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Happy Thanksgiving Humor

Happy Thanksgiving Photos and Images

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a happy and meaningful time with our family and friends, and even though it is a time of thankfulness and reflection, it's also to still be a time of celebration and fun for all the family.

To that end I went and found some hilarious Thanksgiving photos that are whimsical and funny. Some are a tiny bit dark, but not overly negative in any way.

Some of these you probably have seen before, like the dog and cat in Pilgrim and Indian costumes with their paws around each other, but you can't have a funny Thanksgiving grouping of photos and exclude them from it; it just wouldn't be the same without them.

Hopefully this will make your Thanksgiving a little bit more humorous and funny, and be sure to share the hilarious happy Thanksgiving photos with your friends and family.

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Funny Thanksgiving Photo of Turkey Promoting "Eat Pork"

This photo says it all, and it's hilarious to me. I love the way the supposedly concerned Turkey has worries over the lack of pork in our diets. Funny.

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Turkey about to be executed with gun

This is as intense as it gets with these funny Thanksgiving humor photos, and the eyeball of the turkey facing the barrel of the gun is great. Happy Thanksgiving ... I think ; -)

Humorous Photo of Turkey About to be Executed with Gun

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Dog and Cat Thanksgiving Photo

You may have seen this photo before, but it wouldn't be right to have a happy Thanksgiving photo gallery without including it. This is just too funny, and brings a smile every time I see it. I think that's the same for everyone else as well.

Dog and Cat in Thanksgiving Costumes with Arms around each others' shoulders

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Turkey Pecking at President Bush

Now is this the turkey that President Bush officially just pardoned? That's thanks for ya. But the photo is a hoot isn't it?

It's also funny how the two guys with President Bush are enjoying the attack on his personals.

Turkey allegedly attacking President Bush

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Turkey Hiding as Lamp

This is my favorite among all these funny and happy Thanksgiving photos. You can just picture a turkey attempting this if they had the brains to do it. Of course the idea is if the turkey really did have any brains, he wouldn't be hiding as a lamp where he is. Great fun!

Also playing into the overall humor of the scene is the guy on his knees looking for the Thanksgiving meal. Great fun!

Turkey Hiding on Thanksgiving Day

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Happy Thanksgiving Humor Photos

Hopefully this has made your day a little lighter and fun, as it did mine looking at these funny Happy Thanksgiving photos. I liked every one of them, and they make me laugh or grin every time I look at them. Happy Thanksgiving ... at least for some of us.


Sheila Craan from Florida on November 27, 2014:

I love it! Cute Photos! The dog and cat hugging is adorable and so is the hiding turkey.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on November 27, 2014:

Hilarious indeed , i like the one where turkey pretend to be a lamp

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