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Happy Fathers Day Dads

Short description of what a Father is. A Father is a Powerful word. A stands for someone special.Fathers enjoy your special day …

This Is What A Dads About


What Is A Father

I would like to thank my group of Fathers, and yes I said and meant Fathers. Father is not just what the word implies, it is much deeper than that. It is an individual that does all that he knows to be there for a person or people to lead them down the correct path and help them avoid obstacles along that path. A father does not have to be bound by blood just by heart. Genuine care or concern for someone's well being, and actions to improve their state whether it be mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially is what makes a father. We hear the phrase "father figure" all the time, and that phrase describes a person that exemplifies all of the characteristics listed above. A lot of people says Moms have it best on Mothers Day! So on this day I would like to take notice of the Fathers.

This Is A Father


The Key too His Heart


I’m His Own Image

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