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How an Amazon Driver Spoiled Christmas for a Family


What if I told you that a little ol' Amazon delivery guy (myself) had the power to destroy a Christmas by one simple, expected act? As a delivery guy, I must be careful with how my job is done. Because there are husbands, mothers, brothers, daughters and so forth expecting to have an exciting, and mysterious Christmas, and one wrong move can be disastrous. Not only do I have to be careful, but Amazon (the company) has to be more conscious when it comes to common sense when setting up delivery men for their daily routes. In a way, after realizing what I should've done before delivering a particular package to a customer, both me and Amazon, I feel, were responsible for spoiling a happy couple's Christmas of 2021.

On December 15, 2021, I was assigned to deliver a type of firearm to a residence, perhaps it was a paint or pellet gun; I didn't get a good look at the weapon. However, I'm pretty certain Amazon doesn't deliver lethal guns to customers. Anyways, this particular gun was loaded in my van in its original box. After scanning in the item, and opening the side van door, I step outside of the van to proceed to deliver the package. Unfortunately, the homeowners (husband and wife) of the property were sitting outside on the porch and saw what was in my hand. The firearm was supposed to be a surprise Christmas gift for the husband from the wife. Oh no!

After spoiling Christmas, how did it go for me?

Now, for one, this was the first Christmas spoilage act I've ever committed in my life, and it took me by shock. I was totally blindsided by this event because I had been delivering packages for Amazon for months in their original packaging and never did I have an issue so extreme; my mind didn't even consider such possible wreckage. I just had really good luck in the past, and this day, bad luck struck unexpectedly like bird crap falling from the sky onto my newly cleaned vehicle. I was embarrassed and sorry as I handed the wife the firearm. All I could do is apologize and agree with the wife's comment regarding the senselessness of Amazon when it comes to packaging.

Amazon should make some package delivery changes

I deliver roughly 20 packages a day that are in their original packaging, and this, in my opinion, is a "no, no". For the most part, Amazon packages come in the same type of box, bag, or envelope:

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As you can see in the photo above, each one of an Amazon type package hides the content that is inside. I deliver about 200 packages a day, so about 10% of the packages are in their original boxes, and this percentage should be cut down to 0. Not only can original packaging spoil holidays, but expose secret purchases to neighbors who surely you wouldn't want in your business.

The wife

The wife was so disappointed that her husband got a good look at his Christmas present before the 25th at my expense. My sympathy was genuine for this mishap, and she responded with a sympathetic response herself. She basically relieved me by saying something along the lines of "you didn't know who the gift was for and for what". So, she is did not holding me accountable. She then goes on to say that Amazon should be more careful around Christmas time because of this very reason. So, looks like Christmas can't early for the husband. Well, likely he will still have to wait to Christmas to open his gift.

After experiencing this mishap, what did I start doing to prevent it from happening again?

Because of this horrible experience, I then started to call customers in advance who were receiving any gifts in their original packaging and notifying them that I'm delivering a package in it's original box. Yes, it was kinda personal, but I didn't want to be a spoiler of Christmas again, if I could do something about it. I would basically explain to the customer "whose name is on the package" that I have a package in it's original packaging and it could be a possible Christmas spoiler and if they'd like for me still leave this naked package on the porch. Some would ask what it is or tell me that it's ok, and they all appreciated it.

How did the husband respond?

Well, I didn't see the husband when he first spotted his gift, only after she revealed that I just spoiled Christmas. He didn't say much. He was just quiet. I don't remember a facial expression. In a way, his head was down. I only spoke to the wife throughout this disappointment. I wish their family the best.

I once ruined my son's birthday

I may not have never ruined Christmas, but my sons birthday when he was 15, well, I did. To make a long story short,my son wanted a bike, but he didn't get it. Instead, I got him a scooter. Why? Well, I wasn't financially stable enough to afford such item, so I went with the next best thing...well, at least that's what I thought.

He opened his gift - at his birthday party - wrapped in paper of little basketballs. And once he feasted his eyes on the scooter, his happiness dissolved like a breathe strip on a tongue. Disappointment arrived on time. The puppy dog look on this teenager's face struck not only my heart and broke it, but every other participant that supported him on this special day. We all felt for him; it was a scene of frowns and disgust and I (his father) was the villain. I was suppose to be the peak of his birthday but instead I failed and was the rotten hand.

A misunderstanding of delivering a package in its original box to a married couple took the form of the Grinch. If I could take this day back, I would consider doing so. The regret for both of us was thicker than a wool hat. If only the wife decided on calling the firearm company before delivering the firearm to discover if the company delivers their packages in their original packaging a problem could've been solved. Let's just hope Amazon fixes the issue of delivering packages that come from their warehouse in their original packaging in the years to come. Surely, you as a customer, would not like to be at the other end of this horrible situation.

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