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Haunted Antebellum Mansions


A Haunted South

The Civil War was a real turning point in the history of the United States. While the war may have been fought for many good reasons, it is difficult to justify the horrors so many were forced to endure. The sheer terror of that time, the upheaval of so many families, the deaths, the fighting, were simply too much for some souls to bear.

Brother against brother, father against son. There are so many deeply tragic stories that came out of that horrible time. What is left, now, a century and a half later, are scars that will never go away. Torn families that never uttered a word to their loved ones again. Vast mansions, homes and buildings burned to the ground. Dead and dying left in their wake. Voices which cry out in the dark and damp southern night.

Even today, there are new tales of lost souls from that dark time in our history. Homes that survived have their own stories to tell.

Soldiers never to find their way home. Lost children cannot find their mother. Freed slaves having nowhere to go, starving and separated from their families in a rush to survive flaming plantations.

Fear and suffering for more than half of our nation, all within the space of a few years, took its toll on our Southern States. There is not an inch of southern soil not tainted somehow from those horrible years. In many ways, the south was never restored, and still reeks of death.

What follows on this page are just a tidbit. A small sample, of some of the haunted southern mansions and other places in a haunted south, crying out for their voices to finally be heard.

May our acknowledgement of their plight somehow allow these lost souls to find a way to rest in peace, at long last!

Little Gracie - A very young Savannah Ghost

Lee-Fendall House - The former home of General Robert E. Lee


The house was converted into a hospital for Union soldiers during the Civil War. Today, it is a historic museum. Visitors claim to see ghosts and feel other paranormal activity.

It is not always the story tellers who communicate the vibe. Take a walk through some of these old houses on a still, dark and damp night. You will feel the chill in the air, though the temperature might still be warm. When depicted on television, it is pretty creepy too, with the infrared night vision. I'm almost too scared to watch!

The house was recently featured on the television show "Ghost Hunters" on the Sci Fi channel

The Haunted Tabernacle Cemetery - Greenwood, South Carolina


Brigadier General Nathan George "Shanks" Evans and Confederate Brigadier General Martin Witherspoon Gary are said to be buried here along with other civil war soldiers.

Edgewood Plantation, Charles City Virginia.


Edgewood plantation boasts to be part of the ancestral home of U.S. Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison and used by the Confederate army during the Civil War.

Today, it is national and state landmark and is rumored to be full of paranormal activity, including full-bodied apparitions.

The house was used during the civil war as a look out post for the Confederates against the Union soldiers. A soldier was hidden in the attic who still keeps a look out in the eaves behind a trap door.

It was also said that Lizzy Roland once lived there - engaged to a soldier that never returned, it is said you can see her standing in the window waiting for him to come back to her.

Miss Betty tells a Ghost "Truth" - She says it's not a story because it really happened!

The Ghost Battle of Cashtown Inn

The Ghost Battle of Cashtown Inn

The Ghost Battle of Cashtown Inn

Civil War Ghosts Reside at the Cashtown Inn - They will pack your bags for you - and send you on your way!


"TVs mysteriously turn off and on and guests have reported returning to their rooms to find their suitcases packed. Some have even been awoken in the night by the sound of horses trampling through their bedroom. People regularly hear ghostly footsteps on the third floor, especially in the Robert E Lee room."


"The basement of the Cashtown Inn, which was built in 1797, served as a surgery room for Confederate soldiers during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Inn co-owner Jack Paladino said stories about the horrors that happened in this basement -- as well as ghostly activity -- keep several of his employees from venturing down to it often."


The Cashtown Inn

The Cashtown Inn

The Cashtown Inn

John Denton - a "Strong Union Man" and ..........murderer?


It is known that Alfred Denton, the father of the Denton brothers, was a "strong Union Man". The Brick house where the Curtis brothers of the Confederate Army were murdered by John Denton was said to be haunted by their ghosts.

Civil War Ghosts in fact and fiction - Great American Writers remember the war in which everyone took sides - even the dead


Read "Miranda"... a civil war Ghost story by John Jakes

"....the same ghastly white-eyed creature I had glimpsed down by the creek stood in the wide doorway which led from the hall...."

Can you tell a good story? - These southerners talk about how to "spin a yarn"

The Myrtles Plantation....circa 1796

The Myrtles Plantation....circa 1796

The Myrtles Plantation....circa 1796

The Myrtles Plantation....now


"One of America's Most Haunted Homes"

The Myrtles Plantation

The house was supposedly built on ancient Indian burial grounds, which perhaps set the stage for the hauntings to come. The primary story however is about Cloe, the slave who served as the Nanny to the three children of the plantation owners. She was said to have been a secret mistress of the plantation owner, and a bit of a sleuth as well. She would frequently eavesdrop on the business of the plantation for the benefit of her fellow slaves. One one occasion, she was caught, and her punishment was the removal of one of her ears.

In an effort to save her position, (and keep from having to go work in the fields) she concocted a brew with oleander, a poisonous plant grown on the plantation, which she put into a birthday cake for one of the girls. Her intention was to make the girls and their mother ill, and show off her skills as a great caretaker of the sick. Instead, the girls and their mother died.

Her punishment was severe. She was killed by a mixed mob who hung her on the grounds.

The spirits of the four women still haunt the plantation, which today is a bed & breakfast.

Haunted Sorrel-Weed House Ghost - Savannah

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Have you ever been in a haunted Southern Mansion - Do tell! (they all seem spooky to me!)

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No I haven't and these look very spooky indeed so well worth checking I think

reasonablerobby on April 10, 2012:

No I haven't and these look very spooky indeed so well worth checking I think

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