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How to Celebrate & Say Happy New Year in Multiple Countries

The New Year is an important part of the lives of people all around the world. This is one of those holidays that is celebrated in some way, regardless of the country that you live in. However, the way that this holiday is celebrated can greatly vary depending on your current location. Below you will learn more about how to say Happy New Year’s to people of other countries and more about some of their traditions as well.


What to say: Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

The New Year celebration is called Oshogatsu in Japan and it is a time when most businesses are closed so that families can celebrate together. It is considered good luck to hang a rope of straws, which stands for good luck and happiness and is believed to keep out evil spirits. This is traditionally hung across the front of the homes.

Laughter is also something that is a traditional way to celebrate the New Year and is believed to offer the people good luck in the coming year. When the New Year does arrive, it is ushered in by the ringing of bells, which are rung 108 times in order to free the faithful from 108 ‘earthly desires’ that is significant of the Buddhist religion.

Happy New Year Japanese Style

Happy New Year Japanese Style



What to say: Happy New Year

In England, it is common for people to gather in Trafalgar square and Piccadilly Circus where they wait to hear Big Ben announce the New Year’s arrival. After the bell sounds, the people will begin singing Auld Lang Syne and stand arm in arm.

The children of the town’s usually go around singing songs during the celebration and receive small amounts of money for their efforts. The Burning Bush is also an important symbol of the year and there is typically one hung in kitchens at this time. These bushes were first burnt as a good luck symbol for the farmers and then brought indoors.

New Years,  England

New Years, England



What to Say: Felice Anno Nuovo or Buon anno

Traditionally, Romans would decorate their homes with greenery and lights. A festival was also important and would last for three days. During this time, the people would exchange gifts among themselves and would enjoy many feasts together.

The foods that were served at this time all have a certain amount of significance. For example, sweets and honey were often served in order to create sweetness or peace. The color of honey also resembled gold and was considered lucky when it came to prosperity. During ancient times, it was traditions to offer gifts to the emperor and the other politicians as well.

New Year Italian Style

New Year Italian Style



Ein glückliches neues Jahr

As with many other countries, there are major parties that take place during the New Year celebration. Most pubs, hotels, restaurants, clubs and any other place where people can gather will offer some sort of celebration. However, the most important party is held at Brandenburg Tor in Berlin. Thousands of people come to celebrate at this party and many arrive from other countries as well.

For those who are not a part of the major parties, they often celebrate quietly with family at home. When midnight does arrive, champagne, hugs, kisses and well wishes are a popular way to celebrate the moment. There are also many firework displays that can be seen as well.

Germany New Year Celelebrations

Germany New Year Celelebrations



What to say: Happy New Year

There are many celebrations all throughout the country and the New Year is considered a time of enthusiastic celebration. The celebrations typically take place over the span of six days and are celebrated with specific customs and traditions. While some people decide to stay home to celebrate, others attend parties all around the country.

Many people attend church on New Year’s as well in order to pray for the New Year. When the time comes for the year to come to a close, the church will sound twelve rings on the bells and people will cheer and sound musical instruments in excitement. At precisely midnight, firework displays will also take place around the country as well.

Australian New Year

Australian New Year



What to say: Feliz ano Nuevo

Spain has many traditions that it holds to during the New Year celebration. While other countries tend to celebrate away from home, Spaniard families typically celebrate at home together instead. After the traditional celebrations take place at home, people will begin venturing outdoors to celebrate with each other at parties.

Grapes are an important part of the Spanish New Year celebration and people will begin eating them as the clock strikes midnight. In recent years, major celebrations have become more popular and there are now many major firework displays and parties held all throughout the country.



Chances are, if you are anywhere on New Year’s, you stand to have a wonderful time celebrating the local traditions. Everywhere is a little different and it is a good idea to learn more about the country’s New Year traditions if you plan to celebrate the New Year with them. This will give you the best opportunity to do it right and will keep you from missing out on the fun.

While the traditions may vary somewhat from one country to the next the thought remains the same; the New Year traditions around the world are a time for celebration and looking forward to the future. So, whether you are celebrating at home or at a major party, make sure that you a putting every effort into making the New Year the best one yet.

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I like the notion of eating the New Year. Or at least eating foods that are supposed to bring good luck for the New Year.

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