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Holiday seasons is in the air

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Pandemic and the holidays

Finally, It is the season to be jolly. Holidays with so many different types of festivals to celebrate from this year in this season. A time for everyone to enjoy this year's holidays with happiness and with enjoyment. A time for everyone to feel festive and to feel joyful once again after so long from being isolated from this pandemic. It is that time for our minds, our hearts to retain hope and expectation to have a mirthful holiday. I mean we forgot to be normal in the crucial past two years due to this tragedious coronavirus. It made us vunarable and made us isolated from any socialization outside of our family members. Therefore, the holiday seemed vain and just boring from being stuck all day with sadness and depression from the situation around us. Staying home with the immediate family members, no celebrating with friends or relatives made our past holidays dull and boring. But, this year as this virus slowly diminishes away from us slowly, it made us hopeful to celebrate the holiday with some quality and with the love once. Now a small group gathering is permissible for the holiday and encourages everyone to be happy and hopeful. There are so many different types of holidays that are coming in this season and so many different types of festivals to celebrate that are reviving everyone for the positive and proporous season. The feeling of joy and the arousing good times are immensely taking away those painful memories in past years. There were almost two and half years of isolation at home by the pandemic of covid-19 virus which made people’s lives miserable and painful. Our lives were filled with sorrows and pain with the situations that were impeccable tragedies. An awful memory to remember which left us with so many losses and sorrows. Moreover, the many natural disasters that also took place around the world at that time made people worried for their future. Especially for people who have been through so many losses, some lost jobs and some were stuck in the word crisis which were terrifying. These unwanted situations are something always going to be remembered by people which will haunt them for life. Not to mention all the natural disasters in some part of the world which took place made people homeless, some were injured and wildlife became inhabitat from it. It seemed though everything is stund by the world crisis that the holiday became unnoticeable. When it came and went by, people didn’t seem to notice because their mind was occupied by the tragedious situations that they were facing at that time. Our lives were miserable for a while, we seemed to forget how to be happy and forgot to be involved in any such socializing or with the other family members, relatives, friends and with our love once. Communication and noninvolvement made forgetting our ways to be able to talk with anyone, meet with anyone and greet anyone are something that seemed so pointless. I mean parks and fields were there to meet and greet with people in a small group of gathering but during the monsoon and winter weather made this possibility even harder. Covid restrictions also made it more complicated . Everything was closed, from schools, malls, movie theaters and social gathering places like; restaurants, clubs and party halls. People were busy with stocking foods, bad news or loss of jobs; stuck home all day with nothing to do. People were miserable with the virus and the economical downfalls, due to people’s health crisis, financial problems that were arousing day by day around the world. People didn’t know what to expect and what to do in this situation? As also some other parts of the world were having so many natural disasters like forest fires, insects eating away crofts in the fields and people’s tension seemed to grow and worrying for the future, worrying and expecting for the worst situation yet to come. In these two and half years that passed by, made us realize that we seemed to have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy any celebration of any kind anymore. The feeling of how to be happy and the feeling of joy was impeccable with the hardship of life in those last two years. Those years, our kids weren't happy to be home for the whole day with nothing to do, especially the winter, where they were feeling isolated and compact. School closed and recreation centers were closed, no activities or any types of recreation that can keep them occupied anymore but rather watching television or playing on tablets all day. It was the toughest time of our lives that will remain in our life as a horrible memory. As this is the same for adults, who were home either facing this deadly disease, relative's illnesses, facing economical problems and financial problems. Within those two years, when the holiday came and passed away and we didn't feel its charm or it’s vibe of somesort. Halloween came then went by, Thanksgiving, Valentine, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Easter, Eid and so many other types of religious festivals came by and went away. Birthdays, anniversaries and many other types of function that came by but celebrating it was just out of the question due to the restrictions for the pandemic. Everyday we would hope that when everything would become normal again and so we could meet and greet again. Waiting eagerly for the vaccine to come and rescue our torched world from it. Staying home and staying isolated at home due to the covid restriction made us forget about the holidays. This pandemic taught us all about how social gathering can hamper society and be unsafe to be around people. Slowly this isolation taught us about life, about family and about relationships that matter the most. Slowly as the vaccine came and treated people and the situation of the Covid virus slowly became reduced. It is still there but a small number of people are affected and the risk of spreading is low. Slowly, schools and urgent services started to reopen. As the heavy drought summer of 2021 in some places made it a little tough but the feeling of the holiday seems to pick up its vive as the time of all the flu and the covid virus slowly diminishing from the world and from our lives. Everything is slowly becoming normal: the malls, the movie theater, schools and social gatherings like restaurants are all reopening for the business. First Halloween, diwali, thanksgiving and other holidays seem to be escalating the fun and the celebration of happy times with festiveness. We are not sure what to expect next but surely people are getting hopes up and having happy thoughts for this new beginning. Learning to be around people and learning to be part of the small gatherings as the restriction fading away. I meen inviting people over to my house and going to their house when they invite us is making me feel so good. Being around people and being around love once, just makes me happy and fulfilled. Even thinking about it makes me happy. I don’t know about the rest of the people but without mixing with and not meeting anyone for so long made me feel suffocated, isolated and unhappy.

I mean the holiday season slowly picking up all the sorrows and putting charm in with the blessing and with the festive feeling of vibe in the celebration. A holiday means spending time with families, friends and loved ones can be a great joy that erases the sorrowful memories little by little. Holiday season is in the air and everyone is having fun, which made me satisfied and blessed with the new beginning of our life. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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