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Ideas For Gift Wrapping for Any Celebration


Bright Colors Bring Joy

Bright primary colors are always impactful for gift wrapping.

Choose one of the colors in the paper to use for string or ribbon.

Your gift tags can be made from colored card and snipping from old magazines or other cards of old.

Create your own patterns on tissue paper with colored inks or watercolors.

Use wool and create tie dye patterns and cover with paints. When dry untie or carefully snip the wool to expose pretty patterns.Iron flat with med iron using plain paper on top.

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Fresh Blue Gift Wrap


Plain Colors are also beautiful


A Simple Clean Gift Wrapping Style

If you have for instance a beautiful ornate vase. Plain paper for wrapping can also enhance what is inside the box.

Plain cream paper in embossed style with a gold and blue ribbon can look beautiful and appropriate.

Brown paper with gold prints can be just as effective as expensive gift wrap. Add some bronze colored ribbon and gold tags to complete the look.

Beautiful Gold Gift Box


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