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Home Made Fake Blood, Guts, and Scabs for Halloween


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Fake Crimson Blood

This type of fake blood for Halloween costumes will drip. It is clean and very runny. Depending on what you would like to do with it, it may be perfect or you may need the other recipe included in this article. Do not forget to have fun with the process!

What you will need:

* 1 cup of corn syrup

* 2 Tbsp of chocolate syrup

* red food coloring

What you will do:

1. Measure out the syrups and whisk it together.

2. Add in about 6 drops of red food coloring. If you would like a darker blood, 8 drops seems to work the best.


Oxygen Depleted Fake Blood for Halloween

This fake blood recipe is great for costumes and decorations for Halloween. It is a bit darker and is great to smear on clothing, costumes, and Halloween props. Keep in mind that this is a toxic type of fake blood due to the laundry soap included in the recipe.

What you will need:

* 2/3 cup of chocolate syrup

* 1/3 cup of Tide laundry detergent

* 4-6 drops of red food coloring

What you will do:

1. Mix the syrup and the Tide together with a whisk.

2. Add in the red food coloring.

3. Apply it to the cloth or props you would like to be bloody. Allow it to dry.


Fake Guts for Halloween

If you would really like to go all out on a home made costume, then you may need some home made fake guts for Halloween. In this section you will learn what you will need, how to do it; just make sure that you have some fun in the mean time.

What you will need:

* Pre-made Oxygen Depleted Fake Blood

* Chunky peanut butter

* oatmeal

* thin strips of toilet paper

What you will do:

1. Mix the peanut butter and oatmeal into the fake blood.

2. Clump the toilet paper on the spot in which you would like most of the guts to be, whether it be on a costume or a decoration.

3. Gentle add the mix onto the toilet paper strips and squish it around to your liking.

4. Allow it to dry.


Fake Scabs for Halloween

If you are out to make a zombie or a dead body for Halloween, you are going to need the recipe and instructions on how to make DIY fake scabs for your costume. You will not need one of the recipes above, in this process you will be making a different recipe specially made for the fake scabs.

What you will need:

* 2 Tablespoons of cornstartch

* 4 teaspoons of water

* 1 teaspoon of corn syrup

* 1 Tablespoon of onion flakes

* 4 drops of red food coloring

What you will do:

1. Mix all of the ingredients together.

2. Using a plastic spatula spread or clump the mix onto the skin.

3. Situate the mix how you would like it to sit.

4. Allow it to dry.

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