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How To Make Cheap & Easy Christmas Decorations With Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors can be used to make a variety of interesting and easy Christmas decorations. Stars, snowmen, Santa, trees and angels are some of the easy Christmas decorations that can be made. Make these craft with your children to hang on the tree or give to their friends as homemade Christmas presents.


Paint your stick white with the exception of about 1/4 to 1/3 inch at the top. Get a cupcake paper, fold it in half, and glue on for the wings. Glitter the wings with gold, silver or white glitter. Use yellow felt or doll hair to make the hair and a pipe cleaner to make the halo and glue on. Draw on the face, put on a tree hanger, and you're done.



Paint your popsicle stick white. Use colored felt to make hats and scarves and glue to the stick. Draw or paint on the snowman's face. Put on a hanger as described above and you are done. use a variety of colors and patterns to make the hats and scarves. Use popsicle size and tongue depressor size sticks to vary your snowman and add more interest to your tree.


Use red and white felt to make Santa's hat and lay aside. Paint on white hair and a beard. Draw on the face on the unpainted part of the stick between where the hat will go and the beard. Paint the rest of the stick red. Paint on buttons in either black or gold. Glue on the hat and add the hanger.

The Star

Use the tongue depressor stick size for the stars. Get three to four sticks and lay them crosswise in the shape of a star. Glue the center as you lay the sticks one on another. Decorate with your favorite paint or spread glue thinly and pour on the glitter. Poke a hole in one of the sticks or glue on a ribbon to hang. Gold glitter stars look great as they reflect the lights of the Christmas tree.


Instead of hanging all these great ornaments on the tree, glue a magnet strip on the back of your decoration for a refrigerator magnet.

Many cheap Christmas decorations can be made inexpensively by using your creativity and few common items.

Christmas Trees

Here's a great Christmas tree decoration (below) you can make with popsicle sticks. Trim off the round ends to make varying lengths of sticks and glue cross-wise on a full length stick. Paint in your desired colors and attach a star to the top of each tree. You can mount each one on a wooden block or shape a white piece of foam into a snowy landscape and press each tree into it.

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Simply Redd (author) from Canada on October 15, 2010:

Thanks. The crafts are geared towards children but I would definitely make and display the tree one for myself. :)

nokili from Albuquerque on October 15, 2010:

The Trees are a cute idea :)

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