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Having A Happy Halloween Party

Mother of two children under 5 with a love of Halloween and holidays in general.


Making Halloween Special

The weeks leading up to Halloween are so special. Golden leaves scattered on cold pavements, fresh mornings and violet evenings, a little extra steam for every hot drink, warm clothes and nights in. For this is the Season of comfort and style.

For me, most of the excitement for Halloween is in this time. The time before it's all over, while everyone is still in seasonal spirits and we're being blessed with yet another transition from Summer to Autumn. What about the day itself? All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Halloween. Is one day really enough of a celebration for such a glorious time?

There is a time to celebrate the transition of the Seasons and that is The Autumn Equinox, although, that's for another article. Halloween is indeed, a great way to end October. One of the most beautiful months of the year, in my opinion.

In this article, we're going to explore a few things that will hopefully spark inspiration in you so that you can make this Halloween really count.


It's A Lot Of Expense For Just One Day...

With Halloween and Christmas being so close together, birthdays to consider and every day life to budget for - throwing a Halloween Party might be out of the question for you this year but there are many other things you can do instead.

  • Go to a Halloween Party

- there will be pubs, hotels and children's play centers in your area that might be hosting a Halloween Party. Search the internet and social media for information and events and ask around in your local area.

  • Trick or Treating

- there's no explanation needed here.

  • Door Patrol

- Have your children dress up, answer the door and serve sweets and treats to children who are trick or treating. Be sure to have a lights on in your home that are visible through the windows at the front of your house and display a pumpkin or some Halloween decor to attract people who are trick or treating.

  • Halloween Night

- A family night with Halloween snacks, cozy lighting, great films and you and your family in your best pyjamas.

You might even consider a combination of these suggestions or even trying to do them all!

Make It Yours

As a family, you don't have to do what everybody else is doing. Take Halloween and make it yours. Why not start some traditions that you carry on annually as a family?

Pumpkin Picking Pictures!


Personal Decor

A lot of people have Seasonal decor that they take down and put up accordingly although for some people, that starts and ends with their Christmas tree. When Autumn comes in, gather your family and head out to take some photos.

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You can take the photos yourself, utilize self-timer or take a friend who will happily take photos for you. You could compare prices of local photographers and hire one to capture your family having fun in a red, Autumn sunset with golden leaves dancing around you, photos of you and your family pumpkin-picking in a sea of orange and green or seeing to important leaf-crunching business as a team. Another great idea is to get dressed up and go for a fun Halloween shoot.

You can get some beautiful photos and you can't deny that the one-time cost would be worth it for the life-long memories!

However you choose have the photos taken, make sure you have them printed. Have some or all of them printed on canvases or in large frames. You can store them throughout the year to display as Autumn and Halloween Decor or you can display them all year.

Fun Family Halloween Shoot

Fun Family Halloween Shoot

Another Idea For The Little Ones

We all enjoy crafts, even if it's deep, deep down inside us - there is an artist in all of us. A lot of children love nothing more than painting and sticking... getting creative with piles of glitter.

Gather your art supplies or go shopping for new ones and see what you can come up with. There are many online platforms to gain inspiration from.

I'm Hosting Halloween!

If you're reading this and you're hosting Halloween then thank goodness you continued reading. This part is for you!

Firstly, you will want to establish trick or treating rules. Will you be heading out with your party to go trick or treating? Will you expect guests to stay and enjoy the party? Tell fellow parents your plans so that they can arrange to take their children trick or treating before or after your party if that will be the case.

The other parents may thank you for establishing this early on because they may not want to leave the party and go into the cold once they've arrived at your fabulous event.

How will you feed your guests?

Buffets are always a good option. Especially since you can choose what to serve on your buffet... there is a lot of choosing in this article but you can choose. Who's to stop you? If you've already faced one too many buffets this year then you could go for an alternative. Cook, have someone cook, you could even order in!

It's always a good idea to serve food at parties, especially parties with children attendees.

Whether you are opting for a buffet or a sit-down meal, it's always nice to have a dining table dressed for the occasion. There are some brilliant Halloween decor items for sale online. Have a go at making a DIY spooky centerpiece.


Where Will I Put Everybody?

If you're concerned about the headcount then maybe you could consider hiring some furniture. Compare prices of tables, chairs, even bars. There are many options out there to hire items for indoor and outdoor living which can take your party and turn it into an event. An experience.

Furniture isn't the only thing you can hire. Have a look online. Maybe you could book Halloween entertainment that will have people talking about it until Christmas!


Beating The "Boredom"

"I'm bored"! If that sounds all too familiar to you then you will know that good food, good music and good company just isn't enough for most children. Crazy, right? You're going to need entertainment or games.

Here are some ideas off the top of my head, you may have already thought of some of these yourself!

  • Have a Pumpkin Competition with Prizes

- have people bring their carved pumpkins and light them all outside at your party and have the children on a "judging panel" to choose the winner. It will look pretty too. The more pumpkins you get for the competition, the better. Imagine the photos!

  • Apple Bobbing
  • Back Garden Bowling
  • Costume Competition with Prizes
  • Dance Off
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Hold a stall at your party of donated or unwanted items and donate the earnings to a charity

Stay close to much younger children, particularly if they are too young to recall any previous experiences with Halloween. All in all, children of all ages are likely to have an incredible time and leave with lots of memories.


© 2019 Karla Taylor


Karla Taylor (author) from Blackpool on October 24, 2019:

Thank you, Rida. I think it came to me because of a certain children's TV programme

Rida Verduax from Seattle on October 23, 2019:

Great read, love the term 'door patrol' never heard that before :)

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