to me. This unfortunate happening turned positive since I saw that Max's Restaurant also offered sugar cookies at half the price! We just put token tags on them.

DIY Items

I made the invitation, token stickers, and token tags. We printed the invites on sweet scented paper using our home printer and bought white envelopes for it. It was not expensive since we only gave invites to those who do not access their Facebook account (2 people), for the rest I just posted the invites via an FB event - ah, cost cutting via technology!


SM Makati

Address: Ayala Center Corner Edsa, Makati City

Contact: (02) 810 77 77, (02) 810 79 62

Baptismal Clothes Price: 1299P includes bonnette

Baptismal Shoes Price: 100P

Mothercare Greenbelt

Address: 3rd Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City

Contact: (02) 501 31 87, (02) 501 31 85

Reception Clothes Price: 1099P


Address: 54 Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga St, Quezon City

Contact: (02) 372 29 65, (02) 371 79 38

Cake Price: 900P

Topper Price (Porcelaine figurine from Precious Moments): 1300P

Blue Magic SM Bicutan

Address: 2/F SM City Bicutan, Dona Soledad Avenue, Bicutan, Paranaque City

Contact: (02) 822 58 87

Snow Globe Give-Away Price: 69P/ piece

Max's Corner Bakeshop SM Bicutan

Address: 2/F SM City Bicutan, Dona Soledad Avenue, Bicutan, Paranaque City

Contact: (02) 822 92 74, (02) 824 07 54. Order in advance to get desired design.

Sugar Cookies Give-Away Price: 25P/ piece

Planning an event gets so addicting, I am planning her first birthday now :)

Breakdown of Expenses (Price as of June 2013)


Baptismal Clothes




Reception Clothes




White Candles




Baptismal Candle

St Andrews Parish


Free w Church

Baptismal Water Container




Baptismal Church

St Andrews Parish



Sponsor for Baptism

St Andrews Parish


10 sponsors

Reception - Adult Meal

Precious Moments


24 adults

Reception - Kiddie Meal

Precious Moments


5 kids

Reception - Cake Corkage

Precious Moments



Baptismal Cake




Baptismal Cake Topper

Precious Moments



Guest Tokens

Maxs Bakery



God & grand parent Tokens

Blue Magic




National Bookstore







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