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Happy Birthday Wishes to My Daughter from Dad & Mom

Happy birthday wishes for daughter from dad

Happy birthday wishes for daughter from dad

Happy Birthday Wishes to Daughter from Parents

An inspirational and little funny collection of happy birthday wishes to daughter from mom and dad post these messages on her Facebook status or make it a caption on the Instagram. For every parent, a daughter is a beautiful gift and my daughter is such a blessing to share our life with such a cute little princess. There is never a boring minute when she is around. She has such a lovely heart and has so much craze for life and the energy to make sure that she practices everything possible and lives to the fullest. My daughter always loves to grocery shop with me and I know people think we are crazy because we laugh and laugh! She runs out the store kicking her legs in the air. She is used to running around with the cart racing through the parking and her jumping around corners scaring me. Your parents are so proud of you. You are an amazing little girl who is focused and determined in her pursuits; competitive and wonderful, daring and spirited. I am so thankful to God for having you in my life and feeling very arrogant to be your daddy.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad and Mom:

  1. Happy 17th birthday to the best daughter I could ask for! You are my female mini-me, my racing buddy and sometimes a royal pain in the head, but I couldn't imagine my life without you. I love you baby girl, hope you are having a great day.
  2. Today is my daughter 18th birthday. I want to celebrate my daughter birthday and all the life and happiness she brings to our family. There was a time when it was just me and her and I was really lonely and depressed but seeing her beautiful smile always kept me going! She is and will always be my sunshine.
  3. Happy birthday to my sweet bean! These last three years have been the best years of my life. Thank you for choosing me to be your dad. I'm so beyond thankful for this little girl! I honestly don't know what I would do without her. I cannot picture my life without her.
  4. Somehow I missed my daughter birthday party but it’s never too late to say what I cannot say often enough. You can never know how honored I am to be your mom, nor how my heart nearly bursts with love and pride with every thought of you. You are the greatest love of my life, and you always will be.
  5. Today is my twin daughter’s birthday and I would like to tell my daughters how much I love them from now until eternity. And I'd like to say how proud I am of the beautiful woman they have become and thank them for my wonderful beautiful grandchildren.
  6. Wishing my baby a happy birthday! Sixteen years ago God blessed me with a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl. She is intelligent, funny, athletic, and responsible and I could not have asked for a better child. I am so proud of her and can honestly say I am truly blessed. I just want you to know that I love you with all my soul. I love you and hope you enjoy your day.
  7. One year ago from this very moment, I was going to bed, having no idea that the very next day I would be finally holding our baby girl in my arms. Happy 1 year birthday to my baby! It has been so fun watching this little peanut grow and learn so many things this year! I love you!
  8. Happy birthday to my cute, too smart for her own good, humble, big-hearted, God fearing daughter! You're my first born, grabbed my heart first, and made me proud first. I'm so looking forward to the other entire first! May God continue to bless you, keep you, and chastised you when necessary.
  9. Happy 11th Birthday to my youngest girl! I can't believe another year has flown by and you're entering 5th grade in two days. I love your laugh and your smile and how the daycare kids look up to you as their best friend.
  10. I want to say happy birthday to my daughter in heaven. I still can’t believe you are gone. It just seems like yesterday that we were hanging out. I love and miss you so much. R.I.P. my friend until we meet again!
  11. Happy Birthday to my first born daughter, 12 years sure has caught up with you quickly. I thank God daily for you as your mother; I only want the best for you. So when I get on your nerves it's because I care and I love you. Next year you will be hitting the teenager mark, I pray I don't have to kill you, just kidding. Enjoy your birthday my love bug.
  12. Happy birthday to my first born beautiful daughter, it’s her 16th, how time flies. I love you to the moon and back again no matter what I might be a strict badass dad sometimes but there’s reasons why and mostly because I love you and never want anyone or anybody to ever hurt you. I love you kid enjoy your day, see you later.
  13. Happy Birthday my girl, our first grandchild, I remember it perfectly the day you were born. You are so special to grandpa and me. Train up a baby girl in the way she should go so when she gets old she will not depart. I thank God for the many gifts and talents that he has bestowed upon my 3-year-old granddaughter. I see you and I make a vow to pull and push you into everything God has for you.
  14. I cannot believe that it has been 19 years today that I became a mom but most importantly to this incredibly beautiful girl that stole my heart the minute I found out I was pregnant. I am beyond honored to call you my daughter; I love you more than you'll ever know.
  15. Screaming happy 6th birthday to the top of my lungs to a wonderful amazing young lady, my daughter. Your smile can light up a room and you blessed my life for the last 16 years. She is an awesome kid, she is crazy like her mama but I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. She is smart, funny, talented, and loveable and she has a heart of gold.
  16. Today it marks 14yrs that you came into our lives, our 1st blessing. We named you after my grandma’s name. I can remember like it was just yesterday. I pray the Lord's most abundant blessings of good health, wisdom, patience, loyalty, humbleness, respectfulness and I pray that the Lord continues to show and guide you. Happy birthday my love, you are special in every way, we love you.
  17. Happy 5th birthday to the world’s sweetest most loving funny little girl, I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming my little girl. Mommy loves you and I'm so happy to get to spend today and every other day with my daughter and her brother.
  18. I just want to wish a very special happy birthday to my lady bug! You know how very, very much your mommy loves you and is looking forward to seeing you prosper in the things God has in store for your life! He has his hands on you and I have all my faith in Him!
  19. Exactly 2 years ago, we were snuggling our new bundle of joy and love, our perfect baby girl. She is the sweetest, funniest, most loving 2-year-old and we can't wait to see her grow up into a little lady! Happy Birthday, sweetheart, we love you so much.
  20. Words cannot explain how proud of you I am for the beautiful young lady you are becoming. You have kept up with your school studies, cheering in high school, and dedicated so much of your personal time day in and day out to your siblings. After months and months of long and crazy days of preparing for this, today is the day of my lovely daughter, happy birthday. I am beyond blessed to have you as my daughter.
  21. Screaming happy 7th birthday to my little rose, my sweet daughter! Words can't describe how happy I am to be your dad. The love I have for you is beyond measure, uncountable and I'm so happy that God gives me a chance to be in your father. You make me swollen with pride. Have fun my little princess!
  22. I would like to take this time out to wish Happy 18 birthday to a very special young lady in my life. I have watched her grow into a beautiful person she is today. I love you with all my heart, wishing you many more years to come.
  23. I want to take a time to give a very important person in my life a birthday shout out. My little mama, my heart, my joy, my pain, and my everything. Happy 2nd birthday baby! Mommy and Daddy love you so much.
  24. Today is my twin’s daughter’s birthday and I would like to tell my daughters how much I love them from now until eternity! And I'd like to say how proud I am of the beautiful woman they have become and thank them for my wonderful beautiful grandchildren.
  25. This little girl blows my mind on the daily for her passion, courage and determination in and for life. She is so incredibly brave and outspoken. I want to be her when I grow up. My heart could explode.
  26. I have the most beautiful, smart, caring, most amazing daughter in the whole world and I thank God every day for blessing me with her. She is my world and my reason for everything I do, I love her more than words can describe.
  27. I am very proud to have a beautiful smart sweet daughter that is very caring and I love her so much and I am very proud of her for being the best mom she can be. I love you and thanks for you spending quality time with me I needed it.
  28. Happy birthday my baby, my best and everything I wish I could be! You are one of my greatest joys and the reason for so many of my smiles! God knew what we needed to make our family complete.
  29. Happy birthday to this little girl! I can't wait to see the lady she becomes. I can't wait to form her into a modest, honest, respectful, well mannered young lady. I cannot wait to pass everything my mother taught me to her. She's the beautifulness’ and funniest little girl around. Daddy and I love you little girly.
  30. I love this little girl with all of my soul. She may drive me crazy with the attitude and hardheaded strong will. But she amazes me daily. She wants to learn every single thing she can, she is blunt never fearing to speak exactly what's on her mind, she is so sensitive to others around her, and she wants to heal the world. I love you.

Daughter Birthday Poem from Dad

You are a peacemaker for my heart

You are my sunlight even on dark nights

You are my source of happiness even when I sad

You are my charming perfumes in this rotten world

You are my healer when I got depressed

You are my first and last chance of survival

You are the only one, I call my world

Happy birthday

When was your daughter born?

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