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How to Turn your Home into a Haunted House

halloween decorations,  phaewilk,

halloween decorations, phaewilk,

Halloween is right around the corner and you really want to give your guests some hard to forget creeps. With a pinch of imagination, some tools and a good dose of do it yourself attitude, you may easily transform your home into a hair raising, bone chilling and spectral place to be.  Have fun transforming your dwelling into one of the creepiest place on earth and then invite your boldest friends to take the challenge and enter. Expect to hear the wildest screams and the best part of all is that there will be no entrance fees. Of course, make it clear to your friends that there will be no guarantees that once inside, they will make their way out....

Items needed to decorate your haunted house

Of course, in order to transform your home into the spookiest haunted house in your neighborhood you will need some tools. You can purchase some of these for a fraction of the cost in your local dollar store. Some however, may be only found in specialty stores. Following are some things you will need:

• Professionally made fake blood

• Haunted house noises Cd's

• Flash lights

• Fog Machine

• Dummies

• Fake Spider Web

• Tennis Balls

• Full Sized Skeletons

•Jack o Lanterns

• Radio Controlled Rats

• Police Tape

• Actors

Now it's time to get creative and put all your ideas together. In order to make your haunted house extra special try to involve as many rooms as you can. Places of special interest are bathrooms, basements, attics and yards. Following are some ideas to adorn the rooms.


Grab a pair of pants and fit them on your full sized skeleton. Place your full sized skeleton on your toilet with the pants lowered. Tape a newspaper to its hands so it looks like it is reading a paper. You can also place a dummy inside your bath tub and pour some fake blood on the ridge of the tub and on the shower curtain. If you were unable to find fake blood make your own by mixing clear corn syrup with red food coloring.


Transform your regular yard into a state of the art graveyard. Place several jack o' lanterns around. Turn on the fog machine for special effects. Have some great recordings of ghostly noises. Have somebody allow the remote controlled rat to move about when guests enter the yard. Find some fake police tape or make your own. If you feel like it, dig a hole and place a dummy inside.

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Get creative and make and cover your kitchen with fake spider web. Get the tennis balls and turn them into eyes by painting a black pupil in the middle. Place these ''eyes'' inside your cups. Fill up a pitcher with red cool aid. Have an actor dress up like a witch and show up cooking a bubbly soup. Hang a dummy behind the kitchen door.


More police tape is required here. Place dummies on beds with fake blood foot prints. Have actors walk by the guests unexpectedly. Place electric candles around to create the right ambiance. Keep wires out of reach for safety. Have scary recordings playing like cats meowing, screams or other. Use closets to your advantage.

Basement and Attic:

Bloody foot prints on the stairs lead to these creepy areas. Have actors follow when going up or down the stairs. Actors may also spritz guests with some spray bottles. Fill the area with skeletons and spider webs. Place halloween candles about. Make fake ''exit'' signs to confuse them on finding their way out.

Remember to make safety your top priority. Never use any candles or other live flames. Place an age limit as some children may get scared. Have your actors dress up but also work as safety sentinels to help any troubled guests. Ensure there is enough ventilation. Once all is up and ready, hand your guests each a flash light and wish them ''good luck''!

Some great additions to your haunted house bathroom

Great addition for your haunted house yard

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starr on October 10, 2011:

omg thanks! my neibors were sssssoooo scared! i also thing you should add that a monster could slip into a hallway and grab someones hand when they turn around the have a heart attack! sssoooo funny!!!

kellylover from An Island on September 28, 2011:

great! will try this for this upcoming halloween

Kmcpeek on September 14, 2011:

I needed to create fake blood and spider webs. The info on creating fake blood was great and everywhere! The spider web was a different story it was hard to find and when I did find it I couldn't understand how to create it and had to look on a different web site this could be better!!!!!!

carenmorgan9 from San Diego,California on October 06, 2010:

Nice hub and thanks for the tips dear.

erthfrend from Florida on October 05, 2010:

So much fun! Great tips! I love reading about halloween stuff! My husband's family used to do a "haunted forest" in their side lot. It was TONS of fun!

jeanie.stecher from Seattle on September 23, 2010:

How I wish I can. But I think that's impossible since I have a 1 year old baby and I am sure she wouldn't like it.

Darlene Sabella from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ... on September 23, 2010:

Wow, I would love to live close to you, you are just too much fun...great hub, perfect timing and fun ideas. Thumbs up as always...your fan darski

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