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Easy Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas to Make a Splash

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Mermazing Party Ideas

Mermaid Party Food - Shrimp and Croissant Lobsters

Mermaid Party Food - Shrimp and Croissant Lobsters

Beyond the Little Mermaid: Party Ideas form the Ocean Floor

While I personally love everyone's favorite red headed mermaid these party ideas are more generic in nature. But can any mermaid really be generic? After all, mermaids are beautiful beguiling creatures of the sea. These mystical creatures lend themselves to a magical birthday theme. Following your theme will help you plan a fun party for your friends and loved ones.

To begin planning your mermaid party you need to decide on a location. A pool party would work great for this theme but don't let that limit your imagination. You could turn your home or backyard into a under the sea theme with some creative ideas. Cut up pool floaters can be used as sea weed or coral. Twisted streamers are also an inexpensive option to make sea weed.

Beyond seaweed you could as some sea creatures to walls or hanging from ceilings. It is not to hard to cut fish shapes out of card stock. If you have some skill blowing up balloon animals you could try to dress up your party with some balloon octopuses.

Birthday sign at my niece's 10th Birthday

Birthday sign at my niece's 10th Birthday

Grape Seaweed and Dolphin Bananas - Food for Mermaids

Candy Sushi, Dolphin Bananas and Seaweed Grapes

Candy Sushi, Dolphin Bananas and Seaweed Grapes

Lable Mermaid Ocean Treats

Ocean water -DIY food labels

Ocean water -DIY food labels

Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

Mermaid Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Cupcake picks make it easy to dress up your cupcakes with a little mermaid magic. Best of all, you can create custom mermaid decorations cheaply and easily with just some card stock, glue and a color printer. Draw out your own mermaid tail or find a template online. Trace out how many copies of the tail you will need and then cut them out and attach to tooth picks with a little bit of hot glue. I personally like the image of the mermaid tale but a cute pick of a mermaid would work just as well.

Mermaid Tail Cupcakes

Dolphin and Mermaid Cake

reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 license

reproduced under CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Mermaid Party Food Ideas

We decided to make our food table themed. We made dolphins in a sea by putting a banana in some blue berries and drawing an eye for the dolphins eyes. I think we originally saw the idea on pinterest and love it so we tried it out at our own party. Everyone love them. I believe they were a favorite among the kids.

Here are some food ideas to inspire your own food menu.

  • a bowl of gold fish crackers
  • Candy sushi
  • chocolate shells
  • cookie clam shells
  • croissant lobsters
  • banana dolphin tales
  • shrimp or sea food
  • grape seaweed
  • blue ocean drink
  • candy sushi
  • pinwheel sandwich (I forget what we labeled them as)

If creating all these different snacks sound too daunting you can choose simpler food option. Just decorate the food table and opt for pizza. We ordered pizza for my niece's last birthday and she did not mind one bit.

Mermaid Scale Cake

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Mermaid DIY Loot Bags, Invitations and Decorations

Plain solid colored bags and note cards can easily be embellished with card stock, stamps or stickers to create a custom mermaid party theme. For my nieces mermaid birthday party we used the justice mermaid bags but when we add some extra guests we needed a few more bags so we mixed in some custom handmade bags. To dress up some plain blue loot bags we cut out some mermaid and dolphin silhouettes. They worked out perfectly.

I love handmade invites and best of all the kids can help make their own invites. Just write the details in the card and add a simple silhouette of a mermaid tail or shell and you have a simple easy party decoration to make.

Do It Yourself Decorations


Card Stock Mermaid Cut Outs for Table Decor

I do no think we used all of these cutouts at the party but we did use the mermaid silhouettes as table decor on the food table. I'm not sure if they are pictured in all the party food photos but they are on display in the picture of the ocean water close up. You may have to squint to see them.

Mermaid Garland to Decorate Present Table


Make Your Own Mermaid Shape Garland

I believe this came with a mermaid birthday table set we purchase but it is super easy to make. All you need is some card stark, a mermaid stencil and whole punch. Trace out the shape of a mermaid. Punch some holes in the top. Do not forget to thread the ribbon through so you can hang this up on the wall if you like.

At the gymnastic studio where we held the party there was really know where to hang it so we decided to use it decorate the present table.

Decorative Centerpiece in Mermaid Scales

Mermaid party decor

Mermaid party decor

Mermaid favor bag purchased at Justice

Mermaid favor bag purchased at Justice

Items to Put in Favor Bags for Mermaid Party

Here are a few items we placed in the goodie bags for my niece's 9th birthday party:

  • River rocks - candy coated chocolate that looked like rocks.
  • Neon colored clip in hair extensions to give guest a mermazing makeover.
  • sea turtle key rings
  • mermaid themed pencil
  • dolphin and whale erasers
  • bead bracelet
  • a tiny gumball machine (didn't really fit the theme)

We did another mermaid themed party for her 10th birthday as well. The loot bags ended up being more pricey. My sister got a deal on some warm mermaid tails so she picked up quite a few of these. We ended up with a few after the party and converted them to gifts for other birthday parties she was invited.

In these loot bags we included:

  • mermaid tail blanket
  • mermaid brush
  • mermaid notebook
  • Mermaid pen or pencil
  • candy
  • earbuds
  • erasers
  • lip gloss with mermaid scale packaging
chocolate covered rocks

chocolate covered rocks

Party Activities for the Mermaids

Need some ideas for what activities to hold at your mermaid party? Why not try one of these ideas that are sure to keeps your guest having fun:

  • Swimming with mermaid tails. If your child and the invited guests are lucky enough to have their own mermaid tails you can turn the poll area into a mermaid race. Hand out ribbons or small treats to the party goer that makes it from one end of the pool to the other. Note: you can do this with out mermaid tails and the fastest swimmer could win the almost a mermaid prize.
  • Mermaid tails for dolls. Get some felt or material and cut out mermaid tail patterns for the guest to sew up for their dolls. We did this for my niece's dolls but we went the no sew route and used fabric glue.
  • face paint. Add some mermaid scales to each of your guest face. Just paint a half circle and stagger the circles for each layer your do.
  • Mermaid Freeze Tag. This is freeze tag with a mermaid twist. Once your tagged your fall to the ground onto your stomach because you have been turned into a mermaid. Once someone runs around you the mermaid spell is broken and you are no longer a mermaid. When this happens you return to the game.

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