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How to Use CardCash to Trade Gift Cards for Cash

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Gift Cards Galore

Unwanted Gift Cards Can Be Turned Into Cash or  Traded For Other Gift Cards

Unwanted Gift Cards Can Be Turned Into Cash or Traded For Other Gift Cards

CardCash Lets You Turn Gift Cards Into Cash

CardCash Offers a Way To Turn Gift Cards Into Cash

CardCash Offers a Way To Turn Gift Cards Into Cash

Are you wondering what to do with all those gift cards you received as gifts over the years that are just sitting in a drawer in your home? Did you know that you can trade gift cards for cash or trade them for other gift cards that you actually want to use?

A company called CardCash has set up an online exchange for trading gift cards for either cash or other gift cards. Of course, you will not get face value for your gift cards, but you will receive in the neighborhood of 85 cents on the dollar, which can be increased if you convert your gift cards to gift cards. CardCash can also be used to buy gift cards at a discount for businesses that you like to frequent. Although, the discounted gift cards are rather modest, usually in the 5% to 10% range, they can add up to significant savings, if you are going to make a major purchase.

How To Use CardCash To Trade Gift Cards For Cash

While there are a number of sites on the Internet that facilitate the selling and buying of gift cards in the secondary market, CardCash is one of the largest and most reputable ones in the business. Instead of just linking up gift card sellers and buyers for a fee, CardCash actually buys gift cards from sellers and then verifies their authenticity before reselling them through their website. They make money on the difference between what they pay for the gift cards and the price they sell gifts cards to customers.

You may be asking: how can this benefit me? It is not uncommon for well meaning gifts to be given as gift cards that the receiver has no intention of using. Now, instead of letting the gift cards sit unused in your drawers, taking up space, you can sell them and either receive cash or trade them for gift cards to stores that you like to shop at. Not interested in using a gift card to a steak house that is an hour away from your home? No problem, you can turn it into cash or into a gift card to local restaurant, or into a gift card to

How To Use CardCash To Exchange For Amazon Gift Cards

If you do not like the cash exchange rate being offered by CardCash for your gift cards, consider exchanging them on more favorable terms for Amazon gift cards. Through a deal with, CardCash offers Amazon gift cards at slightly higher exchange rates. You can then use your Amazon gift cards on Amazon to buy just about anything.

How To Use CardCash To Buy Gift Cards At a Discount

Since CardCash is one is a two-way gift card exchange, it can also be used to purchase discounted gift cards to stores or restaurants that you like to frequent. Saving 10% on a meal at one of your favorite restaurants is always a nice thing. Saving 10% on a major appliance purchase is even better. You might even be able to afford a meal with the money you save by making the major appliance purchase with discounted gift cards. The sky is the limit. If one purchased $20,000 worth of discounted Home Depot gift cards to do a kitchen remodel, they could save a considerable amount of money on the project, $2,000 if the cards are purchased at a 10% discount.

Other Secondary Gift Card Exchanges

CardCash is certainly not the only company in the secondary gift card trading exchange. Other sites, such as PlasticJungle, Cardpool, CardWoo and GiftCards facilitate the buying and selling of gift cards.

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Be Careful When Dealing With Secondary Gift Card Exchanges

Of course, it is seller and buyer beware when dealing with secondary gift card trading exchanges. These sites have logged a variety of consumer complaints over the years. If you sell a gift card through one of these exchanges, you are parting with something that has real monetary value. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable site, so you do not get ripped off. The same goes with buying a discounted gift card through one of these exchanges. Before you pay for anything online, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. To be safe, it is best to avoid third-party gift card sales and purchases in which you interact directly with other individuals.

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