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Know About Teapots for your High Tea Parties


Hosting a high tea party is a sheer joy! High tea is a beautiful tradition of afternoon tea, wherein tea is accompanied by a hearty meal. Today’s high tea parties are occasions to meet and chat with friends. However, tea and snacks are essential parts of today’s high tea parties too.

Tea parties are called ‘high’ when snacks accompany them, like scones, finger sandwiches, cakes and cookies. However, a variety of teas is the main ingredient of a high tea party. And if you present the different types of teas in different types of teapots, it adds a great elegance to your high tea party decoration. A table adorned with various teapots is the key feature of a true high tea party. Let’s see, which types of teapots you can keep for presenting different types of teas.

Serving For An English Tea Party


Clay Teapots

Clay is an excellent material to brew any type of tea. Particularly for black tea, clay teapot is perfect. Clay, being a bad conductor of heat, keeps tea hot for a long time. Clay teapots, in turn, are of different types, like Yixing, porcelain and Bone China. These teapots absorb tea oils and render a special rich flavor to the tea. Therefore, it is good to brew only one type of tea in a particular teapot. If the teapot is glazed on the inner side, you can use it to brew different types of teas in it.


Metal Teapots

The metals used for making teapots are Tetsubin, silver and stainless steel. Tetsubin is a Japanese cast iron, generally engraved all over. Silver teapot increases the glory of your tea party. It adds a more antique and high touch to the occasion. There are silver-plated teapots too. They can impart a metallic taste to the tea.

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Glass Teapots

Glass teapots are good because they look elegant enough to add charm to your party and they are dishwasher proof and don’t absorb tea oils, so you can brew different types of teas in them. However, as the tea is seen from a glass teapot, you can present herbal tea with flowers in it. Your guests will be pleased to see the lovely color of the tea and flowers. The only disadvantage of a glass teapot is, not being a good insulator, it allows the tea to cool down faster.

All these teapots have their own pros and cons. You should use them according to your needs and particular choices of teas. If you are a tea connoisseur, you will soon learn how to use each of them for your various types of teas, and they will add that special grace to your high tea party.

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