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International Women's Day: A Celebration of Equality

On Sunday, March 8, 2015, people around the globe will celebrate International Women's Day. Since 1911, Women's Day has been a celebration of the advancements towards equality made by women, and some men, both in the past as well as today.

Sister Suffragette

Over century ago, women known as 'suffragettes' campaigned for the right to vote in many democratic countries. During the turn of the century, not only were women not allowed to vote, but there was very little opportunity for women to work high-end jobs, or pursue higher education. It was almost unheard-of for a woman to be paid the same salary as a man, even if she worked the same job for the same hours. Women were expected to be mothers and homemakers, seen and not heard. Fortunately for women today, many independent-minded ladies felt that their voices should be heard, and made it clear to society as well as the government that women deserve equal treatment to men.


Progress Begins

In 1909, American suffragettes began a National Women's Day to bring awareness and support to their cause, and all across the nation, people began to stand up for women's rights. A year later the success of National Women's Day caught the attention of, the leader of the Women's Office of the Social Democratic Party in Germany, a woman named Clara Zetkin. Zetkin liked the idea of a day celebrating the achievements of women, and suggested making the holiday international.

In a conference meeting of over 100 women, representing unions, social organizations, and 17 different counties, it was decided that International Women's Day would be celebrated around the globe.


Women Continue to Make History

Since then, much has been done to advance the status of women in many nations. While it was originally meant to bring awareness to women's campaign for voting rights, IWD has brought attention to a number of women's issues throughout its time. During WWI and WWII, Women's day became a tribute to the women at home, working to support their families and homes while their husbands were at war. It also provided women with a support system of like-minded individuals who protested and worked to bring peace to a war-torn world.

In 1975, the UN was so impressed by the advancements of women in the 1900s, that they declared '75 to be 'National Women's Year.' During this year, many subjects were addressed regarding the advancement of women in society, such as issues of sexual harassment in and out of the work environment, domestic abuse, and equal opportunity for employment.

Woman participating in a demonstration in India

Woman participating in a demonstration in India

Women's Day 2015

This year, the theme for the centennial celebration is 'Make It Happen'.Although there is not necessarily a specific theme every year, this year the organization WomenWatch decided that this year the focus will be on " Celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women", particular in the fields of science and technology, which are predominantly male fields of expertise. This years theme will also encourage women to reach for the stars and not be held back by societal constrictions, domestically or in the workplace. WomenWatch believes that, by helping women advance their knowledge in these fields, they will have a better opportunity for high-paying and well-respected jobs, particular in our technology-obsessed modern world.

Women and men participating in a march for equality

Women and men participating in a march for equality

International Women's Day is celebrated around the world, and is a catalyst for the advancement of women's position in society, This day brings awareness to how far women have come from the days where they were generally homemakers and child-bearers, to having positions of significant power in politics, the media, and education. The issues addressed each year receive much attention through all of the publicity caused by this event, and with increasing awareness of women's issues comes the potential for change.

Women's Suffrage

Let's Celebrate How Far We've Come!

This year, on March 8th 2015, let us remember the women, and men, who have done so much to advance the status of women, in economically developed countries and elsewhere, in the name of gender equality. Through events such as National Women's day, much can be achieved in terms of gender equality and more; because with social equality comes peace and understanding, and a better quality of life for all people.

For information on events and how YOU can participate, visit and look for events in your area, or host your own!


Kay Plumeau (author) from New Jersey, USA on July 10, 2015:

I agree, much thanks is owed to the women who suffered and fought so that we could exist as equals in society and have the same opportunities as men. Thanks!

Jacquelyn fuller from Woonsocket, Rhode Island on July 09, 2015:

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We as women have came do far from yestrrday.. Today we are acknowleged ss world leaders in all aspects of life. Thanks to thecwomen suffrage grouo who stood up for us

stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on July 05, 2015:

This is a very interesting hub and I am glad you wrote it. Women have come a long way and life is much better. Any woman can continue to fight if they need things to change.

Zelda Mes from South Africa on March 13, 2015:

Thank you for this interesting hub. More and constant education on this matter is sorely needed.

A comment from a black South African teenager: "You white women are lucky but we black women can't fight male dominance because its our culture!" Needless to say I nearly fell out of my chair and had to explain how European women had really fought for their rights too.

Brad on March 11, 2015:


I feel really bad that you didn't get a bigger turnout for the comments.

I hope that you understand it, because I don't.

1920 Women got the right to vote.

In 1868, black men got the right to vote.

2008 Sara Palin got laughed at when she ran for VP.

2008 on old white dude got the VP over Hillary Clinton.

It seems like a lot of women, don't vote for women?

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on March 11, 2015:

I was really surprised how big the celebration here in Cambodia. Good of you to highlight this tribute to women.

Jacquelyn fuller from Woonsocket, Rhode Island on January 19, 2015:

This is very interesting and informative It reminds me of one of my writings called "woman's worth" . Woman every have accomplished so much over the years and are very successful in leadership positions. This is an article that showed be shared with the younger generation to encourage and uplift them.

Cristen Iris from Boise, Idaho on January 19, 2015:

I love this article! Thank you for putting this out there. We have come a long way and much still needs to be done. I like that you made this a celebration and a call to action.

Kay Plumeau (author) from New Jersey, USA on January 17, 2015:

Thank you for your feedback!

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on January 17, 2015:

Great hub drawing deserved attention to International Women's Day on march 8. Equality has been slow coming and I'm sure events such as this help advance the cause. Voted up.

missirupp on January 16, 2015:

I never knew about this day until I became friends with women from other countries. They celebrate this day with a party. The husbands stay home with the kids and the women get together to eat and dance. I have noticed more women in America taking notice though.

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