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How to Package Handmade Greeting Cards

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Paper crafters love making handmade greeting cards because they are able to pour so much creativity into so many different designs. And with paper, stamps and embellishments available for every season and occasion, the options are endless!

Coordinating Envelopes

If you are creating a handmade greeting card for someone special and do not intend to sell or mail you’re your card, consider designing an envelope that coordinates with your card. You can do this easily by either making your own greeting card envelope, or using pre-purchased greeting card envelopes and dressing them up with coordinating scrapbook paper – the same used in your greeting card. The flap of the envelope is the perfect placement for this paper. With just a small strip of paper and some double-stick tape, you can really enhance the look and feel of your handmade card. Again, if you aren’t planning on selling or mailing this card, a simple envelope will suffice.

Greeting Card Sleeves

If you do intend to sell or mail your greeting card, however, you will definitely want to package your creation as best as possible. Let’s face it. Now that you’ve spent all of those hours designing and crafting your handmade card and envelope, the worst possible scenario is for it to get ruined! It doesn’t take much to ruin your piece of art – fingerprints alone can cause smudging. You will want to protect your handmade card as best you can, especially since anything can happen during mail delivery.

Greeting card sleeves are simple, cost-effective ways to package your handcrafted greeting cards, ensuring the utmost security in shipment. Greeting card sleeves are available in both 4x6” and 5x7” sizes depending on the measurements of your card. They are available at most paper supply stores and cost roughly $10-15 per 100.


If you sell a set of greeting cards or a collection of note cards, you might want to add a nice coordinating ribbon around your series of cards. You can even attach a small handmade tag that has your name/business name on it to really complete the look.

Greeting Card Boxes

Gift card boxes are available for purchase at most paper supply stores. They are available in cardboard or plastic, but will generally only hold 20 handmade cards or less, so keep that in mind for large shipments. Smaller boxes are available for packing a set of note cards. To make the gift card box your own, you can wrap the box with some coordinating designer paper and again, place your name/business name label to the front. Gift card boxes make really great presentations.

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