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Happy New Year: Note to Self 2021

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

These notes were supposedly the captions of the photos about how my first day in 2021 went. But it turned out to be my bold statements this year. And it would be my guide on how I should live the remaining 364 days ahead of me.

Me and Relatives at the Shrine of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal

Me and Relatives at the Shrine of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal


Prayer has been my armor in combating all my fights in life. And as I grow, I age in faith. It is something to be grateful for and worth-keeping. So, this year I will continue to pray with all my heart. I will give praise for whatever life will throw at me. I know that in good times, there is joy. And in bad times, there is wisdom and strength.

I will continue to pray to ask for what my heart desires. It will not only be for myself but also others. I wanted for abundance to overflow upon me so I could be a stream of blessings to others.

I will continue to pray with trust. I will be asking for what I wanted, but I will not beg. It is His will that must be done. I will trust in the process. I will not worry. Instead, I will know that He is working and will bring about only the best for me.

I will pray without ceasing.

Having Fun in Bamboo Farm Medellin

Having Fun in Bamboo Farm Medellin


I have been hungry for adventures and going to places without knowing that that adventure is my life itself. Yes, I will still go to places I have never been to. I will continue to capture picturesque landscapes. I will keep making moments with myself, friends, and family. It will surely be a life filled with fun and joy.

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However, there will be an opposite version of it. It is where real adventure happens. It is when unexpected turn-arounds of events occur. And it is something I cannot control. With that, I will remind myself to be patient throughout the duration. I will make adjustments to whichever aspects of my life when necessary. I will not push myself hard on something that I cannot do about. Instead, I will let go and will find ways for me to adapt in any way. And, I will act forward bearing the loads, hoping that things will work out fine in the end.

My Family and Relatives taking a pose at Paradiso Beach Resort, Kawit, Medellin, Cebu

My Family and Relatives taking a pose at Paradiso Beach Resort, Kawit, Medellin, Cebu


A pose is something I do when taking a picture. It is when I stop and give a glance. And, once done, it is the time to savor the frozen moments - a time to look back. I will make sure that the memories flashing back will be memories of my bests - that every picture will reflect beauty and love.

I will not strive to be the best among others but to be of my best. I will celebrate what I can and what I am. I will be humble to accept what I can't and what I am not. I will do everything with passion and love. And, I will pose in front not to intimidate but to inspire. I am me. I am LOVE.

And I shall call these the 3P's of living a year with faith, hope, and love.

A Happy New Year to you all!

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Liz Westwood from UK on January 09, 2021:

Thanks for sharing your uplifting and encouraging New Year thoughts.

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