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Looking at 2021 as a New Year to Reinvent Yourself? 3 Powerful Steps to Make This Next Decade Your Best Decade

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


2021 is present, and as it progresses, it can mark a new beginning. It can provide power in reflection, clarity for the future. Many people will probably remain uneasy about COVID-19, and there will be an equally sizeable amount of people who will look forward to when they do not have to wear masks and no social distance. Some may feel, now that the vaccines have rolled out, they will exhilarate to live again.

The vaccine, linked with wearing masks and social distance, means we can expect a rapid change in the coming year. As you get ready for all the things you want to change about yourself, your fate, it is nice to pause and reflect. As part of a reflection process, it’s best to consider the time that brought joy in the previous year. Anything meaningful and worth establishing a unique legacy. If you are looking at 2021 as a year to reinvent yourself, read the three powerful steps to make this next decade your best decade.

From so much uncertainty last year. The pandemic has taken the lives of so many people’s loved ones that they are finding themselves wondering why so much disaster happens. Some are even questioning their identity. I say look at the bright side, although everything seems like irrelevant nonsense as the virus flooding our nation; many live their lives to find freedom. Being positive is the way to go; it will assist you with independence.


As we freshly entering 2021, it is okay to create a vision and live your purpose, but your goals have to be realistic. Sometimes, it is hard for some people to take a leap of faith from their old, unhappy lives to find alternative ways of thinking, experience a big change where they can pursue their passion to find a renewed zest for living.

While you learn how to reinvent yourself, it’s best to pull yourself away from anything that will cause you to question your self-worth. If you are going through a significant shift, there will be days where you feel stuck, it’s most useful to engage in self-care to maintain a positive outlook to be at your best. Once you are equipped with the proper accessories for self-reinvention, you can begin your journey to reinvent yourself.

Humans are social beings. Therefore, there will be cases where they feel lost and need to reinvent themselves. But before embarking on a journey of self-reinvention, know that problems and obstacles are assured to happen. Barriers will challenge you, and some might knock you off course. Do not have discouraged; we all face adversity from time to time; even the best can get knocked off course and question their abilities.

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At one time or another, most have fallen far short of their purpose. From that awful experience, don’t just run and hide. Some might desire to wipe the slate clean. In these moments, you can begin anew. Some make resolutions and strive to do better at the start of a new year. The clean slate can feel like peeling back a layer of an onion. And given the opportunity to discover an even deeper, more authentic version of yourself.

2021 might be a year where you struggle to find what is behind you and who you are. Some might wonder what will become of a nation where many lives were lost, and infected people have had a wide range of symptoms from mild symptoms to the severe illness of the coronavirus effect. I like to think that I know who I am and reality. I am what my faith has got me. It provided me the courage to dig down and find myself, even during the most challenging time.

The start of a new year signals a new beginning. It shows not only a New Year but a New Decade. Some might see it as just another day on the calendar, and others can view it as a fresh start - a new day carrying yesterday into this brand-new decade to look at all the things we hope for ourselves. For the person who is looking at 2021 as a New Year to reinvent yourself.


Three powerful steps to make this next decade your best decade.

Step One: The Pull of the Future. A life best lived is one living its purpose. It is hard to live and enjoy the future if you are holding on to the past. Some people allow the past to keep them from living life to the fullest. It is good to reflect on the past to make it useful to invest in the future. You learn what you can from the painful memories of the past and move forward to make sure the most inclusive influence on your life is the pull of the future. When you give your life objectives and purpose, the results can be the future decade, your best decade.

Step two: Evaluation and Reflection. Evaluation and reflection; these three words put you in a position of power to catapult you toward reaching your goals. They are the links between learning and action. It is the two best teachers and the foundation to know what you want out of life. If you desire to be the best version of yourself, evaluation and reflection is the key to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Step three: Accountability. An essential step that will assist you in moving forward toward the goal you have for yourself. It helps you understand that you are responsible for all your actions and even how you respond to some that may be out of your control. It makes you seek to understand your life choices without blaming or making assumptions. You face choices every day: you can be empowered or be the victim. I hope that this article inspires you to choose empowerment so this New Year and this next decade become your best decade.

The three steps above will provide valuable information on how to deal with difficult situations. If you stop to consider, you can turn the obstacle that comes your way around with a productive solution. The three steps listed above will assist you in handling difficulties more efficiently. If you haven’t taken action to turn your life around, chances are, you will encounter the same habit for the rest of your time. It is also safe to say your life is full of uncertainty. Taking action means you are in control of your life, and 2021 is your best year and your most enjoyable decade.

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