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Summer Greeting Cards: Homemade Card Ideas to Make

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There are a number of occasions to send greeting cards throughout the summer, including graduation, Father's Day, and the Fourth of July. However, sometimes you feel like making a summer card that isn't for any specific occasion. There are a variety of messages and themes that you can use throughout the summer season. Alternatively, you can incorporate these themes into cards for other events during the summer, such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and sending thank yous.

Unless it is indicated otherwise, all of the tutorials and ideas here are for personal use only. If you are interested in selling your cards, please contact the artists directly. Thank you and happy creating!



Carry this classic theme from the spring right into summer. Create simple flowers with button centers or make layered flowers by sewing with paper. Fill a large card full of colorful flowers or pair a single flower with a simple sentiment. If you want to switch up the routine of making flowers with paper, consider cotton fabric or felt.



For those of us who live in the areas of the country where sunshine is scarce through the late fall and most of the winter, we welcome the chance to celebrate the sun through the spring and summer. Fill your card with a large sun and its rays or include a simple, smaller sun with a beach or flower field scene.

Sunshine Rays Card | Simon Says Stamp


Flip Flops

I am surprised what a staying power flip flops have had in this country the past decade. In addition to being able to purchase flip flops in just about every size, color, and pattern imaginable, there are a wide variety of flip flop themed items available, such as necklaces and wall art. Why not put them on your greeting cards, too?



Whether you're giving a card to someone who will be learinng to ride his first bike this summer or to someone who has been biking for years, there is a certain element of nostalgia to this theme, especially if the card depicts a young bike rider. Many of us remember hopping on that first bike or strapping on a new pair of skates during the summer.

Weekend Card - Bicycle | Vicky Papaioannou


Swim Suits

One of the exciting transitions for any new season is the change in clothing. Even though you were so glad to put away your sweaters at the end of the winter, you're always happy to pull them out again. Swim suits are part of that transition for summer. It's fun to see the bright colors and new patterns in the stores at the end of spring. Capture this excitement in a summer card.

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Who doesn't want to take a beach trip at least once or twice during the summer? Whether you will be heading to Hawaii for a week or simply spending an afternoon on Lake Michigan, there is something very cathartic about time with the water. Depict a detailed beach scene or just include an element or two, such as a couple palm trees.


Ice Cream/Popsicles

Summer desserts are another great nostalgic theme for summer cards. Whether you made Popsicles or ice cream at home, frequented the local ice cream shop, or always went running outside when you heard the ice cream truck, many people have fond memories of sweet summer goodies. There are lots of colorful choices for this theme.



There is nothing like getting fresh fruit from the garden or the farmer's market during the summer. Strawberries are one of the most popular choices, but don't feel limited to this.



Doesn't it put a smile on your face to see sails dotting the water on a hot summer day? This is a perfect birthday card choice for someone who is passionate about boating.