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The Truth about Christmas Trees & Santa




What is the true meaning of Christmas?

Have we all lost the true meaning of Christmas?... Or does Christmas have a different beginning and a different meaning all together?? Why do Christ followers (Christians) celebrate the tradition of Christmas? Many Christian families and individuals gather on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, many non-Christians also celebrate this day mostly in the spirit of "Giving", or maybe a little "getting" too, if we're honest. We know from scripture that "The Church", or followers of Christ, are to be separate from the worlds ways. We are to be a light shining in a dark world. But it appears that the 'holy' Christmas day of celebrating the birth of a world wide Savior has inspired many to join in. But it only "appears" that way. The Truth is Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. It doesn't even have anything to do with Santa Clause! You would be surprised what the true meaning of Christmas really is! Christ followers around the world unknowingly, and ultimately celebrate the Adversary of Christianity. the devil!! What is the true meaning of Christmas?

We recently had an experience that opened our eyes to how easily sincere religious believers gloss right over this core fact. It was eye-opening! Let us tell you about it. Let us tell you about the true meaning of Christmas. #EvilSanta

Satan's Claws




Echoes of a Roman Pagan Past!

By the first century A.D., Rome had declared around 80 days as holy days or holidays. The most important day of these holidays was December 25th, the birthday of the sun. Coming in winter, this festival of lights, food and merrymaking was a very popular occasion for all citizens. The years darkest period was the perfect time for a party!

Jesus Christ did not have a birthday on December 25! The text in the Holy Bible shows us it was warm and there were sheep in the field. In the winter months the sheep are all indoors and not in the field.

What has happened here is a syncing of two things, often called syncretism. It means a blending of ideas to create something different or new. (e.g. Coexist is a blending of many to create a "new" way) In this case they blended a thoroughly pagan idolatrous winter festival into their version of Christianity.

Never mind that a straight forward reading of the biblical account of Christ's birth shows it was not in the dead of winter.

Never mind that a little digging into the history behind the Gospel accounts points to His birth being in the fall of the year.

Never mind that the New Testament gives no command to observe His birth as a festival or holiday of any kind. Honoring Him daily should be our goal and NOT just once a year! One would think that is less pressure.

Never mind that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th or anywhere near that date.

It may sound strange that any religious celebration with Christ's name attached to it could predate Christianity, yet the holiday we know as Christmas long predates Jesus Christ! Elements of the celebration can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Babylon and Rome. This fact doesn't cast aspersions on Jesus Christ rather it does call into question the understanding and wisdom of those who have insisted on perpetuating an ancient pagan festival that has devolved through much of the world as "Christmas".

Members of the Early Church would have been astonished to think that the customs and practices, which we associate with Christmas, would be incorporated into a celebration of Christs' birth. Not until several centuries later would Christs' name be attached to this popular Roman holiday.

As Alexander Hislop explains in his book, "The Two Babylons": "It is admitted by the most learned and candid writers of all parties that the day of our Lords birth cannot be determined for surety, and within the Christian Church, no such festival as Christmas was ever heard of until the third century, and that not until the fourth century was far advanced, did it gain much observance."

As for Dec. 25th became the date for Christmas day, virtually any book on the history of Christmas will explain that this day was celebrated in the Roman empire as the birthday of the sun god and not the Son of God.

Explaining how Dec. 25th came to be selected as the supposed birthday of Jesus Christ, the book, "4000 Years of Christmas" says: "For that day was sacred, not only to the pagan Romans, but to a religion from Persia which, in those days, was one of Christianities strongest rivals. This Persian religion was Mithraism, whose followers worship the sun, and celebrated it's return to strength on that day."

Not only was Dec. 25th honored as the birthday of the sun, but a festival had long been observed among the heathen to celebrate the growing amount of daylight after the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The precursor to Christmas was in fact an idolatrous winter festival characterized by excess and debauchery that predated Christianity by many centuries!

To their concept of Jesus Christ they gave the biggest holiday and brought in elements of the sun god to complete the image of a new god made in their image. Paganism was mixed with a form of biblical religion, and the "new church" was off and running! False doctrine and completely foreign forms of worship became accepted teachings and practices, and ultimately the tradition to which succeeding generations of church teachers would subscribe.

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Christmas Today

Christmas today is a mixture of false religious teaching and commercialism. Throw in a little 'new age' stuff and you have a perfect holiday that adapts itself to just about any culture on earth today. Even non-Christian nations like China and Japan have parts of the Christmas traditions attached to December 25th. They may not care about the religious symbols, but they do observe some form of the holiday in parts of the countries. Japan does a booming retail business during the Christmas season.

So, what does all this mean for us in our modern world? Christmas is the entire worlds single biggest and most lucrative holiday! Sales during the Christmas season determine the commercial viability of many businesses. Eliminating Christmas would mean a severe economic slump for many sectors of the economy. This commercialism isn't going away despite the sentiments of those who desperately want the religious message to prevail.

In fact, Christ cannot be put back into Christmas, as many call for, because He never was in Christmas from the beginning! Jesus Christ wants nothing to do with a holiday deeply rooted in pagan worship to which His Holy name was vainly attached!! The fact that most people do not care about this Truth makes it all the more serious when we consider what God says about such customs.

They incorporated elements of idolatry into the worship of God, and their attitude and actions were wrong in many ways. God hated their defilement of His time and occasions through living contrary to Him: "I cannot endure iniquity and the sacred meeting. Your new moons and your appointed feasts My soul hates! They are trouble to Me, I am weary of bearing them." Isaiah 1:13-14 God hates our man made traditions that do not honor Him, but other gods.

Christmas and other pagan days presented as Christian celebrations are an abomination to God. Let's paraphrase Isaiah's words to hear what God says and how He feels about this. "I have had enough of your pious worship and take no delight in what you offer of your life for Me. You presume to appear before Me with something I value. Your offering and worship is empty and meaningless. Your religious celebrations mean nothing to Me. They trouble Me. I turn My eyes away and do not see. Though you make many prayers, I do not hear them. Your way results in death and not life." Isaiah 1:12-15

Also see Jeremiah 10:3-5;

"For the practices of the peoples are worthless;
they cut a tree out of the forest,
and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel.
They adorn it with silver and gold;
they fasten it with hammer and nails
so it will not totter.
Like a scarecrow in a cucumber field,
their idols cannot speak;
they must be carried
because they cannot walk.
Do not fear them;
they can do no harm
nor can they do any good.”

Can God be any clearer on His feelings about Christmas? He hates the tradition of Christmas!

God hates X-mas



Traditional Celebrations vs. Holy Scripture

Some resisted such spiritually poisonous compromises. "Upright men strove to stem the tide, but in spite of all their efforts, the apostasy went on, until the Church, with the exception of a small remnant, was submerged under pagan superstition.. That Christmas was originally a pagan festival is beyond all doubt. The time of year, and the ceremonies with which it is still celebrated, prove it's true origin." (Hislop)

Christmas was not made a Roman holiday until A.D. 534. It took 300 years for the new name and symbols of Christmas to replace the old names and meaning of the winter festival, a pagan celebration that reaches back so many centuries.

Christmas Poll



Why do we lie to our children about Santa Claus?

It should come as a sign to us whenever we see that part of the Christmas tradition is to lie to our children about Santa Claus. Christmas is a holiday that parents will literally lie to their own kids in order to accomplish the "magic" of Christmas.

As Christians, do we not know that Jesus Christ warns us about lying many times, yet we make excuses for ourselves to lie to our own kids on a supposed "Holy Day" celebrating the child of Truth. A little ironic, don't you think? In fact, Jesus' last warning to us is found in Revelations 21:27..."But nothing unclean will ever enter Heaven, nor anyone who practices an abomination or a lie, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life."

The popular comedian, Drew Carey, was once interviewed on an equally popular talk show, The View. Mr. Carey surprised the audience when he addressed the value of telling your children the truth about Christmas and Santa Claus:

"I don't think you should tell kids that there is a Santa Claus," he said. "That's the first lie you tell your children. Instead, tell kids that Santa's a character we made up to celebrate a time of the season. Otherwise when kids get to be 5... they realize their parents have been lying to them their whole life."

Lying to your children could actually drive mistrust in a family bond. Stop Lying to your children. if you have then tell your children the truth and ask to be forgiven. Humble yourselves!

Kids have a good sense for bad folk!

Kids have a good sense for bad folk!

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Change your mind about Christmas?

Time to Choose! Follow God or Traditions?

The Bible gives us no reason and certainly no instruction to celebrate Christmas or support myths about Santa Claus. They are tied to the ways of this world and opposite to the ways of Jesus Christ and His Holy Truth. "Do not learn the ways of the Gentiles." God tells us in Jeremiah 10:2.

Professing Christians should examine the background of the Christmas holiday symbols and stop telling their children lies about Santa Claus and his elves, giving presents and reindeer's are connected with Jesus Christ. Emphatically, they are NOT! God literally hates lying. "These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren." Proverbs 6:16-19

Christ reveals that the devil is the father of lies so we should be using only Truth to honor our Lord Jesus Christ. Parents should be telling their children a correct path and that path is Truth, not fiction.

Jesus Christ says: "This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men." Mark 7:6-7

With God no substitutes are acceptable. It makes no difference that Christians mean well when they observe Christmas. God is not amused or pleased.

The knowledge of how NOT to honor the Almighty God has been given to you. What will you do with this new insight on Christmas? Will you honor God or follow the traditions of mankind?

"You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard so that you are not carried away by the error of unprincipled men and fall from your own steadfastness, but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen." 2 Peter 3:17-18

Celebrate Christ Daily

Our family has found out these things the past few years. We have concluded that we want to remember and think about The Birth of Jesus Christ, what He did for us on Calvary, and His Glorious Resurrection daily. We believe that we should celebrate family daily. We should also focus less on material items that may cause us to miss out on a loving daily relationship with our families and Jesus Christ. Don't let empty motions cause us to feel drained end empty. Celebrate Christ DAILY.

What do you think?

Phill max on November 24, 2020:

Donald Trump the great was taken down by the lord all gravy because of his pagan holiday false prophet awakening he will have his day in pie and for his Christmas and thanks goving. No thanks giving. Demon dog fale prophet wishes us all carona 19 no more holidays take a stand and say no more

Yohn Hawkins on September 01, 2020:

Me and my wives have stopped celebrating all holidays. It is the way god intended. All holidays are ploys pushed by the us government and the Democratic Party with their puppet and false prophets Trump to further disarm us.

Sullivan Rick on January 05, 2017:

It's selfish. That's the biggest reason. Despite their protestations to the contrary, parents don't do it for the benefit of the children. They do it for their own benefit. When pressed and rebutted, parents will eventually blurt out "But they're so cute when they believe in Santa!" That's the real reason, isn't it? Parents tell their kids the Santa lie because it's a form of entertainment. They like to watch kids helplessly believe something they know isn't true. At the end of the day, it's a cruel prank.

So there you go, parents. It's not too late. Come clean.

Besarien from South Florida on December 23, 2015:

The early church would co-opt all the holy days of other religions. It made it easier for people to convert knowing that they could still celebrate days that had become important to them- plus all these other holy days and feast days too.

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