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M and M Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies for a themed Party

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How to Plan An M&Ms Themed Birthday Party

M&Ms have been around for far longer than most of us, and for many they’re still a beloved type of candy. If you’re stuck for ideas for an upcoming birthday party, why not give your event an M&M theme?! We’ve put together some top tips for hosting your own M&M-themed birthday party – but first, a little history lesson…

The idea for M&Ms first came about during the Spanish Civil War – Frank C. Mars, founder of the Mars company, spotted some soldiers eating chocolate pellets that had been coated in candy to stop the chocolate from melting. He took this amazing idea back to New Jersey, were the first ever M&M factory opened in 1941 (they were called M&Ms after Frank C. Mars and Burce Murrie, the son of the Hershey president who had a 20% share in the product). Thus M&Ms were born!

The tagline ‘melts in your mouth, not your hand’ was as important then as it is now – but the modern day version of M&Ms is very different. With a cast of characters labelled ‘spokescandies’ and a reputation for producing hilarious adverts and plenty of fun merchandise, the M&Ms brand is now associated with entertainment, enjoyment and happiness, rather than its wartime origins.

If that’s whet your appetite for an M&Ms party, read on! We’ve got all the ideas you could ever need to throw a great party and celebrate your favorite candy at the same time.

M and M Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Obviously invitations are the first thing you need to consider when planning your party – and they’re the first thing the guest receives, so they’ve got to make a great impression!

Creating your invitations all depends on how much time and money you have – if you have plenty of time, you can buckle down and craft your own invitations, using colored card cut into the shape of an M&M. Decorate it with some googly eyes to make it look like one of the ‘spokescandies’ and make sure you include all the important details – what day, what time, where the party will be held and whether there’s a dress code.

If you’re stuck for time but have plenty of money to spend, there are a multitude of invitations you can buy online and have them delivered to your doorstep. This site allows you to customize every element of your invitation before you send it, so it’s ideal for parents that might be planning a last-minute celebration.

If you’re stuck for both time and money, there are a number of great printables online which can are really budget-friendly. Download them to your computer and print them out in your own home, before filling them in and sending them off to guests. You’ll have the job done in a single afternoon and you’ll barely have spent a penny!

M and M Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

After invitations, it’s time to consider the décor. With M&Ms the color scheme tends to be fairly simple – the main characters have their own primary color (red, blue or yellow), so you can stick with those, or you can use the new extended cast which includes green and brown; it’s entirely up to you!

Once you have the color scheme in place, you can start to snap up party supplies. This M&M birthday banner is a must-have to jazz up your wall space, and if you’re holding the party outside, a yard sign like this is a great addition.

No party is complete without balloons, but you don’t necessarily need to go out and get licensed, branded balloons – just grab a multipack of balloons in primary colors and use a white marker to draw an ‘M’ onto them when they’re fully inflated. Simple!

The rest of your décor can follow the pattern of primary colors, as with this party table example. You’ll be able to pick up a blue tablecloth, some red plates and yellow cups at almost any online party store, making this part a total breeze.

For smaller parties with only a few guests, you could turn your round table into a replica of an M&M! Each guest gets their own little color scheme, and it’s super-easy to clean up afterwards!

M and M Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

The cake plays a crucial role in any birthday party – it’s the focal point of the day, when it’s brought out with candles lit and everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’. With so much attention on the cake at this time (and plenty of pictures being taken), the pressure is undoubtedly on to get it just right!

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The beauty of M&Ms is that they’re incredibly versatile – and this translates into cakes too! For something really simple you could make a round cake that looks just like an M&M, with a chocolate sponge filling that will never fail to impress. This great example is perfect for parents that don’t necessarily have the time to put together an extravagant M&M bonanza!

If you’re not much of a whizz in the kitchen, this awesome recipe features a simple store-bought cake mix that you just add water and eggs to – the devil is in the decorative details, so you can really spend time making the edges perfect and adding just the right amount of M&Ms to the center!

For something more show-stopping, how about this magnificent cake creation? This gorgeous ombre-style cake is covered with coordinated M&Ms for a quite stunning effect. You could create your very own rainbow using this method, or stick with a certain color theme depending on your own preference.

How to make a Gavity Defying M and M cake

M and M Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

With an M&M theme, the candies themselves are going to feature very heavily – but you can also get creative and offer up some different kinds of treats. Here are our favorite suggestions:

  • M&M Cupcakes – these cupcakes don’t actually feature any M&Ms, so they might be a nice treat for those who have already gorged themselves on them! With a simple chocolate base and some colored frosting, the effect is awesome – and easy to make, too.
  • M&M Caramel Apples – this recipe comes directly from the US M&M Facebook page, so it has the official seal of approval! Make your caramel, dunk your apples and then cover them with tasty M&Ms for a delicious treat that also looks fabulous. (Incidentally, the official M&M Facebook page is loaded with recipes that you can try for this party – see here for more details!)
  • Cake Pops – the spherical shape of M&Ms lends itself perfectly to cake pops, and they’re really easy to get hold of. This Etsy seller can deliver the tasty treats to your door just time for the party.

M and M Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

There are plenty of great ideas for favors when it comes to M&M birthday parties. You could just hand out packs of M&Ms, for a start! However, if you want to get a little more adventurous, there are a few other options.

These sweet M&M necklaces and bracelets would be great to hand out to both male and female guests – the chain style isn’t too feminine, and they make a great party favor.

Alternatively, how about sending your guests home with one of these M&M stress-balls? You can make them at home using balloons and play-dough, and we’re sure they’ll come in handy for parents at some point in the future!

M and M Birthday Party Games and Activities

When your guests aren’t feasting on M&Ms, there’s plenty of entertainment to be enjoyed! Here are our top suggestions:

  • Guess The M&Ms In The Jar – fill up a jar with M&Ms and ask guests to guess how many they think are in there. The closest wins a prize! But beware – someone will need to undertake the arduous job of counting the candies up at the end!
  • Pin the ‘M’ on the ‘M’ – a fresh take on ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, this fun game will see blindfolded guests attempt to position the M right in the middle where it belongs (after being spun around a few times, of course!).
  • M&M Chopsticks – hand each child a pair of chopsticks and empty a huge bag of M&Ms into a large bowl. Players must use the chopsticks to transfer as many M&Ms as possible from the large bowl into their own smaller bowl – whoever has the most at the end of the allotted time gets to eat their cup-full!

So there we have it – all the ideas and inspiration you could ever need to throw your very own M&M birthday party. Whether you’re throwing it for your little ones or for a big kid at heart, they’re sure to love the fun suggestions we’ve come up with here.

Have you thrown an M&M party? What was it like? Do you have any suggestions for things we could include? Let us know in the comments!

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