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How to Make Your Own Kids Party Decorations,Pinata,Balloon Arches &More


Cannot find your theme?or just want to make your Kids Birthday Party Unique? Here are some Home-grown Ideas for you.

Idea # 1-Make your Own Festive Pinata--For your Kids Party and Choose Your Own Theme and style.

This will Be a Messy ,but Fun Job, Moms and Kids Can make these together.Get ready for great family fun!

What you'll need for the Pinata body:

A big sturdy balloon (14 inch or bigger would be best), a 10-inch bowl, old newspapers, papier-mache paste (at the bottom of this page is an excellent papier-mache recipe), thin cardboard, tape, Crayons or markers, tissue paper or construction paper, string or yarn.

Make Pinata Shapes:

If you're feeling very ambitious, you can sculpt some really cool pinata shapes. The best way to start is by looking at some really cool pinatas to get an idea. Then, in order to sculpt a shape, follow the directions below for creating the pinata body and use a small balloon for the head with a cardboard neck and cardboard tubes for the legs or make an abstract shape with all kinds of balloons together.

Make Pinata: Step One

Blow up a balloon and tie a knot at the end. Then, place the balloon on the 10-inch bowl for stability while working.

Take newspapers and tear (don't cut) into strips about 1 inch wide and about 6 inches long (you tear so the strips have fairly rough edges and that helps to make a smooth overall surface).

Pour paper-mache paste into a disposable bowl and dip the newspaper strips into the papier-mache paste. Then, spread them at an angle (and overlapping) onto the balloon thoroughly covering it.

Continue doing this until the balloon is completely covered with one layer of paper. It'll take up to 24 hours to dry.

Cover your leftover papier-mache with saran wrap so that it won't dry out. If it does, then add some warm water.

Make Pinata: Step Two

After your first layer has dried, take a long piece of strong yarn or string, double it so that it is even stronger, and wrap the midpoint of the sting around the bottom of the balloon, pulling the ends up to the top. Then tape it to the balloon in a few places and knot together the ends of the string 6 inches above the top.

Make Pinata: Step Three

Now, with strips of comics, cover the balloon (including the string) placing the strips at a different angle from the first layer (using different colored strips lets you distinguish one layer from the next, ensuring a uniform overall thickness - that's why we've changed to comics.

Again, allow the second layer to dry.

Make Pinata: Step Four

After the second layer is dry… Guess what? Yup! A third layer - remember that the kids are going to be hitting on it so it must be strong.
Cover the balloon with newspaper strips (we're back to newspaper…), covering in yet another angle. You should smooth over any rough edges that might come about.

Make Pinata: Step Five

This is where you cut a 2-inch square hole on the top. But don't cut all four sides of the hole - only three sides so that it will be like a flap and you'll be able to close it later.

Make Pinata: Step Six

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This is where you start decorating! You can decorate however you like. Choose colors that suite your theme, add different colored tissue squares and glue them all around, add streamers, etc. Have fun with this step!

Make Pinata: Step Seven

Make sure the inside of the pinata is completely dry before you fill it (so that the candy won't stick to the sides). Fill it about halfway with all kinds of candy, trinkets, little gifts etc. After filling the pinata, tape the flap that you made and cover with more decorations.

Make Pinata: Step Eight

And here's the best and favorite step of all!!! Let's play!!

You can hang the pinata up from the ceiling, or on a tree branch in the yard.

Each kid (blindfolded of not?)takes a turn trying to break the pinata with a stick (a broom handle works well).

Turn the kid around in a circle 2 or 3 times and point him or her in the direction of the pinata.

The kid gets to swing the stick two or three times. Make sure everyone else stands clear of the swinging stick, including the grown-ups!!! So you are not trying to re-create America's Funniest Home Videos.Then another kid gets a turn.

When someone breaks the pinata, give each child a goody bag and let them collect their candies and prizes

Here is how to make the Papier-Mache paste

Papier-Mache Paste

This is the recipe for a smooth, light paste that is very easy to work with.

Combine 1/2 cup all-purpose flour and 2 cups cold water in a bowl. Add this mixture to a saucepan of 2 cups boiling water and bring it to a boil again.

Remove from the heat and stir in 3 tablespoons of sugar. Then, let it cool (it will thicken as it cools). Once it cools, the paste is ready for use.

(Try to make only the amount of papier-mache paste you need. Even in the refrigerator, paste spoils quickly.)

Have fun everyone

balloons make great centerpieces


Make A great Centerpiece for your Birthday Table

Idea #2-Make a Centerpiece Easy-Peasy and inexpensive too.

Pick an Object..Toy or Nick-Nack that matches your Theme

Say your were to do a Sponge-bob party for your little Sponge-bob fan. You can take a Toy that they have, Center it on the table, and tie a balloon bouquet to it. String 3 or 4 balloons filled with helium to the toy. Wool-ah There is a perfect Table centerpiece. Also you could wrap up an empty box with themed wrapping paper and bow and tie balloons to this.

Make A Photo Collage of Pictures of your Little Birthday Boy/Girl and Clip art of the Party theme. Then you can put this in a picture Frame and put some confetti and sparkles around it. (you could also tie balloons to this if you would like to)

Make a Lollipop Bouquet for Center piece

Step 1Get your Lolipops and candies and flower pot, foam, and Shredded grass

Step 2 Using a craft knife, cut a piece of foam craft block to fit inside your pot.

Step 3

Cut sticks to various heights glue to Candies/lollipops and insert your lollipops into the craft block, arranging in desired position. Add green shredded paper grass.

made simple for you.

Balloon Arches add color and fun to any party

Make a Balloon Arch-This is a very Easy way to add Amazing Décor to your Kids Party

Size: When deciding on the size of your balloon arch, measure the height and width of the area where it will be displayed. To estimate the approximate length of the arch, use the following calculations.

For an arch with the same height and width: (1/2 x Height) + Width = approximate total length.

To make an arch that is wider than it is tall: Width + Height = approximate total length.

For an arch that is taller than it is wide: (2 x Height) + Width = approximate total length.

The size of your arch will largely determine the size of the balloons that are necessary. For a small arch, the balloons do not need to be inflated all the way; the larger the arch gets, the bigger the balloons should be.

Note: Make sure all balloons are inflated to the same size. One way to ensure you are being consistent is to make a template from cardboard. Cut a round hole to match the desired balloon size, and pass each one through when inflating them.

Frame: Air-filled balloon arches require a sturdy frame. A strong, flexible material such as conduit, PVC pipe, and aluminum or plastic rod will work well. For additional support, you’ll need to wire the arch to the wall or ceiling, and/or find a sturdy base to anchor the frame at the bottom.

If you choose to fill your balloons with helium, the gas will hold the balloons up without additional support; all you’ll need is heavy nylon thread or twine to tie the balloons together, and two ground supports to tether down each end of the line.

Color: Arches with one color are the easiest to make. If you have made a balloon arch before, try combining two or more colors to create a spiral pattern.

Balloon Quantity: The size of your arch will determine the number of balloons you need as well. In general, you will need 4-6 balloons per foot of frame.

Air vs. Helium: Balloon arches filled with air last much longer than those filled with helium, but require more support. It also takes a lot of people and energy to blow up dozens of balloons, unless you decide to invest in an electric air pump.

Arches made with helium-filled balloons effectively fill large spaces and require less support than air-filled creations, but can be trickier to handle and put together due to the helium’s tendency to rise.

In addition, helium is more costly than air and will only float for about 12 hours.

Determine the approximate length of the balloon arch. (See sizing calculations above for help.)
Set up the frame for your balloon arch. If using helium, stretch out your line and secure each end to a heavy object. Leave plenty of extra thread at each end, so it will be easier to move and tie down the arch in its permanent location later.

For air-filled arches, set up the frame in its permanent location, if possible. If not, lay the frame flat so that balloons can be easily attached. (Note: If using an aluminum rod frame, the balloons can be attached before shaping the rod into an arch.)

Inflate two latex balloons and tie the necks together.

Repeat step 3. Cross the pairs of balloons in the middle and twist them together to make a cluster of four.

Starting at one end of the arch, place the cluster against the frame, or line. Wrap one balloon around the frame; then twist it around another balloon to lock the cluster on the frame. If using helium, tie the cluster securely to the line.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make another cluster. Place the second cluster against the first and secure it in place. Adjust the second cluster so it nests snugly against the first.

Continue adding clusters, until the entire length of the arch is filled. If using helium, carefully untie the line from its anchors and move it to its permanent location when completed. Bricks, gallon bottles filled with water, etc. make great anchors that can be easily decorated and hidden from direct view.

Other Balloon Decorations

Attach balloons in clusters, as described above for balloon arches. Clusters of three, four or five balloons are workable; the most commonly used number is four.

Garlands - Use air-filled balloons and attach clusters to a nylon line as described above for helium-filled arches. When garlands are desired length, string between the corners of the ceiling, allowing garlands to drape evenly on all sides of the room.

Shapes - Aluminum rod is the best frame for shaped balloon decorations because it is flexible. Fashion the rod into a heart, number, or other shape before attaching clusters of air-filled balloons.

Columns - Attach clusters of helium balloons to a nylon line and tie down one end. Or, use balloons filled with air and attach them to a vertical frame anchored on a sturdy base.

Have Guests sign- Theme Story Book,at Your kids Next Bday Party.


Make a Birthday Guest Book (Using a Storybook of choice)

What could be a better memory for the b'day boy or girl then a story book of their party theme,signed with wishes from their guests.


Click Here to learn How to make A picture Collage for Your child's Special day

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