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Just My Favorite Christmas Movies of All Time (in Case You Were Wondering)

Educator, Pop Culture junkie, Orange Chicken devourer and huge Gilmore Girls fan ... Whew!

Frakenmouth, Michigan

Frakenmouth, Michigan

Christmas movies ... They help to lift my spirits in a way that I find hard to explain. Though there's a running joke between my wife and sons about how in each movie, "First it snows and then they kiss".

I will say that I'm one of the few who doesn't go running for the hills when LITE FM (93.9) begins playing Christmas tunes right after Thanksgiving.

So imagine my delight when my friendly neighborhood cable provider decided to bring the HALLMARK CHANNEL back into my life. Then to double my pleasure/ double my fun, the network was kind enough to begin airing Christmas movies at least once a week. And now that the season is upon us again, new flicks began airing on October 24th. How cool is that?

Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar

Cynthia Gibb from "Holiday Affair" (1996)

Cynthia Gibb from "Holiday Affair" (1996)


1. Comfort & Joy - Nancy McKeon (Lifetime, 2003)

2. Holdiay Affair - Cynthia Gibb (USA Network, 1996)

Holiday Affair (1996) Cynthia Gibb/ David James Elliott

This remake of a ROBERT MITCHUM classic originally aired on the USA NETWORK back when they were in the business of making tv movies pretty regularly.

Miss Gibb (from the 80s classic tv series, Fame) plays a widowed mom ready to marry again to give her young son stability. That is until an attractive department store clerk offers her an alternative.

3. 2nd Day Of Christmas - Mary Stuart Masterson/Mark Ruffalo (Lifetime , 1997)

4. Boyfriend For Christmas - Kelli Williams (Hallmark, 2004)

5. Christmas In Boston - Marla Sokoloff/Lindy Booth (ABC Family, 2005)

6. A Christmas Romance - Gregory Harrison/Olivia Newton John (CBS, 1994)

A Christmas Romance (1994) Olivia Newton John/ Gregory Harrison

Does anyone remember the good old days when some of the best movies in the world were produced on the Big Three television networks (ABC,NBC,CBS)? Well this particular selection was originally watched by 25.5 million viewers on the CBS network. And I truly adore this movie.

Julia is widowed with 2 young daughters and about to have her home foreclosed on. That is until one of the bankers is stranded by a snowstorm and has to spend Christmas with them.

7. Borrowed Hearts - Roma Downey/Eric McCormick/Hector Elizando (CBS,1997)

8. What I Did For Love - Jason London (Hallmark, 2006)

What I Did For Love (2006) Jeremy London

A big city attorney goes home for the holidays with his beautiful doctor girlfriend. Simple right? A small town Christmas with horses and ranches and cows? Well, there's one slight problem. The city slicker bends over backwards to impress her cowboy father, who just doesn't want to be impressed. Pandemonium ensues.

9. Dear Santa - Amy Acker (ION, 2011)

10. Christmas Belle - Hayley Duff (ION, 2013)


11. Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge - Ted McGinley (Halmark, 2015)

12. The Family Stone - Craig T. Nelson, Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker (20th Century Fox, 2005)

13. The Perfect Holiday - Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut, Charlie Murphy (Destination Films, 2007)

The Perfect Holiday (2007) Gabrielle Union/ Morris Chestnut/ Charlie Murphy

Cute story about the divorced mother of three who finds love during the Christmas season. Except he's not quite who he claims to be.

Annoying interludes from QUEEN LATIFAH and TERRANCE HOWARD threaten to spoil this heartwarming tale. But with the underrated RACHEL TRUE and JILL MARIE JONES as supporting characters, its not so annoying that I don't continue to watch this modern classic every year.

14. Crown For Christmas - Danica McKellar (Hallmark, 2015)

15. Almost Christmas - Gabrielle Union, Kimberly Elise (Universal Pictures, 2016)

16. Love At The Christmas Table - Danica McKellar (Lifetime, 2012)

17. It's A Wonderful Life - Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed (RKO Radio Pictures, 1946)

It's A Wonderful Life (1946) Jimmy Stewart/ Donna Reed

You know the story ... George Bailey .. Clarence the angel ... Yadda Yadda Yadda. But nowadays it doesn't come on 20 different channels like it did when I was kid. So I had to get my own copy so I could watch it whenever I wanted.

Last year, I took my kids and my wife to see it on the big screen at MARCUS THEATER. What an amazing idea. It was the boys' first time seeing the movie. And for me, it was like seeing it for the first time.

18. It Happened On 5th Avenue - Don DeFore (Allied Artists, 1947)

19. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Chevy Chase (Warner Brothers, 1989)

20. Jingle All The Way - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad (20th Century Fox, 1996)

Jingle All The Way (1996) Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Sinbad/ Phil Hartman

Think about it ...

Parents fighting over Tickle Me Elmo or the last Cabbage Patch Kid. If you can imagine that, then you get the gist of this feel good movie. Another one sprinkled with profanity, but lots of fun to watch.


21. The Shop Around The Corner - Jimmy Stewart (MGM, 1940)

22. This Christmas - Idris Elba, Delroy Lindo (Rainforest Films, 2007)

23. The Preacher's Wife - Whitney Houston, Denzel Washington (Buena Vista Pictures, 1996)

The Preacher's Wife (1995) Whitney Houston/ Denzel Washington/ Courtney B. Vance

One of Miss Houston's shining moments. Here she is in the remake of the classic CARY GRANT film, The Bishop's Wife. Good story. Good music ... And beautiful Whitney.

When the pastor of a financially struggling church has a crisis of faith, help comes in the form of a angel disguised as a personal assistant. The only problem is, Dudley the angel begins to fall in love with -- you guessed it -- the preacher's wife.

24. Christmas In Connecticut - Barbara Stanwyck (Warner Brothers, 1945)

Christmas In Connecticut (1945) Barbara Stanwyck

She comes off as an old school RACHEL RAY/MARTHA STEWART type. But in actuality, she doesn't cook, clean, have a family or live in a country home like her magazine column suggests. But when her publisher demands that she hosts a war hero over the holidays, she has to come up with a plan -- and quick.

25. Christmas Shoes - Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams Paisely (CBS, 2002)

26. Christmas In Mississippi - Jana Kramer (Lifetime, 2017)

27. A Dad For Christmas - Louise Fletcher (Lifetime, 2006)

28. Home By Christmas - Linda Hamilton (Lifetime, 2006)

29. Merry Liddle Christmas - Kelly Rowland (Lifetime, 2019)

30. My Christmas Prince - Pamela Sue Martin, Parker Stevenson (Lifetime, 2017)

Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert

Before she was Victoria Barkley on THE BIG VALLEY ...

Before she was Victoria Barkley on THE BIG VALLEY ...

31. Recipe For A Perfect Christmas - Carly Pope/Bobby Canavale (Lifetime, 2005)

32. The Road To Christmas - Jennifer Grey, Clark Gregg, Megan Park (Lifetime, 2006)

33. Snowed Inn Christmas - Bethany Joy Lenz (Lifetime, 2017)

34. A Very Merry Daughter Of The Bride - Luke Perry (Lifetime, 2008)

35. Will You Merry Me? - Wendie Malick (Lifetime, 2008)

36. Desperately Seeking Santa - Laura Vandervoort (Lifetime, 2011)

37. A Royal Christmas - Lacey Chabert (Hallmark, 2016)

38. Hat Off To Christmas - Haylie Duff (Hallmark, 2013)

39. The Holiday Calendar - Kat Graham (Netflix, 2018)

40. A Christmas Detour - Candace Cameron Bure (Hallmark, 2015)

Bobby Cannavale and Carly Pope in RECIPE FOR A PERFECT CHRISTMAS

Bobby Cannavale and Carly Pope in RECIPE FOR A PERFECT CHRISTMAS

41. Christmas Cookies - Jill Wagner (Hallmark, 2016)

42.My Christmas Dream - Danica McKellar (Hallmark, 2016)

43. Christmas Land - Nikki Deloach (Hallmark, 2015)

44. Best Christimas Party Ever - Torrey DeVitto (Hallmark, 2014)

45. Ice Sculpture Christmas - (Hallmark, 2015)

46. Christmas In Homestead - Taylor Cole (Hallmark, 2016)

47. Merry Matrimony - Jessica Lowndes (Hallmark, 2015)

48. Baby's First Christmas (Hallmark, 2012)

49. Love At The Thanksgiving Parade - Autumn Reeser

50. A Very Merry Mix Up - Alicia Witt (Hallmark, 2013)

Autumn Reeser

Autumn Reeser

51. 12 Gifts Of Christmas - Katrina Law (Hallmark, 2015)

52. The Nine Lives Of Christmas - Brandon Routh (Hallmark, 2014)

53. One Starry Christmas (Hallmark, 2014)

54. Naughty Or Nice - Hillarie Burton (Hallmark, 2012)

55. A December Bride - Jessica Lowndes (Hallmark, 2015)

56. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Brooke Burns, Henry Winkler (Hallmark, 2008)

57. Hitched For The Holidays - Joey Lawrence (Hallmark, 20120

58. Snow Bride - Katrina Law (Hallmark, 2013)

59. Let It Snow - Candace Cameron Bure (Hallmark, 2013)

60. A Bride For Christmas - Arielle Kebbel (Hallmark, 2014)

Alice Evans and John Haymes Newton from "The Christmas Card"

Alice Evans and John Haymes Newton from "The Christmas Card"

61. A Cookie Cutter Christmas - Erin Krakow (Hallmark, 2014)

62. One Christmas Eve - Anne Heche (Hallmark, 2014)

63. Moonlight & Mistletoe - Candace Cameron Bure (Hallmark, 2008)

64. A Nutcracker Christmas - Amy Acker (Hallmark, 2016)

65. The Christmas Card - John Haymes Newton, Ed Asner (Hallmark, 2006)

The Christmas Card (2006) John Haymes Newton/ Ed Asner/ Alice Evans

Filmed on location in Nevada City, California and Park City, Utah, this tv movie was one of Hallmark's highest rated telecasts.

Sgt. Cody Cullen gains access to a Christmas card sent from a small town citizen. On leave, Cody decides to visit the town to experience the true Christmas spirit. But will he find love as well?

66. The Christmas Choir - Jason Gedrick (Hallmark, 2008)

67. The Christmas Ornament - Kellie Martin (Hallmark, 2013)

68. The Christmas Shephard - Terri Polo (Hallmark, 2014)

69. The Christmas Secret - Bethany Joy Lenz (Hallmark, 2014)

70. Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow (Hallmark, 2015)


71. Love Always Santa (2016)

72. Operation Christmas - Tricia Helfer (Hallmark, 2016)

73. A Christmas To Remember (2016)

74. Marry Me At Christmas - Rachel Skarsten (Hallmark, 2017)

75. Christmas Festival Of Ice - Taylor Cole (Hallmark, 2017)

76. The Sweetest Christmas - Lacey Chabert (Hallmark, 2017)

77. Coming Home For Christmas (Hallmark, 2017)

78. Christmas Next Door Jesse Metcalf (Hallmark, 2017)

79. Christmas Getaway (Hallmark, 2017)

80. A Bramble House Christmas - Autumn Reeser (Hallmark, 2017)

81. Christmas Connection - Brooke Burns (Hallmark, 2017)

82. Christmas In Conway - Andy Garcia, Mandy Moore (Hallmark, 2013)

84. Naughty & Nice - Haylie Duff (UpTv, 2014)

85. To Grandmother's House We Go - The Olsen Twins (ABC, 1992)

To Grandmother's House We Go (1992) The Olsen Twins

Originally airing on ABC, this tv movie breaks one of my rules about Christmas and kids movies -- it has a sprinkling of profanity in it. The kind that some would choose to ignore. However I make a slight exception due to those cute little moppets who anchor this film.

The girls think that they are too much trouble for their single mom, so they decide to run away. The only problem is Christmas bandits carjack the delivery truck they are stowing away in. Oh ... and there is a winning lottery ticket in one of the girls' purse. Look for cameos by Full House co-stars CANDACE CAMERON BURE, LORI LOUGHLIN and BOB SAGET.

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure

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