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Luxury Chocolates for Mother's Day

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Love Cocoa Brings Quality and Ethics to Luxury Chocolate

Love Cocoa is a relatively new British chocolate company that has made a great impression in both taste and for its ethical outlook. Established by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of the legendary Mr Cadbury, the firm even had an investment offer from entrepreneurs of the BBC show Dragons' Den who were impressed by the quality of its chocolate and the sustainable values of the business vision.

As the name suggests, Love Cocoa invests a great deal in sourcing high quality products by utilising a premium single-origin cacao sourced from Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Their Mother's Day Love Gift Box is a prime example of how this kind of care and attention is brought to life. The Strawberry Champagne White Chocolate Bar is imbued with a tanginess that is just right, neither sweet nor sickly, but soothing and refined. Likewise, the Salted Caramel Bar and the Colombian Milk Chocolate offer a similar quality all wrapped up with a professional touch.

Hotel Chocolat's Sense of Fun for Mum

Hotel Chocolat is the luxury chocolate provider that makes exquisite chocolate delights infused with an element of fun. Taste is king too. The company aims for more cacao and less sugar and this methodology works a treat.

The traditional Sleekster range Mother's Day box contains 27 chocolates enveloped in milk, white and dark chocolate. There is an assorted range of diverse delicacies like the Cherry Deluxe, Going Nuts and Eton Mess. Alternatively, the With Love box contains truffles, tipples and caramels that boast melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with enough variety to ensure that there are no "filler" or duds. Flavours like the Raspberry and Peach and refreshing Lemon Curd offer a great balance to the Pistachio and Pecan.

For the mid budget, there is also the H-Box, containing 14 of Hotel Chocolat’s most popular flavours. In a product that has been carefully designed for Mother’s Day, the Cherry Deluxe and the Raspberry Smoothie are standout flavours and there also pralines, mousse and gooey toffee chocolates too.

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Rococo Chocolates Produces Mother's Day Delicacies

Rococo is an exotic brand that was born from the creator's desire to make a chocolate factory. There is something otherworldly and exotic about Rococo's treats. Their collection of artisan bars, nougats and British-scented origins are ideal for Mother's Day with products such as the Rose and Violet Creams, and even an Earl Grey Tea bar.

For prize selections that are beautifully packaged, the Rococo Chocolate and Truffle Collections now came in three different sizes with a collection of exquisite milk, dark and white chocolates and truffles.

Rococo takes the fine art of chocolate making that little bit further and offers a lovingly handcrafted collection of treats for mothers who deserve to have their day in the sun.

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