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Make Your Own Poison Ivy Costume - DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Homemade How To


Just Who Is Poison Ivy?

Make your own Poison Ivy costume for Halloween, but first I'd like to introduce you to the greenest Halloween costume around. Poison Ivy is a sexy, and diabolical costume idea. This seductress was once Dr. Pamela Isley, a botanist with a background in toxicology, but now that has changed. Almost no one remembers who this villainess was, but we all recognize her when we call her Poison Ivy.

She was once human but today she is half woman, half plant and she's 100 percent lethal. Ever heard of the "Kiss of Death"? She has it. Stay away from this redhead because her first kiss is deadly. Her second kiss can save you, but chances are you won't get a second one. Her touch is also deadly, so if you see her coming, get out of there.

She is all for the plants of the world, she believes they have the right to live without being harmed. She takes her convictions to a new level with her new found powers of a touch or kiss that will kill you. She can also communicate with plants, she can feel what they feel and they will help her whenever they can. Poison Ivy thinks men are the weeds in her Earthly garden and she will do whatever it takes to protect her "children", that is what she considers the plants to be.

Robin: [walks over to Ivy] Is your thumb the only part of you that's green?

Poison Ivy: You will just *have* to find out!

— Robin & Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a deadly redhead

Poison Ivy is a deadly redhead

So What's Poison Ivy's Story?

Funded by Wayne Enterprises, Dr. Isley was a botanist who was attempting to help plant protect themselves. Her experiments used poisonous venoms and fluids. Her experiments failed. She loved plants so much she wanted to give them a fighting chance at survival.. She worked along side her boss, Dr. Jason Woodrue.

Dr. Woodhue had his own agenda. As Pamela formulated different poisons he would take samples of each one. Doctor Woodhue found Pamela spying on him one day and he flipped out. He knocked her out and left her laying in the poisons and venoms that she had experimented with. It doesn't kill her, it does make her crazy. (You've heard the old saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?") But more important, it changes her into the villainess we all recognize today as Poison Ivy.

So many people to kill... so little time.

— Poison Ivy


Choose Your Poison - Ivy Costume That Is

Take a good look at all the costume pictures on this page and then read over each of the three costume making tutorials and then pick the costume you want to dress up in this Halloween. You can choose a costume exactly as it is shown here or you can take pieces from each costume you like and combine them to make your own unique look for our villainess, Poison Ivy.

It will be challenging and rewarding to put together your own costume look this year. I love the cape, so I would include that in my costume. There are so many great ideas to pick from. Pants, a skirt , a dress, a cape, a leotard, same color green, different greens. You've got a lot of decisions to make!

You can find ivy wraps that wrap around your thighs, stockings with an ivy pattern right on them, and lots of other great ideas. Be sure to look at all the pictures when you are planning which outfit to make.

Comic Book Brain

Comic Book Brain

How To Make A Poison Ivy Costume For Halloween

Take a good look at the pictures of Poison Ivy on this page to see exactly what this super villainess should look like. Just like the plant she is green. Her hair is a lovely shade of red - and yes, I'm biased since I too am a redhead.

Here's what you will need to make this easy costume at home:

  • A Green Leotard or Spandex Jumpsuit or A Green Dress
  • Green Tights - They Can Be Fishnets If You Can Find Them
  • Green Silk Leaves That Look Like Ivy - Lots Of Them
  • Needle & Thread or Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Green Headband (optional)
  • Green Gloves (optional)
  • Green Cape
  • Green or Black Shoes or Boots

You can see from the pictures on this page Poison Ivy is dressed all in green and everything has ivy leaves on it. You can decide if you want to wear a top and pants, a dress, a leotard, or a jumpsuit style costume. Take Ivy leaves and glue them or sew them onto your top, your pants, and leave some for your hair too. The cape is optional and the hairband is optional, as are the gloves. Sometimes Poison wears long green gloves, I like that look but since it's your costume I leave that decision up to you.

Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn Bad BFFs


Poison Ivy's Only Human Friend

Poison Ivy's only human friend is Harley Quinn. These two are both bad girls and doctors. Each has their own axe to pick with Batman, so he is a common enemy for them. They like to hang out together and they also enjoy going on crime sprees around Gotham.

Some newpapers call them “The New Queens of Crime”.

Harley calls Poison Ivy, "Red".

Harley, Poison, and Catwoman are sometimes called "The Gotham City Sirens". These sultry, sexy ladies would make a great group Halloween costume idea. Check out my other pages to find out how to make a Harley Quinn or a Catwoman costume!

Poison Ivy: Crazy...!

The Joker: I know you are, but what am I?

— Poison Ivy & The Joker

Poison Ivy Trivia

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who Is Poison Ivy's Friend?
    • Batman
    • Harley Quinn
    • Black Widow
  2. What Is Poison Ivy's Real Name
    • Dr. Pamela Isley
    • Dr. Pamela Woodhue
    • Dr. Harleen Quinzel
  3. What's Deadly About Poison Ivy
    • Her Kiss
    • Her Touch
    • Her Hair
  4. What Kind Of Dr. Is Poison Ivy?
    • She is a Surgeon
    • She is a Chemist
    • She is a Botanist
  5. Who Is Poison Ivy Trying To Protect?
    • She is trying to protect Harley Quinn
    • She is trying to protect Batman
    • She is trying to protect plants

Answer Key

  1. Harley Quinn
  2. Dr. Pamela Isley
  3. Her Kiss
  4. She is a Botanist
  5. She is trying to protect plants

Poison Ivy's Makeup Ideas

Poison Ivy's makeup, like her costume, is green and ivy leaves are a must have. You can create some really interesting looks when you dress up as this DC comic villainess. She is a beautiful character. Her hair is thick, long, and red as can be. Her skin is green and has leaves growing out of it. She is a bit crazy but she does love plants and tries to protect them. She hates what humans do to them, it's unfair in her eyes.

Lots of shades of green. Some for your face, neck, and shoulders. Some for your eyes. Get a green eyeshadow set so you have different colors to experiment and shade with. Take a look at one or both of the how to apply Poison Ivy makeup tutorials I have posted below. This is a great costume idea, have fun and get creative with it. Give yourself a unique and gorgeous look this Halloween.


"It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature."

— Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Has The Kiss Of Death

Steam Punk Poison Ivy Costume

Steam Punk Poison Ivy Costume

To make the Spandex Poison Ivy costume you can see in the picture and the first video below you will need:

  • Green Spandex Fabric
  • Tape Measure
  • Pins
  • Needle & Thread - Sewing Machine
  • Fake Strands of Ivy Leaves
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Green Tights
  • Snaps For The Crotch
  • Black Shoes/Boots

One of the questions under the video are about going to the bathroom in this costume and that's why I added snaps onto the supply list. Just thought that might be a good idea. You have to decide and figure it out since this will be your costume!

Poison Ivy

To make the Poison Ivy costume in the video tutorial below you will need:

  • A Black Corset
  • Black Bottoms (the video uses high-cut briefs)
  • Green Opera Gloves
  • Green Tights
  • Lots Of Fake Ivy Leaves
  • Black Shoes/Boots
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

This is an easy costume to assemble. Check out your clothes closet and drawers before you go out shopping. Make a list of the clothes you will need and check your room and any old clothes you have stored up in the attic. If you don't find it all at your house, try a local thrift or consignment shop.

How To Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial # 2

Uma Thurman Is Poison Ivy

Many of the pictures on this page are of Uma Thurman who played Poison Ivy in the movie, "Batman & Robin" released in 1997. Poison and Mr. Freeze were the villains in this film and the usual bad guys and gals, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler, did not appear in this one. Ever since this movie was released the Poison Ivy costume has been a popular Halloween outfit. It's also popular at Comic-con and Cosplay events.

I hope you found the homemade costume ideas you need to create the outfit you've been dreaming of. I think there are some terrific ideas and how to's on this page. If you want an attractive costume that's easy to make and looks great on, Poison Ivy is the one for you.

Poison Ivy's plant

Poison Ivy's plant

Poison Ivy's Costumes

Poison Ivy Costume 1Poison Ivy Costume 2Poison Ivy Costume 3

Green Corset/Spandex Top

Green Dress

Black Corset

Green Tights

Green Tights

Black Bottoms

Green Cape

Green Gloves

Green Heels

Green or Black Heels

Green Heels

Green Gloves

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