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Ideas for Making Gifts in a Jar


Gifts in a Jar Ideas

Gifts in jars are perfect gifts to give away on most occasions - for birthdays, housewarming, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are even great as party favors for bridal showers and baby showers.

There are plenty of good gifts in jars that can be found sold in the store. People who may be busy or don't want to personally prepare the gifts can simply buy them. But if you would like to save a bit and personalize the gifts you want to share with your family and friends, you can find some good ideas in making gifts in a jar in this hub.

What type of jars do you need?

The first thing you would need to make this kind of gifts is, of course, jars. What kind of jars do you need to buy?

If you will be making food gifts in jars, especially those which are preserved such as jams, jellies, salsas, sauces or pickled fruits or veggies, you can use mason jars. Mason jars come with bands (metal ring screwed to the mouth of the jar) and lids (creates the hermetic seal of the jar and is intended for one-time use only).

Ball and Kerr are the most popular brands of mason jars. Below is a table of the common sizes and colors of mason jars that you can choose from.

Choose mason jars according to

size of the mouthvolumeglass designcolor

regular mouth (2.5 inches in diameter)

1/4 pint (4 ounces)



wide mouth (3.5 inches in diameter)

half-pint (8 ounces)

quilted crystal



pint (16 ounces)




quart (32 ounces)




half-gallon (64 ounces)



Different sizes of jars

Different sizes and shapes of jars

Different sizes and shapes of jars

If you don't intend to use the jars for preserved foods, you can buy and use any type of jars. You can also recycle jars so you don't have to spend extra for the jars. There must be plenty of jars you can find in your kitchen. Most likely, you bought some products in jars, such as baby food, jams, sandwich spread, dressings, pickled food, etc.

You would need to spend some time to wash and clean them up. Plastic labels are easier to remove. But if the jars have sticky paper labels on them, it's better that you soak them for a few hours in soapy water before removing them.

Recycle jars and save some cash

Recycled jars that have been washed clean and dried.

Recycled jars that have been washed clean and dried.

Ideas for decorating gifts in a jar

After choosing the type of jar that you want, the next thing to do is decorate the jar. Some of the ideas for decorating jars are:

  • Use gift wrapping paper or cloth to wrap the cover of the jar and tie it in place with a ribbon or crafts twine.
  • Glue a piece of ribbon, lace or wrapping paper around the body of the jar and add embellishments, such as buttons, beads, sequence, paper flowers, small plastic figures, scrapbook designs, stickers, etc.
  • Add sticker labels or gift tags to the jars. You can make these from computer print-outs or if your penmanship is good, you can make handwritten labels and tags. Labels may be as simple as a description of the gift, a Christmas greeting, a friendship quote or as elaborate as an instruction for the proper storage of the cookies in the jar, a list of ingredients of the brownie mix or the health benefits of the roasted peanuts.
  • Use a different kind of lid for your gift in a jar. There are lids with daisy or leaf holes, which may be perfect for scented dried flowers or candles. There are also solar powered lids with LED light, which provide nice lighting effect for creative gifts in jars. See the sample below.

More ideas for decorating gifts in a jar

  • Spray paint a candlestick holder and the lid with matching paint color and glue the candlestick holder at the bottom of the jar.
  • Tint the glass jar with food coloring mixed with liquid floor shine.
  • The jar may also be spray painted For extra flair, write embossed words using hot glue or any pearl pen on the glass before spray painting over it.
  • The jar may also be etched. You can do traditional etchings on the glass or you can fake it by simply sticking on etched vinyl.

Watch the video below to see the neat tricks how these decorating techniques are done.

Must-have materials when making gifts in jars

Materials that you should keep handy when decorating jars include glue gun, glue stick, double tape, scissors, sticker labels, gift tags, yarn or twine, all sorts of decorative paper, ribbons, spray paint, etc.

See some of the designs, which my little girls and I made at home. We actually used beads and decorative objects, which were from broken bracelets, hair clips and headbands. Some were also from leftover craft supplies used in their school projects or recycled gift wraps and ribbons.

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How to make decorative jars

What gifts to put in the jars

Now that you have an idea about the jar, let's talk about what you can put into the jar. There is a plethora of stuff that you can give as gifts in jars, but you might want to consider what your recipient might like.

Food gifts in jars are very popular and most people like them. You can find below some ideas that you might like to make.

Food gifts in jars

Candy gifts in jars

  • Buy any candy, gumballs or chocolate bars and put them inside the jar. If the candies are individually wrapped you can add some colored shredded paper inside the jar to spice up the presentation.
  • Make chocolate-covered dried fruits, nuts, mallows or rice Krispies and put them inside the jar.
  • Buy or bake assorted cookies from scratch and put them in tightly sealed mason jars.
  • Prepare a cookie mix by putting the ingredients in nice layers inside the jar and don't forget to add the rest of the instructions for baking the cookie.

Cakes and Bread Gifts in Jars

  • Put a cupcake or a favorite layered cake, like Tiramisu or Chocolate mousse inside a wide-mouth jar. Tie a spoon with the jar for a unique touch to the gift.
  • Prepare cake or bread mixes. Add the ingredients in layers inside the jar. Add the instructions for baking.

Creative gifts in a jar

Aside from the food gift ideas mentioned above, here are some other ideas for creative gifts in a jar:

  • candles in a jar, oil lamp in a jar or sun jar
  • soap dispenser
  • manicure, pedicure or spa kit in a jar - simply mix and match select products and put them in the jar.
  • sewing kit in a jar
  • snow globes
  • hair clips and beauty accessories in a jar for fashionistas
  • bracelets in a jar - create and design bracelets as gifts for your friends and include a jar for its safe keeping.
  • art and craft kit in a jar

Check out the videos below to get an idea of how to prepare these additional gifts in a jar.

How to make three gifts in a jar

How to make $5 gifts in a jar

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