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Happy Holiday’s, a Positive and Merry Christmas 2020

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Merry Christmas Everyone

To a Merry Christmas & A safe & Happy Healthy New Year

To a Merry Christmas & A safe & Happy Healthy New Year

Have a Safe and Happy Christmas

Christmas is here again. It is not on the way anymore but is already here. It never ceases to amaze me

how it comes and then it is gone. A build up to one special day and then it is gone. I suppose that is what makes it special. That is what makes a lot of seasonal events special. They give us something to look forward to each year and through the year. It would be nice if every day was Christmas. That thought belongs to fantasy but the celebration of each day in your own special way can belong to reality.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. It is not only a memory or a testament of Jesus Christ or the season but also of time and how time goes by so quickly. It is a season of joy and the best ways to honor Christ and the season are to feel alive, to be alive be merry, but also to try and carry that merriness with us into the next year and to continue to be as merry as possible.

A lot has happened this year and a lot will happen next year as well. Another thing about time and life,

is that time and life continue to move into the future and we all have to also. We move into the Christmas season with COVID 19 as part of our lives and current normality.

The virus that we know as COVI 19 has affected a lot of things and of course a lot of people in the year 2020 as it will in 2021. Christmas has been affected also but not even COVID-19 is going to take Christmas away from us. We have to keep on moving forward to embrace Christmas and the merriment that it can bring. It is also a sign of our resilience and to let COVID-19 know that it is not going to win. We have to keep on moving forward with hope, grace and dignity and remember that we are all in it together, that we will survive as a people and we will thrive and celebrate life.

Somethings will not change, and some things will for sure and the way that we celebrate Christmas this year may not be the same as we all did for previous years.

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I think some places and a lot of people put up their Christmas trees and the lights on, earlier this year,

to usher in the spirit of Christmas and override the sad cloud of COVI-19. Even the housing associations put up their economic decorations or decorations from the year before up earlier, this year. Trees were up for sale at Walmart and other places just before Thanks Giving or immediately after and it was nice to see some cars with antlers on them or Christmas lights breezing through the night. Unfortunately, the traditions will not be upheld everywhere.

In some countries like the UK and others, families will not be allowed to visit each other due to the Corona Virus and a shut down even at Christmas. Some families will not be celebrating Christmas together, because they have lost some family members and so if you still have family to celebrate with, you should be merry but also remain cautious with your celebrations.

To those who have young children, the children are still expecting Santa Claus to pay them a visit and the older ones, expecting Mummy Claus and Daddy Claus to deliver their expensive Christmas list wishes under the tree or to them in person. I used to be thrilled to just see presents under the tree and to get a Christmas stocking, but that was then, and this is now.

Welcome to the new generation. Check your text messages for a reminder of what apple phone or gaming computer or children sent you at the last minute or in time for there to be no excuses, not to deliver what was listed. Good for you, if you can but also remember that what is more important or just as important is that you are there for your children.

Your presence is also more important than your presents. Okay, maybe not. Your presence is just as important as the presents and nothing more delightful for them and maybe a photo moment, as you watch them unwrap their presents.

Even if it is not an apple phone or the latest generation tech, a present or some present’s and your presence should be a merry and magical moment. If you can make it happen, make it happen on the scale of happiness and joy that you can manage and not regret later.

Once a moment is gone, it is gone and all that remains are memories or a lack of memories, so make the best of it. Make the best of the season, make the best of the moment and make some memories that no one or nothing can take away from you in the future, but senility.

Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas 2020. Celebrate the Christmas but stay safe, stay healthy and stay alive.

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