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Halloween Rock Painting

Painting rocks with a Halloween theme is an easy craft project to make with your kids. All you need are some rocks, some paint and paintbrushes, and an active imagination. Every parent I know looks for new and fun crafting ideas in the month of October. Making some decorations for Halloween is a great way to bond and have fun with your kids. Rock painting is a cheap and easy way to make sure that happens. I hope you enjoy the pictures of painted stones on this page, and I am sure you and your kids will enjoy this spooky fun project.

Where To Find Rocks And How To Get Them Ready To Craft

Look around your yard for rocks. Don't take them from other homes or businesses without the direct consent of the owners...that would be stealing. You can find rocks in your local garden center if you are looking for more than a few.

Prepare your rocks. That means washing them with warm, soapy water. If they are very loaded with dirt, scrub them. Let the rocks dry completely before you begin to craft with them.

If you want to start out with white rocks, prime them. That means give them a base coat of paint, or two coats if you like. Let them dry completely between each coat.

Rock Painting Supplies For Halloween Fun

The basic list of rock painting supplies is short. When you begin to paint designs on rocks you will probably only use:

  • Rocks - Pick Larger Rocks of All Sizes
  • Craft Paints in Halloween Colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sealant Craft Spray

Optional Supplies Include:

  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stickers
  • Paper (to make designs with)
  • Ribbons w/Halloween Designs
  • Halloween Theme Embellishments

You really only need three things to decorate rocks by painting Halloween designs on them...that's the paint, the brushes, and the rocks. If you want your rock designs to stay on, you will need a 4th supply...the craft spray sealant.

The scissors, googly eyes, stickers, paper, scissors, ribbons and other embellishments are all optional. If you want to add more Pizazz to your painted rocks, use these items to add something extra to your creations.

Rock Painting - A Candy Corn, Frankenstein, A Ghost, Or A Black Cat

Some Iconic Halloween Symbols To Paint On Your Rocks

You can use iconic Halloween symbols as models for your painted rocks. There's the candy corn ... everyone's favorite Halloween candy. Frankenstein is a classic Halloween monster and he is pretty easy to paint on a rock. A ghost is another symbol that's connected to Halloween and it's another design that is simple to recreate on your rock. Don't forget the black cat when you are thinking about what to paint!

Halloween Mummy Rock Paintings

I really love these painted mummy rocks!

I really love these painted mummy rocks!

What Is Your Favorite Halloween Symbol?

Rock Painting - A Pumpkin, A Witch, A Ghost, And A Spider

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What's Halloween without a pumpkin, a witch, a mummy, or a spider? These are more of the iconic symbols we connect to Halloween and all of them are simple designs kids can paint on rocks. The spider's legs were made with some twigs picked up from outside, so they are easy to find and won't cost you a dime!

Painted Halloween Spider Rocks

Finish your painted Halloween spider rocks with some thin wire or pipe cleaners for legs.

Finish your painted Halloween spider rocks with some thin wire or pipe cleaners for legs.

These spiders look easy to paint, don't they? All you will need is some roundish stones, some black paint, some white paint, and wire or pipe cleaners for their legs. The white paint will make their eyes stand out. I think these arachnids look great and I bet your kids cannot wait to make them.

The Spider Rock Painted For Halloween - This Is My Favorite

To Paint Halloween Rocks You Will Need:

HalloweenRock Painting Supplies




Craft Sealer Spray

Googly Eyes (Optional)

Paper (Optional)

Scissors (0ptional)

Stickers (Optional)

Embellishments (Optional)

These Painted Rocks - Rock!

More Ghost Rock Painting Ideas

More Pumpkin Rock Painting Ideas

A group of painted rocks is an outstanding idea, what a great decoration they will make. Just look at the groupings in the pictures up above. The ghosts and the pumpkins look wonderful together. Your kids are going to enjoy making them and then they will really enjoy decorating your home and yard with these painted rocks...I bet you never knew how easy it was to decorate for Halloween!

Paint Rock EYEBALLS Easy HALLOWEEN Craft Idea's Tutorial

Be sure to watch the videos here if you find you are a little bit addicted to painting Halloween designs on rocks. The one video will show you how to paint realistic looking eyeballs on your rocks...and the other video will show you a beautiful Halloween scene complete with a haunted house, a dead spooky tree with an owl in it, a graveyard, some pumpkins, and even a ghost! If your kids are looking to go onto the next level in rock painting, or if you are, you will learn a lot from these helpful how to video tutorials.

Hand Painted Halloween Rock

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Silhouette Rock Painting

Painting rocks for Halloween, or for any occasion, is an inexpensive way to let your creative juices flow and have a fun time. It's the perfect craft project for people of any age, kids, teens, and adults will all enjoy this pastime.

What can you do with painted rocks? You can decorate your yard and garden with them, you can display them in your home, you can give them to loved ones as a gift, you can keep them and collect them yourself. Painting rocks is fun, easy, and a wonderful craft project you can share with your kids.

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