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Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo

Halloween Shibuya


Halloween in Shibuya 2019

Shibuya was in the news in 2018 for the madness that occured during Halloween in 2018. People were heavily drinking on the streets, some people even passed out drunk and the craziest part was, that some people flipped over a truck (video under the article). The police had to arrest 4 people during that night.

So I was quite anxious what Halloween would be like in 2019. Luckily the police took some measures in advance and prohibited alcohol on the streets in Shibuya during Halloween. Also the police was basically everywhere on the streets and took care of the people. If roads got blocked, they asked the people friendly to move. People, who had alcoholic beverages, were told to dispose those.

I arrived pretty late in Shibuya. It was around 11 pm already, but the streets were packed. It was hard to move out of the train station and also to move on the streets. Luckily it got better, the further I went from the train station. I met up with some of my friends, we walked around for a bit, took pictures with people, who liked our costumes or if we liked theirs and everything went really smoothly. People were very polite and even though alcohol was prohibited, a lot of people were tipsy and drunk, which was pretty good. Usually Japanese people tend to be really shy and often are scared to the first move, especially towards foreigners. But tipsy Japanese people often do that, while still being really nice and polite.

After a couple hours of walking around, we went to a underground club (Contact), which was really cool. They had a nice bar, a nice dance floor, amazing DJ's and a lot of cool people. Even though there were mostly Japanese people in there, there were also a lot of foreigners.

Basically at 4:30 am in the morning we were sweaty as hell, went out of the club, and walked to a local ramen place. The ramen was fairly cheap, tasty and the best part was the free cold water. We talked to some Japanese people there, who approached us with 'Happy Halloween! Where are you guys from?', which was really sweet and nice to see.

At 5:00 the train station opened again, so we could take the next train back home. The train station and shibuya btw was still packed. It wasn't as bad as earlier, but still pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, you could move, but there were still a lot of people. The police was still there and people were still celebrating and embracing Halloween.

The best part about that night though, was probably seeing two Japanese guys, who were dressed up as Mario & Luigi, driving in their truck, which had plumber advertisement on it, and listening loudly to the main music of Super Mario Bros. I couldn't stop laughing and I wanted to record the whole thing, but unfortunately they drove by us too fast. All in all, it was an amazing night and I am probably going to remember these two Japanese guys for the rest of my life.

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Halloween Shibuya 2018 Truck

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