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Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas for Kids (or Anyone!)!


Western Party Themes for Cowgirls and Cowboys of All Ages

Check out these fun ideas for a rootin' tootin' cowgirl and/or cowboy birthday gathering for all the local cowpokes and buckaroos! Whether you are throwing a party for a kid's birthday or for a horse-loving crowd, we've got the best ideas roped up for you!

YeeHaw! What a fun party theme! Everyone is sure to get into the country spirit.

Read on for more tips and lots of photos full of ideas for decorations, cakes, games, and food for your event!


Boys Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

How to Plan a Western Style B-Day for Kids

Saddle up for a cowboy western birthday party theme with these ideas for decorations, activities, games, BBQ food, cowboy cake ideas, cowboy party favors, party supplies, and themed invitations.

Wrangle up some fun with a cowboy birthday party theme. A cowboy theme is great for little boys' parties, or even for older children, teens or adults.

Buckaroo Cowboy Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

  • Make homemade invitations on the computer. Add cowboy hat, boot, horse, and rope stickers or clipart.
  • Buy cowboy themed party invitations and matching paper goods at a party store (or on this page!).
  • Send invitations about two weeks in advance to make sure guests will keep the date open.
  • Younger children can be asked to bring stick horses to ride, cowboy hats, toy cowboys and horses with which to play, or whatever is appropriate to the age.
  • For teen boys or Dad, perhaps go with a little more grown-up style with a chuckwagon BBQ theme.

Cowboy Party Decorations and Favors

  • Make or buy a "Howdy" banner to welcome guests.
  • To decorate the front of the house, consider making rope-rail paths leading up to the front door.
  • Other cowboy themed items to look for are: wagon wheels, cowboy hats, saddles, riding barrels, horse "tack," cactus décor, guitars, and so on
  • Hay bails in the yard work double duty as décor and extra seating.
  • Red and white checkered picnic table covers have a western feel and are all-American.
  • Straw, foam or felt cowboy hats are available and can be provided for guests.
  • Bags of gold nugget gum make nice favors, as do play sheriff badges and cowboy bandanas.

Choose from Lots of Cowboy and/or Western Party Activities

  • A fun game to make is a roping contest. Use ropes to lasso or Hula-Hoops to "rope" stick horses or posts. Let little kids stand a bit closer.
  • If the hosting family has horses available, they are built-in activities. Be sure to check on safety concerns and remind guests to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. A real horse ride outing is a great activity for experienced older kids, teens or adults.
  • If possible, hiring a rope trick expert to put on a show will be popular.
  • A "Pin the Hat on the Cowboy" game is a fun idea. A poster and some paper jats make a quick game. Bandanas make great blindfolds.
  • For little kids, put on a DVD of Toy Story, starring Woody the Cowboy.
  • Play a few games of horse shoes. Sets are sold at sports or toy stores.
  • Leave packs of red and blue poker playing cards on tables for impromptu games.
  • Play old-time western music (from CDs or hire a band) and have a square dance.

Food and Recipes for a Western Birthday Party

How about setting up a "chuckwagon" with big pots of spicy chili to scoop into bowls with a big ladle? Offer up a "chow line" and let folks go through to fill their plates and bellies. Some other foods items to offer are:

  • Hot dogs and hamburgers (or go all out with steak)
  • Western baked beans
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Baked potatoes or potato salad
  • Warm rolls and butter

Ideas for a Cowboy Birthday Cake

  • A purchased cake can be designed to match the birthday party theme idea.
  • How about an "outhouse" shaped cake? (remember the moon-shaped window) That should get a laugh!
  • Write "Happy Birthday, Cowboy" in yellow frosting "rope" letters. Add western shapes or picks.
  • How about a cowboy boot or hat shaped cake?
  • Horse, cow or farm animals can be added to the birthday cake.
  • Cupcakes are an easy-to-serve alternative. Decorate cupcakes with molded plastic rings, toy horses, party picks or use your own artistic style.

Whatever is planned, the birthday child, tween, teen or Dad will have a blast being cowboy for a day. Yee-Ha!

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So Cute! Cowgirl (with tiara) or Cowboy Cake

So Cute! Cowgirl (with tiara) or Cowboy Cake

So Cute! Cowgirl (with tiara) or Cowboy Cake


More Decor and Theme Ideas

A western theme lends itself to lots of choices for decor, activities, and accents. Build your party featuring any of these ideas:

  • Bandanas and bandana-inspired fabrics and supplies
  • Sheriff Stars, "Wanted" signs, and maybe even a jail house
  • Cowboys, cowboy boots and hats
  • Horses, rope tricks, horse shoes
  • Pony rides!
  • My Little Pony
  • Cows, black and white decor, watch moo-vies, tell udder-ly silly jokes
  • Cattle, rodeos, rodeo clowns, roping cattle
  • Hay bales, canning jar decor, burlap accents
  • Farm & barnyard animals
  • Tractors, farm foods, planting seeds, harvesting
  • Big red barns, square dancing, petting zoo
  • Corn mazes, scarecrows, corn on the cob
  • BBQ! Red and white checked fabrics, baked beans, potato salad, pies

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