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Letter From Santa Claus 87



Santa's Message

Ho ho ho. This is Santa Claus and I know you are just as excited as I am about Christmas. Some of you may be worried that Christmas would be canceled this year. It hasn't. I've been making my preparations and getting my sleigh ready for my yearly ride.

The season of joy, peace, and love is upon us and I am happy to hear that you boys and girls have been extra good this year. This year has been trying on everyone, and I know we all could use a little Christmas magic. Mrs. Claus has made a new eggnog recipe and it is just heavenly.

In case you are wondering how I can see everyone, I have a crystal ball, enchanted by the magician of the north pole. He speaks in a croaky voice and loves card games. He is technically a leprechaun but prefers to be called a magician.

Some of you have asked about my castle. It's red and has a drawbridge. It is very hard to get into my castle. We have two armed guards that watch from the north tower. We have eight reindeer. as Clement Clark Moore wrote. Rudolph is fictional.

The reindeer are fed carrots. They have plenty of room to frolic and play. Who can name my eight reindeer? I bet you can. Santa wants to know what you want for Christmas. List one thing you want for Christmas in the comments below.

It is also important for us to think of others during this festive time of year. There are those of us far less fortunate than us and we all need to be more charitable. You can donate canned foods, old clothes, and old toys. There are plenty of websites that you can find out where to donate.

It has been 10,000 years that I have been making my yearly voyage, pandemic or no pandemic, Santa will be there. There is a thing called trial sleigh runs, I have been doing those lately, trying to make sure my takeoff is just right. If I do not get the takeoff just right, I run the risk of not getting enough momentum, causing the sleigh to crash.

I also might not start on time and then, I might have to use my time manipulator to readjust for that time lost and I don't like using my time manipulator very often. I am sitting in my den writing this and my pet, Bongo, my beagle, is sleeping on the floor. He just tooted. He's a stinky sleeper. Haha

Bye, boys and girls. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. .

Bernie the elf

Hi boys and girls, it's me, Bernie the elf. Santa is a very busy man. That's why I'm here to answer any questions you might have for Santa. I'll keep this short but sweet. Name one nice thing you did for someone else and one thing you want for Christmas.

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