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How I Spent My Christmas Holiday (26th December)

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This picture was taken to remember that day


26th Of December

Today On How I Spent My Christmas Holiday (26th December).

My friend came over to spend the holidays with us on boxing day (26th December). Normally I would have taken her to my usual bar but I have taken her there before and I wanted to give her a new experience.

After allowing her to rest from her trip down here, I told her we should go out and chill. It was already after 9. We had to cancel two Bolt rides because they kept wasting our time. Now, it was already past 10, we were yet to get a Bolt ride.

Finally! We got one but it was hell trying to describe where we were, apparently that was his first time in our estate. He finally located us after what seemed like hours. We got into the Bolt ride by 11:40 p.m.

When we got to Ajah roundabout, he begged us to allow him to buy bread, my friend agreed, next thing we saw, he and the bread seller started bargaining and forgot all about us while our ride was still reading, at this point, the only song that came to my head was "problem, problem, another problem!"

We both had to tell him to end his purchase and take us to our destination! We had a hard time looking for the Splash bar, we had to use the help of Google Map. Lo and behold, it was just opposite The Sky Mall! To be Continued.....

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