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Ideas for How to Host a Jimmy Buffett Theme Party in Your Home

Setting the Stage

It’s five o’clock somewhere and whether the snow is flying or the temperature is sizzling you don’t have to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert to enjoy the concert experience. Perhaps Jimmy isn’t playing in your area or you weren’t able to score tickets to his live concert that’s no reason not to host your own Parrot head fest! It’s easier than you might think.

A "Parakeet" and her Lamby

A "Parakeet" and her Lamby

Here’s what you need to throw an “In Home Jimmy Buffett Concert”:

  • Set a date- We like to host this event in the late winter and/or early spring in order to experience “Changes is Latitude/Changes in Attitudes” and chase away the winter blues. Although anytime of the year is a great time to have an "In Home Buffett Bash"!
  • Send out a creative invitation (it’s easy and free to create either an online invite or even something in a word document) send it to all of your parrot head (A term used to describe a Jimmy Buffett fan) friends-if you make it a family friendly party be sure to invite the “parakeets” (children of Parrot heads). This is even a great time to invite friends and family who have never experienced anything Jimmy Buffett because it is all about having fun and sharing a few laughs.

Essentials to Have:

  • Purchase or rent one of Jimmy’s DVD’s of his live concert. The “in home Buffet party “is an annual event in our house especially in the years that we don’t score tickets make it a live concert event. We choose a new DVD each year so as to keep things fresh. It also helps to have a big screen television, surround sound and an area to dance in order to add to the fun!

The Perfect DVD's

  • The menu planning is simple; Cheeseburgers (in paradise) and Margarita’s of course! It is also fun to consider having some of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville's own Land Shark Lager on hand as well. Nothing like grilling up some cheeseburgers and simulating that you are tailgating at an actual concert. Offer plenty of appetizers such as guacamole, chips and salsa etc. Round out the menu with a killer Key Lime Pie. By no means are you limited to cheeseburgers-let your imagination and sense of adventure kick in and make it a spread to remember.

For Safety Sake

  • Since you may be serving some adult beverages consider setting a bowl for which your guests can place their car keys upon their arrival and later at departure time you can dole out the keys to the drivers who are in appropriate shape to drive. If any guest has had one too many adult beverages you will already have their keys and you can have a designated driver or a cab help them out. This small step can prevent an ugly ending to a great night!
  • If “adult beverages” aren’t your thing, then make some delicious tropical punch and add some tiny paper umbrella’s just for fun.

Items to Consider . . .

  • Be sure to decorate in the appropriate Buffett theme- Think Luau theme-lot’s of hibiscus flowers and hand out some Hawaiian Leis or parrot head hats for your guests. Encourage your guests to dress in “Buffett wear” including Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts. It is also fun to have a “best dressed” award or any other fun and festive thing you can think of to add the party.
  • After eating the fine burgers and Key Lime Pie turn on the DVD and let the concert begin! Consider having a dance contest and/or person who looks and sounds like Jimmy or the Coral Reefers.
  • Remember to have your cell phone or camera handy to record the event because you will want to capture your own Parrot heads in action.
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Some Final Thoughts

  • If you need inspiration from Parrot heads check out Margaritaville (the official Jimmy Buffett website) for some ideas. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy good music, food and friends and maybe even chase away the winter blues or welcome spring in style or create some fun summer memories!
No matter how your guests look the main idea is to have fun!

No matter how your guests look the main idea is to have fun!


Judy HBerg (author) on January 12, 2011:

What a great experience to sit in the front row as I am sure you look back on it with fondness.

Ya gotta love a guy who can make such great music that spreads across generations and lives on for years.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on January 12, 2011:

I just love Jimmy Buffet. One day a few friends and I were walking past the Paramount theatre in Seattle in the late 1970s and he was on the billboard. We decided to check him out. We had front row seats. I have enjoyed his music since then. Great idea for a party and enjoyed reading your hub!

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