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How to Make Your Own Doctor Strange Costume

Who Is Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is a Marvel Comic character and the subject of a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Doctor Stephen Strange is a surgeon, brilliant and arrogant. His life is almost ended in a car crash but he is spared, he does lose the use of his hands. Not good when you are a surgeon. He seeks out methods to correct his loss and during this search he meets the Ancient One. The Ancient One has mystical powers and is considered to be a Sorcerer Supreme. He lives in the Himalayan Mountains. Doctor Strange becomes a student of the Ancient one in both magical, mystical studies and martial arts. The Doctor discovers magical powers and becomes the superhero we all know and recognize today.

Cloak of Levitation - so he can fly

Eye of Agamotto - Amulet emits light to negate evil magic

Book of Vishanti - Grimoire is the greatest source of white magic known

Orb of Agamotto - crystal ball enables him to be clairvoyant

He Knows Martial Arts and has Magical Conjured Weapons - swords,and axes.

Strange has been called the mightiest sorcerer in the cosmos and "more powerful by far than any of your fellow humanoids" He is a Sorcerer Supreme

  • Black Pants
  • Blue Turtle Neck Shirt
  • Gold Sash/Leather Belt & Straps
  • Boots/Shoe
  • Doctor Strange Emblem
  • Red Cape
  • Blue Robe (or a blue curtain to drape over your clothes if you don't have a robe)
  • Silver Ribbon

Doctor Strange Has Some Amazing Tools

The Blue Tunic And Red Robe For Your Doctor Strange Costume

The most prominent part of the Dr. Strange costume is the blue tunic and the red cape. The blue tunic can be made from a robe. Wrap the arms with some silver ribbon, and you can use gauze dyed light blue to create the effect on the costume arms. Braid your ribbon and gauze to the sleeves of your robe and glue them into place using fabric glue - or sew them if you know how to use a needle and thread. If you don't have a blue robe, drape a blue curtain over your shoulders...or you can achieve the same draping effect using a long blue towel. Try it before you laugh...it's simple to create a tunic effect for a Halloween costume.

The red cape can be made with a large piece of felt or red fabric...when you are cutting it leave a collar on the cape. That makes it a little different to cut than the usual superhero style cape, but it shouldn't be difficult. You can cut a small piece of cardboard and glue it to the inside of the cape collar to make it stand up against your neck, as it does in the picture of Dr. Strange up above. Since I talked about using a blue curtain panel for the blue tunic look, I might as well suggest using a heavier fabric curtain for Dr. Strange's cape. I know I have red velvet curtains in my bedroom that would make a great Halloween costume cape. They would be the perfect size and color. I would just have to secure them at the waist so they didn't slip down while I was wearing it. If they slipped they would be too long and make it difficult to walk in.

Doctor Strange Tools

The Cloak of Levitation belongs to Dr. Strange. He once defeated the villain Dormammu who tried to weaken the Ancient One. As a reward the Ancient One gave Strange the cloak which allows it's wearer to fly, levitate, and even protects the wearer from any kind of magical attacks. Another feature of the cloak of Levitation is it thought to be almost indestructible, though it was damaged and repaired at least once that we know of.

The Eye of Agamotto is another one of the mystical tools owned by Dr. Strange. This amulet can emit a mystical light that is blinding and the amulet has the ability to banish illusions. (quite a powerful tool in mystic circles!) The amulet also reinforces and intensify the mental abilities the wearer already has in the areas of mind reading and mind control. The Eye of Agamotto can also allow the wearer to see visions of the past and track spirits and people by allowing the wearer to see a magical trail left by them.

The Orb of Agamotto allows Dr. Strange to see into other dimensions, it is a powerful scrying tool, a way of telling the future. It can magically transport people and can project a voice telepathically.

To Make A Doctor Strange Costume You Will Need:

Doctor Strange Costume

Black Pants

Turtleneck Blue Shirt


Red Cape

Gold Sash

Leather Belts & Straps

Doctor Strange Emblem

Blue Robe

Silver Ribbon

Just look at all those belts...and that looks similar to some of the drapery accessories I have holding my curtains back. Take a look at the clearance section of your local drapery store to see what treasures might be on sale there. This look can easily be made with a couple belts and a hanging tassel. You could even dye a lighter colored tassel to achieve this look, so don't think you have to find a dark one. Go for the look and find a way to make it the color you want it to be. Soaking it in coffee might darken it or you could just buy a dye packet in the color you want it to be. Dyeing is pretty simple to do, just make sure you use rubber gloves or you will dye your hands too!

Dr. Strange Has Many Aliases

Dr. Strange is known by many names. Some of his aliases are:

  • Captain Universe
  • Master of the Mystic Arts
  • Sorcerer Supreme
  • Stephen Sanders
  • Vincent Stevens
  • Strange

How to make a Dr Strange costume

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