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Holiday Guide to Gifts as Varied as People’s Interests


It’s Gift Giving Time

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to look for gifts for that special someone…or maybe for yourself. Here’s a list of great gifts that are as varied as people’s interests are.

The Transition Wrap Extrerme

Orange Mud’s Transition Wrap Extreme is a waterproof seat cover and changing towel — that needs explaining regardless of whether it’s black, gray or orange. Pull it out from its bag to find it large enough to go on the car seat to keep your dog from doing a marking. Or unzip the hoodie and toss it on to create a changing towel that stays put. It’s waterproof, yeah, and oversized machine washable microfiber. When you’re done a few twists and turns to condense it back down so it fits in the storage bag. Then it’s a fast trip to the trunk until the next time it’s needed. Check it out at

O-Pen Tactical Black

Roving blue’s O-Pen Tactical Black isn’t for writing — it’s for making water drinkable when you’re miles away from a tap. It’s actually a pocket water purifier using ozone gas to kill a whole range of bad germs and just gets pushed into a glass to do its job in about a minute or so; not only is this method effective against those pesky microorganisms, but unlike chlorine it turns back into oxygen so there’s no chemical residue living in your drink. And yep it’s using an internal rechargeable battery so that means USB. Find out more at


Tuli So Soft Heavy Duty Heel Cups

MEDI-DYNE knows that having heel pain is a pain in the…foot. The Tuli So Soft Heavy Duty Heel Cups fit inside one’s shoes and provides immediate cushioning comfort against heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and shin splints (elevating the heel too). A multi-cell, multi-layer design absorbs shock and takes care of impact energy just like your body does. Plus it works with/without socks. Look for it at


Faran Sport / Cinebar Red T-Shirt

Now when it comes to mosquitos and other biting nasties, anyone is fair game, so anyone can appreciate and enjoy wearing one of Haeleum Insect Shield Repellent Apparel’s T-Shirts, for example the Faran Sport / Cinebar Red. Because it looks good as it repels mosquitos and ticks, etc. — thank the crew neck style, semi-fit short sleeve design for that. Other colors too, but mostly it’s about a comfortable fit, moisture wicking, snag resistant polyester fiber keeping you cool and dry and giving those bugs the kiss-off. EPA test and 40+ UPF sun protection and wrinkle free (the shirt, that is). Find out more at


The Hybrid Card Wallet

Compact and nearly weightless for your front pocket, Allett’s Hybrid Card Wallet is weatherproof/tear proof ripstop nylon that grips cash and cards to keep them secure. Best part about the vertical design is the embedded RFID blocking protection for the cards — it’s like lead for Kryptonite. Add multiple colors and a hidden pocket just the size for holding the stainless steel MicroPen (1/3rd ounce tiny). Its at

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Crosskix APX Mossy Oak Bottomland Hybrid Footwear

You don’t want ordinary sneakers, you want a unisex design that’s of a soft foam to cushion walking and add to comfort by having a movable footbed (for customized fit arch support) and stylish holes that let your foot breath and aid in making for 100% water submersion (because they’ll drain). So wearing Crosskix’s Hybrid Footwear, in this case paired up with APX Mossy Oak Bottomland. So now you’re ready for sidewalks and malls and exercise regiments and the great outdoors — with anti slip outsoles that offer grip in and out of the wet. Plus you can slip these on/off with ease as there’s no shoe laces and instead an adjustable instep strap. How cool is that? Check it out at


The GoDark Faraday Bag for Cell Phones

There’s times to get off the grid — that’s when you need Tarriss’ GoDark Faraday Bag for Cell Phones. Because it blocks all those EMF signals — Cellular and WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS — but lets your phone stay on and ready to use when taken out Plus it’s waterproof and puncture resistant so it’s not going south after a few weeks of use. Inside is padded too, of course, to also keep that touch screen from tapping. Lightweight and easy to open/close, and at 4.5 x 8.25” it can hold its own with a phone. Take a look at


The Ez-Lick Foldable Dog Bottle and the Wandervino Collection and 2 Glass Set

Dogs get thirsty — they get to go to dog parks and travel in cars and spend time out and about with their humans. Stop lugging a bowl around and bring Vapur’s Ez Lick Foldable Dog Bottle because it folds when not filled. But fill it up and its flask like shape stands up or can be toted by the build in carabiner. The best part is that your dog will start licking at the ball that’s beneath the spill proof cap as it constantly provides water. What a great idea, so find it at

And because people get thirsty too there‘s Vapur’s Wandervino Collection and 2 Glass Set. You supply the wine but the 750ml flexible wine carrier does the carrying until it’s time to pour out. Portable and reusable, of course. And edgy to pour into the two 12 oz Go Anywhere Wine Glasses, that just happen to be shatterproof, BPA-free and also reusable.

Find both by going to Vapur’s website at


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