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3 Cool Cute Easter Egg Ideas for Toddlers & Creative Parents

Using face stickers to design Easter eggs is fun and easy for toddlers.

Using face stickers to design Easter eggs is fun and easy for toddlers.

Cute Easter Egg Ideas for Toddlers and Parents

Are you looking for some new creative Easter egg ideas for this year?

When Easter Sunday comes again, a fun family tradition to introduce to young toddlers is to prepare some Easter eggs. Even if your kids are grown up, there are some cool Easter egg ideas for parents to try as well.

All of the designs outlined in this article will produce some amazing results to put in your Easter baskets. Plus, to have even more fun with the kids, you could scatter the eggs around the house for a family Easter egg hunt.

You can use each of these design techniques to transform your plain white eggs into vivid works of art. While other design concepts online are more contemporary, the egg decorating ideas outlined here are more traditional and easier for toddlers. The three design methods include using food dye, swirls, and glitter.

1. Cool Easter Egg Ideas Using Food Dye

This is one of the more “old school” traditional techniques for coloring your Easter eggs. It's definitely an oldie but a goodie.

First, go to the market and pick up a variety of food dye colors and some vinegar.

Next, line up a number of bowls on the counter and fill them each with one color of food coloring with a couple tablespoons of vinegar in each bowl.

Then, it’s time to for your hard-boiled eggs to go for a swim in the mixture you’ve created. This is an easy method for decorating Easter eggs and you can get some really striking results with pastel colors from the food dye.

For some variety, try dunking your eggs in halves for a two-tone look. The food coloring can also be added to the surface of each egg with a paintbrush if you want to get more creative.

Using food dye with this method is just one of the many ideas for egg decorating, but it is easy and fun for the whole family.

Add messages and search hints to your eggs for Easter egg hunts.

Add messages and search hints to your eggs for Easter egg hunts.

2. Cute Easter Egg Ideas Using Swirls

Here is another technique that yields amazing results to your egg designs – and it also involves food dye. However, it is a bit more complicated and goes beyond simply dipping the hard-boiled eggs in the solution.

First, put food coloring, two tablespoons of vinegar, two to four cups of water and mix it all up. Place your hard-boiled eggs into dye for a few minutes, then take them out to dry. The next step involves how to get the “swirled” effect.

In another bowl, make another batch of dye with the same or different color and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it up, dip your dried eggs inside and you should have a combination of colors that will create some unique textures on your Easter eggs.

Finally, dry the eggs gently with a paper towel and set your speckled swirly eggs out to rest on a rack.

3. Creative Easter Egg Ideas Using Glitter

Of all the ideas for egg decorating, this is also a great fun alternative to using traditional food dye on your Easter eggs.

To start, put your hard-boiled eggs aside and fill a few small bowls with glittery specks that you can buy at a craft store. They often come in colors of gold, silver, and bronze but sometimes you can find a variety of different colors to try.

Next, cover your eggs with craft glue using a brush. Before the glue dries, gently drop glitter on the surface of each egg for the desired effect you want. Sometimes it is easier to roll the eggs into the glitter back and forth.

Once the glue dries, your eggs will look sparkly and luxurious. Just imagine having a basket of golden glitter eggs for Easter as a centerpiece for your kitchen table. You and your family can eat like royalty on Easter Sunday.

There are several other creative Easter egg ideas for toddlers and parents that can be found online, but these three will get you started.

Adding glitter is another creative Easter egg idea for toddlers and parents to try.

Adding glitter is another creative Easter egg idea for toddlers and parents to try.

Do you have other another other cool Easter Egg ideas?

You can share your creative and cute Easter egg ideas in the comments section below. Please join in on the discussion with other readers if you have any other tips.

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Happy Easter to you and your family!

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Cathy from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri on April 01, 2012:

Thank you for more ideas on what to do when dying Easter eggs. It's always a fun adventure for children, always. My favorite part are the leftover peanut butter cups!

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