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How To Have That Pine Scent When Your Christmas Tree Is Artificial

Your Christmas tree can have a fresh forest scent.

Your Christmas tree can have a fresh forest scent.

Miss the scent of a real Christmas tree? Pine scent can be added to a room in several different ways.

If you want that lovely Christmas tree scent in your house, but you have an artificial tree, several options exist for providing the scent you'd like. The first possibility is real pine and cedar boughs in swags on staircases or archways. Real boughs could also be used in centerpieces and on the mantle. Those are always beautiful. However, sometimes they aren't easy to come by, or have already been replaced by artificial boughs because of shedding needles.

Scented candles are another choice. If a good-quality candle is chosen, it will not only burn longer, but the scent will be of higher quality and truer to the real scent of a tree. If the wicks are kept trimmed, and the candles are good quality, they should burn more slowly and last longer than the cheaper candles. If you feel that pillars are too expensive, you don't have to buy pillar candles. Burning a scented votive candle or two in an evening gives just enough scent to get little hints of it, just as you would with the scent of a real tree.

If you have pets with big wagging tails or little children around, you might want to use a light bulb ring instead of candles. Light bulb rings work wonderfully and produce scent for hours. Again, it's that light, wispy scent that a tree would produce. A light bulb ring is a metal or ceramic ring with a trough in it. Its placed over a cool bulb with the trough up. A few drops of scented oil are placed in the ring via a dropper. After the lamp is turned on, the heat of the bulb warms the ring and causes the scent to distribute around the room. The guests don't usually notice the ring, even if they can see it in the lamp. They'll swear they're smelling the Christmas tree. Besides being clever, the light bulb ring is much safer than candles, and the oil is more purely of the pine tree scent. The only thing to remember when you're using a bulb ring is that both the bulb and the ring must be cool to the touch before you put more oil into the ring's trough with the dropper. Also, if you drip oil on the bulb, you must wipe it off. The uneven heat of a drop or two of oil on the glass could make it break as the bulb heats.

A light bulb ring can be purchased either as a kit with the dropper and a small container of scented oil, or by itself. You can then buy scented oil that you like, and add it with the dropper.

Another type of diffuser for spreading a scent via oil is the reed diffuser. You can buy a set with the container, the oil and the reed diffusers, or you can buy a few reeds at your local craft store, and the oil you want to use. Then, using an eye dropper, place about 5 or 6 drops of scented oil on each reed, then stand the reeds up in a container or put them in a centerpiece.

Air fresheners are another choice and, while I don't use them myself, I've heard that some lovely pine forest scents are available. A friend seems to prefer the plug-in kind.

Quality Soy Candle for that Christmas Tree scent

Amazon has a good assortment of bulb rings and scented oils

Pine Scented Oil

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