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Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas


There are countless ways to decorate your home. The best way to add a personal touch to the home for Halloween is to use handmade decorations. No one else will have the exact same décor as you because each piece made is different in some way per the individual. Many of these projects can be made by children; others are more on an adult only level. Either way, you home will look great this Halloween.

3-D Bats

For added visual effect around the house, consider adding bats to the wall. Although you could use construction paper, black poster board is better and much more sturdy. You can then staple or tape the bats to the wall.

To make the bats, you simply trace, in pencil, the basic shape of your bat onto the poster board. Be sure to use a variety of sizes to add depth to the design on the wall. If you aren't good at making your own bat template, click here for a basic template for several size bats. Use small scissors to cut out each bat silhouette. Next, fold the wings up where the wings meet the body. Depending on the design of your bat, you could also make an extra fold on the wings, if desired. Using tape, or a stapler, attach the bats to the walls at the center of the body.

The reason for having bats of different sizes allows for depth perception, adding to the spooky effect. It will appear that the colony of bats are in the distance as well.

Halloween Cutouts

Instead of buying Halloween clings for the window, consider making your own decorations for the windows. This is great for the kids to get involved with too. Using black construction paper, cut out bats and black cats. You can also cut out pumpkins from orange construction paper along with shapes from black construction paper for the face of the jack-o-lantern. You can take this a step further by cutting out a black witch's hat for the jack-o-lantern. Using white paper, you can cut out ghosts to tape to the window.

Giant Spider

At most stores you can buy this decoration to attach to the ceiling, but it would be cheaper for you to make your own using two 30-gallon black garbage bags, old newspaper, construction paper, and push pins. First take one garbage bag and cut out strips for the legs. Next, fill the second bag with old newspaper. Take the legs and tie to the spider's body, creating a head and body; tying the end of the body. Cut out eyes using construction paper and glue to the head. Now is time to hang the giant spider to the ceiling. Create bends in the legs and attach to the ceiling with push pins. Now you have a giant spider hanging from the ceiling that is sure to be the center of attention.


Halloween Tree

To make a Halloween tree all you have to do is set up your Christmas tree and create Halloween themed ornaments. You can choose to leave the tree up through Christmas. Just change the ornaments to accommodate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Another popular variation is taking an old Christmas tree and spray painting it black. Allow to dry and then decorate. You can even wrap tricks (gag gifts) and treats (candy and other goodies) and place them under the tree.

Halloween Door Hangers

Craft stores are teaming with Halloween foam cut outs. They also have foam door hangers available. Use the Halloween cut outs to create a Halloween door hanger. The kids will love to get involved with this craft project.

Another version of this for adults to do is to wood burn a Halloween design on a wooden door hanger. All you need is a wooden door hanger found at craft stores, a wood burning utensil with tips, and a Halloween design. Unless you are a natural artist, you can find designs on the Internet. Then use a lead pencil to color the back of the design. Now, position the design face up on the wood and trace to transfer design. If need be retrace the design on the wood to make it the lines darker. Finally, take the wood burning utensil with a tip and burn the design into the wood.

Salt Dough Pumpkins

This is a great project to do as a family. Using salt dough clay make your own pumpkin knick-knacks or and other Halloween designs you like. First mix the dough using 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 cup water.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit while you shape your knick knacks. You can make individual pumpkins or a pumpkin patch by placing the pumpkins side by side for baking. For small knick-knacks, you could cut a green toothpick in half and insert in the pumpkin with point side down. Let it back for two to two and a half hours. Once baked, allow to cool overnight before painting with acrylic paints. For an added touch, you could sprinkle glitter on the pumpkins. To seal the knick-knack, use gloss acrylic spray.

Spirit Jugs

These are great to light the inside of the house or even light a walk way outside. All you need is several clean milk or water jugs, a sharpie, and a battery operated light.

First, cut out a hole in the back so you will be able to set a battery operated light inside the spirit jug. You can buy these battery operated lights at most stores selling Halloween decorations, including the Dollar Tree. Next you use the sharpie to draw ghostly faces on the front of the jug. Feel free to be creative.

Dancing Ghosts

Dancing ghosts are a fun Halloween yard decoration that is easy to make as well as easy on the budget.

You will need:

  • white garbage bags or white material
  • balloons
  • sturdy dial rods or thick branches
  • rope
  • stakes
  • sharpie


Blow up the balloons. This is going to be the "head" of the ghost. Next, hammer in thick, sturdy dial rods or branches to the ground. Attach the balloon to the wooden stick. Then place the bag over the balloon with the balloon in the corner of the bag and tie with a rope to give the ghost a head.

Once you have the ghosts in place in a circle, begin tying the bags together to make it look like the ghosts are holding hands. Then, using tent stakes, or smaller branches/dial rods, hammer them into the bottom of the ghost where the bag meets the ground. These will help keep them in place in the event of wind or rain. Finally, draw ghostly faces on your dancing ghosts with a sharpie.

Lightbulb Pumpkin

Instead of throwing away burned out light bulbs, recycle them this Halloween by making pumpkin decorations. Paint the bulb orange and add a jack-o-lantern face if you would like. Paint the part that you would normally insert in a lamp green. Now you can use raffia to tie a bow and create a way to hang from the wall or doorknob.

Ghosts in a Graveyard

Save your egg cartons so that your family can recycle them into a cut Halloween table top decoration. Turn the egg carton upside down and glue to cardboard. Now, paint most of the egg cups gray for the tombstones. The rest of the egg cups should be white for ghosts. Once this dries, you can paint ghostly faces on the ghosts and RIP or other cute things on the tombstones. Stretch out cotton balls and glue it along the bottom. You can also glue twigs and leaves for a spooky look.

Halloween Paper Chains

This is simple and easy to put together and children enjoy helping with this dcor. Cut strips of black and orange construction paper. Now have the children glue the ends together creating a circle. As they glue the ends, intertwine the circles together to make a chain. You can hang along the ceiling in their room.

Spooky Eyes

Here is a simple way to create an eerie effect both inside the home and out. All you need is to save those toilet paper cardboard rolls. Cut out some eerie eye shapes. Tape an active glow stick inside and place it in your bushes outdoors or an creepy corners in the house.

Keep in mind that glow sticks will not last the whole month so you may need to replace the glow stick as you go along. In some cases, you can prolong the life of a glow stick by placing it in the freezer. If you don't want to worry about constantly replacing the glow sticks, consider using these effect only for Halloween night or for the night of a Halloween party if you are hosting one.

Several websites have crochet patterns to make Halloween décor. You will find some the cutest crochet projects that your family will enjoy year after year. Some of these include pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, spiders, ornaments, hot pads, afghans, door knob covers, and so much more.

Halloween Crochet Patterns

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Creating your own decorations is not only cheaper, but a great way for your family to bond and show off individuality. Break away from the same ole, same ole decorations and make something unique that will set you a part from all the other decorated houses. This will also create memories for the entire family that will last a lifetime.

© 2014 Linda Sarhan


Rebecca Graf from Wisconsin on September 14, 2017:

I love the egg carton idea. Will have to do that. Thanks for the great tips.

Emily Lantry from Tennessee on October 04, 2014:

I am definitely going to be doing to the salt dough pumpkins. There are some really awesome ideas here. Gonna pin a few for later reference. Thanks for Sharing!

James Livingood from Seattle, WA on September 29, 2014:

I have to say that the spooky eyes are my favorite.

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