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Outdoor Fall Country Decorating Ideas


Seasonal Outdoor Themes

During spring and summer, the lawns are green and the beautiful flowers and groupings are in bloom in yards all across the country. Once the season begins to change and there's a pleasant crispness in the evening air, many landscapes turn to drab, dead, brown shells of the beauty they once had.

Just because the flowers are gone, this doesn't mean that a beautiful yard is impossible to have until next spring, fall decorating can liven up a landscape. This can be done without spending much, if any, money. Everything needed could be right in your own backyard.

The most obvious choice of decorating items is, of course, pumpkins. Other items that can be found outside include: mums, apples, squash, leaves, cranberries, pinecones, and cornstalks. Craft books can be found for reasonable prices at local bookstores that contain many different creative ideas for decorating.


Decorating Ideas

Mums make a nice border along a sidewalk, and they are also great for making beautiful hanging baskets. Mums have different hues of red, orange, and yellow available, so making beautiful decorations can be done in no time at all.

Wreaths are an inexpensive and popular decorating item. A plain vine type wreath can be decorated with cranberries, dried leaves, and craft store fall foliage. Different sizes and colors can be created for doors or interior walls.

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Square hay bales stacked up on the front yard can be a great start on an outdoor autumn decoration. A simple scarecrow sitting on top of the hay, along with wheat, cornstalks, or pinecones. Tie the items together with ribbon. Garlands, made from fallen leaves, can be displayed around door frames or windows.

A mantle decorated with a leaf garland and mini pumpkins makes a nice display. Leaf garlands can be used around staircase railings for a fall touch. Tea light candles inside of hollowed out gourds and mini pumpkins can be used as walkway lighting.

Fall leaves of various colors can be taken and placed in a book to press them flat. Once pressed, place them in a poster frame on a background of any color. Once framed it becomes a neat and stylish decoration inside a home.

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