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Best Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Gift Ideas for Christmas

Funko Pop! Mandalorian and Baby Yoda For Funko and Star Wars fans

Funko Pop! Mandalorian and Baby Yoda For Funko and Star Wars fans

Unique Star Wars: The Mandalorian Christmas Gift Ideas

Taking place five years after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian debuted in 2019 as the first-ever live-action Star Wars series. Fans eagerly ate up the storylines surrounding Din Djiarn, (The Mandalorian or Mondo) a lone bounty hunter tasked with kidnapping Grogu, or as fans refer to him, Baby Yoda. Mondo delivers the Child to his client but then has a change of heart. The Mandalorian saves Baby Yoda, and Dijiarn protects him and becomes a surrogate father to him. Together, Baby Yoda and Dijarn explore the far reaches of the universe.

This holiday season, you can find a limitless number of Mandalorian gifts for the fan in your life. We’ve rounded up the best ones, sure to excite even the most die-hard of fans.

I love the Funko Pop! vinyl figure pictured up above and would love any of the gifts below. Find the gift ideas you need to give that special someone a special gift this Christmas.

This is the William Sonoma Advent Calendar

This is the William Sonoma Advent Calendar

Mandalorian “The Child” Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a great way to celebrate Christmas long before it arrives. Countdown the days until Christmas with a Baby Yoda-themed advent calendar. I've found several different calendars for you to choose from. The Mandalorian is a popular theme for gifts this year.

  • One calendar features 24 authentic Galeria chocolates to help add sweetness to every day as you wait for Christmas. The calendar features Grogu in a festive Christmas hovering pram.
  • William Sonoma has a beautiful Baby Yoda themed calendar to count down to Christmas with. Everything is gorgeous from this store and this calendar is chock full of goodies like chocolate stars, a galaxy mix, some green frogs. Check it out!
  • There's a Baby Yoda 15 day sock Advent calendar for those kids who love to wear character socks. And isn't that all of us?
  • LEGO has a Star Wars Advent calendar too. It's filled with tiny build it sets and characters, and yes, one of them is Grogu.
This T-Shirt can be found at - Don't you just love it?

This T-Shirt can be found at - Don't you just love it?

Star Wars: The Mandalorian T-Shirt

T-Shirts, we all love them. It lets everyone know who our favorite characters and themes are. It's fun to dress up in them, it makes us happy. There are so many T's with a Mandalorian theme. Here's where you can find some of them:

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian Retro Poster T-Shirt at Hot Topic. Hot Topic has a wide array of options but this retro poster t-shirt will be a stylish addition to any wardrobe. The 100% cotton shirt comes in XXS-3X, perfect for a wide variety of fans including children!
  • Amazon has tons of these themed T-Shirt.
  • You can find them at Kohl's.
  • And then there's Wholesale
You can find this fun game controller/phone holder at Amazon or Cable Guys

You can find this fun game controller/phone holder at Amazon or Cable Guys

Cable Guys “The Child” Device Holder Perfect For The Gamer On Your List

For the dedicated gamer in your life, grab a Baby Yoda to hold up their gaming device, phone, or any other object you’d like to see them hold for you! The holder is compatible with many wireless gaming controllers and can be used for your cell phone as well. One reviewer loves seeing what else they can balance in Baby Yoda’s hands. Baby Yoda comes with a six-foot micro USB cable to charge your device while it rests.

A Mandalorian blanket soft as can be, all wrapped up for you from CozyChic

A Mandalorian blanket soft as can be, all wrapped up for you from CozyChic

The Mandalorian Throw Blanket

Cozy up in this Barefoot Dreams throw blanket, no matter which galaxy you reside in. They've teamed up with Disney to bring you this gorgeous blanket. The blanket features a line image of Grogu and Djiarn, and the cream color makes it easy to fit into any home decor. The large blanket measures 54x72 and many reviewers comment on how soft and cozy it is.

It's also going to be the "big" gift, because this one is pretty expensive. Soft and gorgeous and costly.

Check this one and lots more out on Amazon. They have a huge variety and a price range for everyone.

Mandalorian Nerf Gauntlet

Mandalorian Nerf Gauntlet

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Nerf Star Wars: The Mandalorian Rocket Gauntlet

  • This Nerf product is just one of the many toys available this Christmas with the Mandalorian theme. But everyone loves Nerf! For kids and adults alike, this Nerf Rocket Gauntlet will be loved by any fan. The gauntlet attaches to your wrist and comes with six Nerf Elite darts. This toy is great for kids and roleplay fans alike.
  • Nerf XV-700 Blaster. There's a more advanced Nerf shooter - it's the XV-700 just like Boba Fett had.
  • LEGO Toys. For building toy ideas, check out the LEGO The Child # 75318. It's got 1073 pieces to keep your kids engaged and busy.
  • Operation, yes the classic game, has a Mandalorian version. There are lots of toys for you to think about with this theme.
Chewy has some great Christmas gift ideas for the dog and cat with a Star Wars Mandalorian theme

Chewy has some great Christmas gift ideas for the dog and cat with a Star Wars Mandalorian theme

Let's Not Forget The Dog And Cat Gifts

If your animals are Star War fans, here's a great gift idea for them

  • For the animal lover who wants to spread their fandom throughout their house, this dog and cat bed, styled after Grogu’s covered pram, will not only serve as a comfy home for their furry friend but also as a cute home piece. The dog bed will fit easily into any home decor and show off the owner’s fandom. I've read good reports that the pram is of great quality, and their animals love it. And they do too!
  • The Baby Yoda dog food bowls are very cute too.

Check out Chewy for some cute dog and cat beds and Amazon for the bowls.

Swarovski Baby Yoda - Grogu

It doesn’t get much more unique than a Swarovski figurine of Baby Yoda.

Made from 251 green and gold cut facets, this sparkly figure is small enough to place on a desk or proudly display among other collector’s items. The committed crystal or Mandalorian collector also has the option to add a Master Yoda sculpture or a wing starfighter to their collection. Swarovski, as crystal collectors already know, has a wonderful reputation in the world of crystals.

Swarovski Crystal Mandalorian Baby Yoda

Swarovski Crystal Mandalorian Baby Yoda

Star Wars: The Mandalorian DarkSaber Table Lamp

If you prefer to give functional items, this table lamp that is shaped like the DarkSaber is a great option. The lamp is around two feet tall and is powered by a USB cable, which is included. The lamp also allows for a dimming function and is a great addition to your home workspace.

This saber lamp would be a great addition to any Star Wars fans collection.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans will be thrilled to find a special gift this holiday season that allows them to show off their favorite show.

The Darksaber Lamp is available from Amazon

The Darksaber Lamp is available from Amazon


  1. Who is the Mandalorian? The Mandalorian, Din Djarin, is a bounty hunter from who was paid to bring in the "asset". As it turned out, the asset was Grogu, who many people refer to as Baby Yoda. Djarin turned Grogu in for his reward and felt regret about it. He went back and got Grogu, and together they went on the run.
  2. Who is Grogu? We call Grogu "The Child" or Baby Yoda. He is a member of the same species as Yoda. He was kidnapped by the Mandalorian, handed over to an enemy, saved by the Mandalorian. He became a surrogate son to Din Djarin.
  3. Who is in the cast of the Mandalorian?
  • Pedro Pascal as the Mandalorian
  • Carl Weathers as Greef Karga
  • Barry Lowin as the Mandalorian
  • Gina Carano as Cara Dune

The first season of the TV series aired in 2019 with 8 episodes.
The second season of the TV series aired in 2020 with 8 episodes.
Season three will air in early 2022 and I imagine it will have 8 episodes.

  • Squid Game Funko Pop!
    Squid Game Funko Pop! figures are coming soon. If you watched the Netflix mega hit TV series from South Korea, it must be killing you to wait for the release of these collectible toys. I know I can't wait. Who is your favorite player, 001, 456, 067,

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