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How to Shop for Christmas Gifts on a Very Tight Budget

Make A Christmas Budget

First, you will need to make a budget.

Decide what the maximum amount will be for all of your Christmas shopping.

Figure out how many people you will be buying Christmas presents for and how much of the budget you would like to allocate to each person.

For instance, you may want to spend more on close family members than you do on your friends.

Let's say you have a $1,000 budget for Christmas gifts this year and you and your spouse have large families.

If you have 20 family members and 5 friends that you are buying Christmas presents for, you can divide it up and spend $45 on each family member (20 x 45 = $900) and $20 for each friend (5 x 20 = $100) for a total of $1,000.

Depending on the amount of people you will buy presents for and the amount of your Christmas budget, you can tweak it to your personal taste.

Homemade Gifts

To save some money during the holidays, you could make your own gifts.

Do you have a talent that you could use? The options are endless!

If you are good at art, you could draw or paint a picture and frame it.

You could make a photo book or collage.

You could also make pottery or surprise them by painting something of theirs that needed to be painted, but they never had the time to do.

If you are good at building things, you could build a birdhouse or bookshelf or a wine stand.

If you are a writer, you could make a cook book with your favorite recipes or do some research and make a family tree.

There are so many wonderful ideas and it is a lot of fun to make your own gifts.

Just make sure you start early and give yourself enough time to finish the project before Christmas.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

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Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

If you would rather buy your gifts, there are tons of items out there that you can buy and still stay within your budget.

The dollar store and the dollar area at SuperTarget are great starts.

If you are buying for a sports fanatic, you could buy a storage bin for basketballs and footballs and the like and a ball to put in it.

You could add a magazine subscription to the basket.

Usually magazine subscriptions take a few weeks to begin after you have paid for them, so buy a copy of that magazine and add it to the basket.

To make it even cheaper, find a deal on the magazine by typing the magazines name and deal or sale into the search engine on your computer.

You may be able to save half the cost of the magazine through a sale or deal.

If you are buying for a decorator, you could buy a subscription to Good Housekeeping (again, remember to look for deals), some new kitchen towels and some moisturizers.

For a couponer, you could buy a coupon organizer and a subscription to "All You" magazine.

If you are buying for a bookworm, you could buy a few books that they would be interested in or a subscription to a book club.

For the chef, you could buy a mixing bowl and add some cooking utensils, hand towels and an interesting packaged dessert.

Create A Christmas Gift Organizer Notebook

Christmas Organizer

Make a Notebook to keep track of the gifts you have bought for each person and how much you have spent.

You could make a separate page for each person and each time you bring a new gift home, write it in the notebook in the appropriate place.

Also, if you hide your gifts in different places, write down where you hide each gift beside its description.

A Christmas organizer notebook will help you save time and money!


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