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Inexpensive Mason Jar Recipes for Your Holiday Gift Giving

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I make mason jar gifts for all different occasions, I’m not limited to just making them at Christmas time. I’ve included images of the recipes I'v used the most for gift giving, but there’s much more, everything from brownies to slow cooker recipes.

I love eating Cranberry Creme cookies, so every year I make a gift jar for my family and friends, the love soup I make every Easter, and double fudge brownies are a perfect idea for a Valentines gift, one things for sure the kids will love to make the brownies.

You can see from my pictures that I prefer to use large tags, that's because a few of our family members are seniors with bad eyesight. Most of my mason jar gifts I sell at the local farmers market, which is a great idea if your needing a little extra cash and you'll notice older people love purchasing them .

Everyone loves homemade gifts and these jars are just fun and easy to make, with straightforward, simple mixes, what a beautiful gift to share with loved ones, friends or just people in general.

Not only do I make these every year to give away for Christmas, I also make them to sell at yard sales and flea markets. You can sell them for around eight dollars to ten dollars depending on the type of ingredients your adding.

I never price my jars over the ten dollar mark I like the fact that most people can afford to get one if they choose.

I’ve included a couple of free recipes for you to try in your mason jar gift, give someone special a gift of love this Christmas.

What Is a Gift in a Jar

Homemade Gifts that are easy, simple and Inexpensive to make, a nice gift from your kitchen to theirs

Gift jar recipes are thought of as a craft for food, years ago women would take glass jars and fill them up with dry or wet food and provide it to their neighbours who were in need of things. The jars consisted of things like herbs,flour and even jams, jellies or fruit. Then came along the home canning I remember as a kid our neighbours giving us canned peaches, pears and even canned salmon.

Giving gifts from the kitchen is a great way to make memories and build new traditions for the family. Every person I’ve ever come across just loves homemade food gifts which is a true gift from the heart. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s cookies or soup because all gifts from the kitchen are always welcome.

Where to Start – with a Recipe Book

There are many recipe books out there to help you get started. If you’ve never ventured into this type of gift giving and your not sure that you’ll like making your own then I highly recommend searching on google for a free recipe book, that way you didn’t spend a large amount of money only to find that it wasn’t for you

Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

Decorate your jars anyway you like, give it a theme or dress it up as a character, cocoa mix jars are great gifts at Christmas time when the weather is cold.


  • 3 Cups powdered milk
  • One 5-oz package non-instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 1/2 Cup powdered non-dairy creamer
  • 1/4 Cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 Cup powdered sugar


  1. Mix Instructions (For The Jar)
  2. Layer all the ingredients in the order that they are listed, using a quart size canning jar
  3. Using a spoon try to pat the layer so that the next layer doesn’t run threw, or you can put
  4. a towel folded under the jar and gently bang the jar on the counter, not to hard…
  5. Recipe Instructions (For The Tag)
  6. Stir contents of jar before measuring
  7. Add 1 heaping tablespoon Cocoa Mix to 1 cup boiling water

Mason Jar Gifts are Easy to Give

Mason jars have taken the world by storm as the most popular gift idea but then let’s face it the cost is reasonable and with just one case of jars that’s twelve gifts.

Think of how many gifts you can make with just one bag of flour, one bag of sugar or unsweetened cocoa powder. Once you’ve figured out the easiest way for you to layer the ingredients, make the labels and decorate the jars you’ll have the perfect gift for any occasion.

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With the soup recipe in a mason jar, add a wooden spoon to the decorating

With the soup recipe in a mason jar, add a wooden spoon to the decorating

Easy to Make Gifts when Living on a Budget

Everyone on your gift giving list, there’s many people on your list that would love to receive one of these jar, check below for the people that love receiving one from me.

  • Delivery Person – Whether you have a regular pizza delivery person, or a grocery store delivery service, you’ll be able to have a gift for them
  • Neighbours – New people moving into your neighbourhood, or moving out. Do you have a neighbour that’s struggling financially, they’ll never know your trying to help
  • Parents – My parents get harder to buy for every year, so I make them gifts in a jar whenever I can’t think of anything else
  • Boss and Co-Workers – How about that office party or gift exchange with co-workers, instead of giving a gift within the set price range give a gift that can be used
  • Child’s Teacher – Christmas can be an expensive month for most of us, and when your child throws in “mom I want to give my teacher a gift”, it can sure add up especially if you have more than one child.
  • Landlord – If you have good landlords then why not give them a gift at Christmas time, gifts in a jar cost hardly anything to make except your time
  • Postman – There are people that give money or gift cards to their postman/women, why not be a little different
  • Grandparents – With today’s economy it’s hard for the elderly to make ends meet, give a little help and make them a gift that they’ll be able to use and benefit from
  • Sister – Maybe your not as close to your sister as you’d like or maybe you have no idea what to get her. I have made gifts in a jar not only for my sister but her grown daughters (my nieces) as well
You will need a printer if you are going to be creative and make your own, otherwise craft stores have some very nice labels that can be printed or hand written on.

You will need a printer if you are going to be creative and make your own, otherwise craft stores have some very nice labels that can be printed or hand written on.

Making Recipe Cards

The recipient needs to know how to use the gift, with the card that's where you will put the instructions for the cooking and or baking.

You can get lots of beautiful blank or decorative self-adhesive labels to decorate your jars with. I personally prefer to make my own on the computer, then I just print them out, punch a hole in the corner and hang on the jar with either a ribbon or elastic cord.

How to make Food Gifts in a Jar – This video has step by step on how you can create your own jar gifts

Gifts in a Jar Not Limited to just Food

Recipe For A Milk Bath (Use Pint Jars)


  • 1 C. Dry milk
  • 8 drops scented oil – perfume oil or essential oil


  1. Mix 1 cup of dry milk with 8 drops of oil.
  2. Be sure to mix well.
  3. Add more oil if you want a stronger scent.
  4. Place in a pint jar for gift giving and decorate your jar anyway you like.
  5. Instructions (For The Tag) To use, add to running bathwater. You come out soft and smelling good!

Decorating Doesn't have to be Costly

Try my Ideas for places to shop, it will help when you're ready to start being creative .

  • Dollar Store – You can get cheap decorations at dollar stores like wooden spoons, pot holders, tea towels and even plastic flowers
  • Craigslist – When it comes time that I need more decorations I always check the free section of Craigslist, I have been able to get all the fabric I’ll ever need for the jar lids
  • Craft Stores – Best place to get ribbons and plastic flowers or even the glue that you’ll need to attach the flower to the jar, I still prefer to use the dollar store for most of my decorations less expensive

Decorating Your Jars

How would you decorate the jar below? – You could do what I do, or come up with your own ideas, let your imagination take you away

Cranberry Creme cookies in a jar, perfect for a Christmas gift

Cranberry Creme cookies in a jar, perfect for a Christmas gift

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