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Holiday Birthdays—Ways to Make Kids Feel Special

I am a mom of two sweet boys with another one on the way. I worked in the financial world for five years before becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Learn a few ways to separate a child's birthday celebration from holiday celebrations.

Learn a few ways to separate a child's birthday celebration from holiday celebrations.

Holiday Birthdays

I always feel sorry for kids whose birthday is close to a holiday. Their special day is usually overshadowed by the craziness of Christmas, Easter, or some other major holiday. I feel it is very important to separate their birthday from the holiday as much as possible and make them feel special on the day they came into this world. If your child's birthday is a holiday birthday, be sure to read further for a few ways to make your kid feel special on their big day.

One Christmas Baby and One Easter Baby

I sure did not plan it this way, but both of my kids have holiday birthdays. My five-year-old's birthday is four days before Christmas, and my three-year-old's birthday is in April, and will probably have to, at some point in his life, share his birthday with the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately, these things happen, so all we can do as parents is to make them feel as special as possible on their holiday birthday.

Christmas Birthday Cake

Christmas Birthday Cake

Ways to Make Kids Feel Special on Their Holiday Birthday

Let me share a few ways I try to make my boys feel special on their holiday birthday...

When to Plan the Party

When planning your kid's birthday party, try to have it a week or two before or after their actual birthday. Having it at these times will allow you to focus totally on your child. This idea is especially important for holiday birthdays around Christmas. Family members and friends are extremely busy during this particular holiday with family and holiday parties. To ensure everybody will be able to attend and to effectively separate your child's birthday from the holiday, I highly recommend this idea when planning the date of the birthday party.

No Holiday-Themed Birthday Party

Unless your child specifically requests a Christmas or other holiday-themed party, do not use that holiday as the theme of your child's birthday party. Sure, it would be super cute and easily accessible at every store, but the point of your child's big day is for them to feel special. If all you have is Christmas decorations up, it may not feel like his or her day to shine. Again, if your child wants Santa Claus on his cake then, by all means, go for it. If they don't make this request, plan your child's holiday birthday theme around the characters or themes they are into at the moment.

No Combo Holiday/Birthday Gift

It may be tempting and easier to combine a child's birthday gift with a holiday gift. Avoid this temptation—I believe in order to effectively separate the birthday from the holiday that you should not combine the two events with one big gift. The only exception I will make in this matter is if the child is old enough and understands that the only way they are getting such an expensive gift is to combine the two. Still, if you want to make sure your child feel special on their holiday birthday, I recommend keeping the holiday and birthday gifts separate if possible.

Save Gifts for Their Actual Birthday

If you planned the birthday party a week or two before the actual birthday, save a small and inexpensive wrapped gift for your child to open on his or her special day. It doesn't have to be extravagant, just something to make them feel special on his or her actual birthday. For example, my son received two gifts from my husband and me at his ninja-themed birthday party. On his actual birthday, he will be enjoying a ninja playset that I picked up for around five dollars. It may not be much, but I will be happy to see the excitement in his eyes when I hand him the gift.

Let Your Child Plan the Activities for the Actual Birthday

On the day of your child's actual birthday, give your child some options of special activities to celebrate his or her big day with the family. If you are going out to eat or making the birthday meal, let your child choose what restaurant or the food he or she would like to eat. Be prepared for what comes out of their mouths - our family happily celebrated at Waffle House last year for our son's birthday! However your child chooses to spend the day, it will make them feel super special that he or she got to plan out the activities for their holiday birthday. (*Note - If your child's birthday is on a major holiday like Christmas, plan the next available date to be all about your child's special day.)

Famous People With Christmas Birthdays

If you were born on Christmas day, you may be comforted that you are not alone. Below is a list of famous people with December 25th birthdays.

  • Jimmy Buffet
  • Little Richard
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Sissy Spacek
  • Annie Lennox
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Robert Ripley
  • Clara Barton
  • Barbara Mandrell
  • Dido

Holiday Birthday Poll

Holiday Birthdays Don't Have to Be a Bad Thing

If you succeed at separating your child's birthday from the holiday, he or she will never know that having their birthday so close to a holiday is a bad thing. Even with all the craziness of the holidays, stop and make sure your child is the most important person in the world on his or her big day. You will know you have succeeded in making your child feel special when you see that big smile on their face the morning of their holiday birthday!

Do you or your child have a birthday close to a holiday? Do you have any stories or tips on dealing with a holiday birthday? If you do, please feel free to share in the comment section below!


PaigSr from State of Confusion on October 26, 2014:

I have a couple of friends with the Christmas birthday. Not sure how the parents dealt with it. This helped me understand. At least a little bit.

Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on January 12, 2012:

Oh wow steph all your holidays sound super busy with celebrations! I agree with you that - special days are what you make of them - great attitude! Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

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Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on January 12, 2012:

Thanks so much teaches12345! I really try to make it as special as possible for my little boy. Happy to hear you enjoyed the song :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on January 11, 2012:

Super hub! I share the same birthday as your 5 year old, and my husband's is 2 days before mine. Its tough celebrating so close to Christmas. We now just go out on 12/20 together for a nice dinner.

My oldest son was born on Halloween - at first, I was disappointed, but he has loved every single one of his 14 birthdays! Oh, and I have another friend with a Valentine's Day birthday.

Special days are what you make of them. Great tips here!

Dianna Mendez on January 11, 2012:

I love your hub! I wrote a hub on this topic this past December and can relate to this since my birthday is in December. I also agree with you and suggest making a special celebration of that day. I enjoyed the youtube song. Voted up!

Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on December 31, 2011:

Thanks so much kellymom1970! Appreciate you reading and for the vote up!

kellymom1970 on December 31, 2011:

alissaroberts,VOTE UP! great hub. I love this time of year.thanks

Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on December 29, 2011:

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It sounds like your holidays are as hectic and busy as ours with planning birthdays celebrations. Appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read!

Tammy from North Carolina on December 29, 2011:


Your hubs are so thoughtful and wonderfully crafted. I have a birthday boy in the family and an Easter Baby. I try not to run the celebrations together. Great work on this and I look forward to reading more!

Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on December 23, 2011:

Thank you so much alocsin! So happy to hear that you found them useful! Appreciate you reading and thanks for the votes :)

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on December 23, 2011:

Very sensible ideas. Voting this Up and Useful

Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on December 21, 2011:

Sounds like you had a great family who never let Christmas overshadow your birthday. I hope my son feels the same way you do when he grows up! Thanks That Grrl for sharing your story and for the follow! Happy Belated Birthday and Merry Christmas :)

Laura Brown from Barrie, Ontario, Canada on December 21, 2011:

My birthday is a week before Christmas, the 19th. I actually didn't mind the combo present cause I didn't see a lot of those relatives except for the big family holidays. Some years I'm sure I got more presents than my younger brother and sisters just because people were there and brought me "something extra" for my birthday. Now, I'm older and all those Grandparents and great Aunts and Uncles are gone. But, my brother and sisters always take me out for a lunch or have me over for a dinner at their homes. So, I've never really suffered for having a holiday birthday. But, I let people think whatever they like. :)

Alissa Roberts (author) from Normandy, TN on December 20, 2011:

Every person I know whose birthday is close to Christmas always complained about the combo present. So when we had our son 4 days before Christmas I vowed never to do that to him. I actually think I probably over do it but I just never want him to feel that his birthday is overshadowed by Christmas. Thanks randomcreative for stopping by and for leaving your comment!

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 20, 2011:

Great tips! I know a few people with holiday/close to holiday birthdays who frequently get gypped with the "combined" present. All kids deserve a birthday celebration and presents separate from any holiday.

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