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How to Make a Purge Costume for Halloween

The Light Up Purge Mask


With The Release of "The Forever Purge" Things Are Looking Bright For Purge Costumes

Are you thinking light up Purge masks or scary rabbits? Who ever thought the Easter Bunny would cause nightmares, but after watching The Forever Purge, they just might. Whichever style costume you decide to dress up in, this is a fun Halloween theme to scare your friends with.

If you decide to go with the light up version you can choose your favorite color. This purge costume accessory comes in blue, skull blue, purple, purple and blue, blue and red, white, and red. Pick a color, any color!

You can also use costume makeup to create a Purge costume look for yourself. Watch the how to make up video below. It's perfect for the last minute costume idea you need.

Quick & Easy Purge Costume Makeup

What Is The Purge Rabbit Mask?

The mask that is going to be popular this year from The Purge is the scary bunny mask. We don't see the bunnies much in the movie, but it appears they have left a traumatic scar on the costume wearers of the outfits in this horror franchise.

Whoever thought a little bunny would become a feared monster, the kind that childhood dreams are made of. Well, take a look at the mask and you will understand how it strikes terror in the hearts of all who see it.

Killer Bunny From The Purge Forever


The Creepy Bunny Killer Mask From The Purge Forever

Other Creepy Bunny Movies

There have been lots of creepy bunny movies, and I just realized that. WOW. The Easter Bunny is never going to be the same for me again. When did bunnies begin to go bad?

Here are some of the scary movies with rabbits in them:

Top 10 Most Frightening Bunnies In Horror Movies

  • 1) Easter Bunny, Kill Kill (2006)
  • 2) Alice (1988)
  • 3) Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)
  • 4) Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
  • 5) Donnie Darko (2001)
  • 6) Watership Down (1972)
  • 7) Night of the Lepus (1972)
  • 8) Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975)
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And now we can add The Forever Purge to this list.

The Purge Costume And How To Make It

A white shirt and costume blood are really all you need to make a basic Purge costume. A Statue of Liberty would need a greenish sheet and a torch. The Uncle Sam would require a store costume unless you've got a red, white, and blue suit laying around somewhere. Regular clothing with some blood on them and one of the many masks is really all you need. It looks like a lot of women like to dress up in black clothing and wear the bloody white shirt over their outfit. Easy peasy to recreate.

About The Forever Purge

So it has been 8 years since Election Year, when The Purge had been put to an end. But it's been 8 years and anger has been festering in an anti-immigration hate group, called the NFFA, or New Founding Fathers of America. The group calls the act of the Purge a purification of our country from immigrants.

How About The Half Skeleton Mask?

Another mask idea from The Purge Forever is the half skeleton mask. Done in black, it covers a part of your face while you go out and do whatever it is you want for 12 hours. Who knew dystopian action horror films would take over like this?

The half skeleton is my least favorite Purge mask. With so many others to choose from, this just seems, half-masked. Not quite showy enough to convey the horror of the films it comes from. So you won't see me dressed up in bloody clothing wearing this little fellow on Halloween. I am more of a light up girl!

How Many Purge Films Are There?

Who ever came up with the idea of a movie where you can cause murder and mayhem with no repercussions? And not only once, but 5 times, 6 if you include the TV series.

Purge Movie Timeline

  1. The Purge - 2013
  2. The Purge - Anarchy - 2014
  3. The Purge - Election Year - 2016
  4. The First Purge - 2018
  5. The Forever Purge - 2021

And let's not forget The Purge TV series - 2018-2019

DIY Purge Costume

The Forever Purge - The Official Trailer

Horror film lovers are going to love dressing up as these murdering misfits and since there are so many different movies and a TV series, the amount of costume and mask ideas are numerous. It's going to be a difficult choice to pick just one of the murderous Purge looks, unless you have a favorite already in mind.

List Of Purge Masks

  1. The Purge Light Up Mask
  2. The Forever Purge Rabbit Mask
  3. The Forever Purge Half Skeleton Mask
  4. The Horned Mask
  5. The Purge Nun Mask
  6. The Purge: Election Year Statue of Liberty Mask
  7. The Purge: Election Year Uncle Sam Mask
  8. The Purge: Election Year Kiss Me Mask
  9. The Purge: Anarchy God Mask
  10. The Purge: Anarchy Cross Mask
  11. The Purge Grinning Mask

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