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Creative and Inexpensive Ideas For Kid's Parties

Bright Colours Create A Positive Mood

  • I always like bright colours for kids parties, especially the younger age group.
  • Colours can effect the mood of a party or celebration.
  • It is the one time that children can relax and enjoy their friends, in a happy atmosphere and environment. Any woes or trouble at home, can be forgotten for a while, as they connect with their companions around fun activities and laughter.
  • Plain paper serviettes can be decorated with stars or stickers to match your colour scheme.
  • Primary colours such as red, blue, yellow and green catch attention and are good to use, for decorations and invitations.
  • Plain party packets can be decorated with the party goer's name and additional large stickers to match your theme.

Colourful clown balloons have a festive appeal


Balloons Are Inexpensive and are Such A Colourful Item.

What is a kids celebration, without some sort of cake, or colourful balloons?

Great thing about the balloons is that they come in every shape, colour and form.

They are a great source of fun, even if they end up popping on a blade of grass.

The helium filled balloons are a little more expensive but really look nice, on each child's chair for a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere.

Planning A Kids Party Is Half The Fun

  • Make a list of the children that will be invited
  • Create a workable budget
  • Think of a theme and set your plan into action
  • Consider the time of the year and plan accordingly. In freezing weather you will definitely not want a slip and slide party, on the lawn!
  • A mix of savoury and sweet treats can create a balance. Party treats not too sickly!
  • Make a collage of what you would like to achieve.
  • Cut out ideas and colour schemes from old magazines and place them in a flip file.
  • Your children can help to make some of the decorative table decorations, so they feel a part of the overall planning of the party.

Fun Creativity Activity Collage


Cute Faces On Cookies

  • Such a cute idea for a special treat. Love the cut-out eyes and mouth, with jelly in red, peeping through from the inside.
  • You could create a big cookie, for each child to take home, as a keepsake.
  • Quite easy to make a brightly coloured icing face on a bought cookie, to save time and energy.
  • Adding sweets to the cookie by sticking them on with icing sugar, is also a way of creating something unique.

Water Fights Can Do The Trick.


Children Are Flexible And Easy Going Most Of The Time

Children Are Easily Entertained And Enjoy Each Other's Company

Free Art


Savoury Or Sweet Treats At The Party Table?

  • A balanced mix of savoury and sweet snacks and cakes will be better than just offering one or the other.
  • Small savoury meat balls, on toothpicks, with a delicious dip in the middle of a decorative plate, will go a long way to satisfy the hungry hoards!
  • The picture below has healthy options, like miniature tomatoes and small blocks of cheese.
  • You can serve miniature cupcakes too in bright colours to match your party theme and colour scheme.
  • Tiny pizza slices or rounds would also be a tasty addition.

Assortment Of Snacks

Cool Array of Snacks

Cool Array of Snacks

Party Check List

A Refreshing Change To The Norm

A plateful of fruit can be a tasty treat and complement some rich foods i.e. cakes and candies.

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Make A Popcorn Box From Scratch


Process of making a colourful popcorn container

  • Cut milk carton and wash thoroughly
  • Cover with wrapping paper of your choice with non toxic paper glue,
  • Cut a white paper doilies and pleat for the opening. Glue it on.
  • Add stickers and decorative items, to the outside of box.
  • Ready for popcorn when dry.

Ideas With Ice Cream Cones

Here are some ideas to jazz up an ice cone, for a kids party.

1. Cascade small chocolate balls or smarties on the top of a vanilla ice cone.

2. Half fill the cone section with candy before scooping on the ice cream.

3. Make your own coloured ice cream in different colours and set in round ice trays. Colour plain vanilla ice cream with a little organic colouring. Pile these balls on top of a small plain vanilla cone.

4. Melt your favourite chocolate bar in a double boiler, cool slightly and then dip your plain ice cone into it, to give a wonderful chocolate topping.

5. Use white chocolate that has also been melted, as done above, and cover a dark coned ice cream with this glossy mixture. Top with hundreds and thousands.

6. Dream up your own toppings from jelly babies to caramel coated nuts.

7. You can cut out a container for the ready made ice cream treats from a shoe box with holes, for each one, on the upside down section. Keep ready for the party in the freezer compartment.

Have fun making your own unique creations!

Amazing Easy Ice Dreams For Kids

Serving Iced Desserts

Cool ideas to serve your ice cream on that special party day.

Love the idea of using an ice tray to mould your ice cream. Creating different coloured balls of dreamy ice treats, would look great in a tall parfait glass.

Cool Ice


Creative Party Ideas

  • Take the kids on a walk into the country. Each child can carry a party item, for a memorable time in a leafy glade.
  • If the weather is not favourable, let the children create something like a favourite mask. Give a prize for the best one. Let the children vote too, for the most creative one.
  • Treasure hunts are always exciting and can be done in a park, or at home, in the garden.
  • A beach party can also be a lot of fun, but needs to be organised well ahead. Bright beach umbrellas with colourful balloons hanging from them, will create some much needed shade and colour.
  • A pool party for older children, is a great way to get rid of excess energy and combined with fun filled activities. A contest using egg cartons and other recyclable materials to create the best boat, that actually floats, would be creative too. Give a prize for the winning float-able boat.
  • Fancy dress parties go down well, with plenty of fun and laughs.
  • Sack races and the good old favourite egg and spoon race is always a winner too. A lot of steam can be released and pent up energy, which kids seem to have plenty to spare !

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Find Out What The Children Like Doing For Fun

Amazing Ideas For Cakes

Make Your Own Outdoor Tent For Party

  • Outdoor games and activities, can be just as fun as sitting indoors, around a table.
  • Serve some treats from it, or use as part of a treasure hunt with clues, hidden inside.
  • The opening of the one side, can be used to have your own puppet show. Use sock puppets and let the best team, win a prize.

Outdoor Fun Is One Of The Best Activities

  • Water-world or slides can be such fun and adrenaline inducing.
  • It is better to take teens to these centres, as taking a whole team of small kids, can be risky.

A Pool Party Needs To Be Supervised well

A good idea is to invite the parents to help in the water activities, alongside their children.

Delicious Treats For Your Kids Party

Free Art To Use On Cards Or Invitations - Snip Copy And Paste


Easy as one two three

An easy way to create a greeting card is to use these ready made art images,

FREE- Art Collage To Snip Copy And Paste


Create Your Own Invitations

There are many ways to create invitations for that special kids birthday party.

  1. Digitally, on your computer with a graphics program.
  2. Have them printed professionally.
  3. Using handmade cards made from recycled magazines and collage clippings.
  4. Bulk invitations bought from craft stores.
  5. Using stamps to create picture invitations for that unique look.

Neon Clipart


Party Cakes


Creative Ideas For Hats

  • Free Printable Birthday Party Hats
    These free printable birthday party hats cover a range of fun themes, like jungle safari, circus clowns, fairy princess, ladybugs, western and two generic hats with no theme.

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