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Kitsch Christmas Ornaments

They say 'todays kitsch is tomorrows collectable' and if that's true then the vast multitude of terrifically tacky Christmas ornaments available on the market is a good place to start gathering your future treasures. If there's one thing Christmas doesn't seem to be about - it's good taste.

So what defines kitsch? Sentimentality, garishness, vulgarity and over-the-top pretentiousness? Yes, it's all those and more. It's the cutesy tuft of hair on the kewpie doll, the love hearts on a rainbow pony, the purple petals on a plastic flower. It's Tammy Bakkers eye make-up, Liberace's smile...kittens in a frou-frou, a cow in a tutu.

Now it's true, kitsch has been heavily criticized by the 'good taste brigade', who say kitsch is an inferior, tasteless, tawdry, tacky form of art that tends to copy and pervert original ideas that once had merit. Ok, ok, that may be true but where would we be without it? Without kitsch there'd be no Hallmark cards, no stunning sunsets on chocolate boxes...thousands of shops and factories here and overseas would close their doors - jobs would be lost, economies would crumble. There'd be far fewer options for gift giving, knick-knack shelves would be bare and in fact, a world of perfect good taste would be stiflingly dull because it's my contention that...

Fabulously funky pink reindeer in two-tone button up boots. Also available in white.

Fabulously funky pink reindeer in two-tone button up boots. Also available in white.

Good Taste is Over-Rated

The poignantly pretty reindeer at right with the cute candelabra antlers is a stunning example of early 21st century kitsch and in 500 years or so is sure to fetch a handsome price on the auction circuit.

This reindeer has it all..garish hot pink colouring, sentimental associations through the Xmas wreaths on it's neck and rump, absurdly vulgar, tarty clothing...all beautifully topped off by the magic touch of those candelabra candle-holder antlers. Is that not incredibly imaginative? Who wouldn't want this on their tree? I know I would.

Fun and frolics with the Flamingo family

Fun and frolics with the Flamingo family

Flamingo Tourists

Keeping with the pink theme, which is so very Christmassy, take a peek at these pink Flamingo beach characters, which come in a generous set of four.

While at first glance, the scene may not appear terribly Christmas-relevant, we have to remember that for those living in the Southern hemisphere, summer is indeed a feature of the Christmas season.

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The flamingo of course, is a traditional icon of kitsch art, only here the tackiness has been cleverly taken a few steps further by combining the birds with garish beach apparel, including thongs, a grass skirt etc and in an inspirational stroke, there's even one wearing..oh no, socks with sandals! Hilarious.

Watch your favourite Xmas scenes on tV

Watch your favourite Xmas scenes on tV

Xmas on TV

In a perfect, seamless melding of mid 20th century technology with an ancient religious festival, this retro TV set with rotating musical Christmas scenes is sure to be a sentimental favourite with the discerning kitsch collector.

Made of genuine wood/resin and plastic, each scene is movingly illuminated with a soft, ambient light. Gather the family around to soak up the festive atmosphere while a variety of Christmas songs plays through the mini speakers.

Hurry down the chimney tonight...

Hurry down the chimney tonight...

Santa Baby

Forget glass baubles and tawdry tinsel. Spice up your Christmas tree with this red hot Santa mermaid, adorned in miniature gold bangle, necklace and fin bracelet.

Be charmed by her long, wavy gold hair and provocative, festive pose.

This fish is quite a whoppa and measures 8 inches x 3 1/2 inches x 3 inches. Santa mermaid is made from 100 % genuine resin.

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