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Halloween Party Games


What would a Halloween Party be without games?

If you are planning a Halloween Party then you have come to the right place. I am going to walk you through some really cool Halloween Games you can use that will be so much fun for everybody.

So have a Halloween Party to remember and have the kids talking about it for years to come.


Touchy Feely Boxes

I am going to start with my favorite Halloween Activity

When I was young I can remember going to a Halloween Party where they had boxes you can stick your hand in and touch things inside that you could not see. Each box had a label on the outside that said things like; Eyeballs, Brains, Fingers etc.. When you touched them it really felt like you were touching those things and being young it could get really gross. This is so easy to create, inexpensive and the kids love it no matter how many times they have done it before.

Here is what you Need:

Cardboard Boxes (decorate them if you wish) You can paint them, Wrap in Halloween paper etc...

Plastic Containers to hold all your goodies in the box (make sure it fits in the box)

Scary Goodies for the containers (see Below)

Signs or Labels to stick on the boxes stating what is inside

To make your boxes all you do is put a round hole in the box just big enough for hands to stick in and feel in the container. You can set it up so they stick in their hand through the top or front of the box.

TIP: Make sure you have Napkins or Wipes so the guests can wipe their hands when they are finished. No one wants to walk around with brain goo on their hands all night.

Have those cameras rolling - this gets pretty funny to watch.

Now here are some ideas of what to put inside the boxes:

EyeBalls - Peeled Grapes

Fingers - Baby Carrots or Little Smokie Sausages

Teeth - Feed Corn

Skin - Cabbage leaves with some oil on them

Hair - Corn Husk Silk

Magots - Over cooked rice with some oil or Cooked Orzo Pasta

Bat Wings - Pig Ears for Dogs

Brains - Jelly or Jello

Blood & Guts - Canned Peeled Tomatoes

Rat Tails - Licorice Strings Cut

Worms or Veins - Cold Cooked Spaghetti

Spiders - Pipe Cleaners

Vomit - Pudding with Corn, Peas and other food particles added in

Scabs - Dried Banana Chips

Warts - Raisins

Dried Up Tongues - Dried Apricots

Photo: By mom-to-4

10" high. Includes 3 small orange and black bean bag throws.

Includes the spider and four 6 1/2" rings.

Makes a fun game for all ages! Game includes 16 playing cards, a caller board, markers with for the caller and players and instructions; Cardboad.

Spin the spinner and place the corresponding body part on the indicated open space. Includes plastic game mat, spinner and instruction sheet. Mat measures 45" wide x 77" long.


Make your own Halloween Party Game

Here is one I had done for a party

My game was Pin the Eyeball on the Monster. All I did was draw a fun silly monster on Poster Board. I colored it in wiith fun colors. Then I cut out eyeballs that covered the ones on the poster. This way when it was time for the kids to stick them on it would work perfectly. I also made the eyes they were sticking on bloodshot - just to add to the fun. I also created a fun blindfold using a black foam sheet that I cut into a bat. I added details using a white crayon and attached a string for tying on the child. So when on it looked like they had a bat on their face.

You can do the same thing and create your own game poster. You can do Pin the Tooth on the Skull, Add the face to the Pumpkin, Stick a Wart on the Witch etc..

Just get creative and have fun with it. I love to be creative and making my own games for the kids.

Printable Halloween Party Games

They have so many Fun Games to choose from

50 Printable Halloween Games Collection
From: PrintableGamesAtoZ

Inflatable Witch Hat Toss

This bewitching party game guarantees a haunting good time this Halloween! Includes an inflatable Witch Hat and 4 Inflatable Rings.

Stack The Bones Game

More Halloween Party Games


The Mummy Wrap

Another one of my favorite Halloween Games

This is the game where you break up into teams and choose one person to be the Mummy. Then on go each team has to wrap that person up with toilet paper and the first one to use all of their toilet paper or to wrap their Mummy first wins.

It is simple and easy, BUT requires lots of toilet paper.

Tips: To choose who will be the Mummy for each team - draw names from a hat and avoid the whining.

Also be sure the Mummy's Mouth, Nose and Eyes do not get covered.

Halloween Party Planning Books

Halloween Pals Party Supplies - This is my all time favorite design right here:


Do not forget The Halloween Costume Contest

Let the kids show off their Costumes

It is so much fun to see the kids dressed up every year. So when you have your Halloween Party give out some fun awards to make it that much more exciting for the kids who are coming. Set up an area where they can walk the spooky runway and work their costume - I think that adds to the fun.

Have awards in many Categories, buy make sure everyone goes home with an award or ribbon so there are no hurt feelings.

Photo: My Daughter when she was a Dalmation

Best Costume Skeleton Trophy

Best Costume Sash/Ribbon

More Halloween Trophies, Ribbons and Certificates


Chocolate Covered Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

A YUMMY edible Party Favor

The perfect ending to any party are these yummy Rice Krispy Treats that are made fresh to order. They are HUGE at 4-5 ounces each, individually wrapped and come on a stick for anyone to enjoy.

Stop by my website and see all the design choices available and to order yours.

The Party Animal

Stop playing games for one minute and leave some feedback

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Sounds good can't wait to try!!x thnx

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How do you get those cool outlined boxes? It's not a blackbox but a frame?

anonymous on October 22, 2012:

The clock is ticking for our Kidz Life 10/28 FUN DAY at church ... at the 11th hour, I know that I need to down scale what I originally wanted to create for our churches 1st Harvest Event ~ the "create at home" games (things we played some 50-yrs ago when in elementary school) is the route I'm going now ... thank you, thank you, thank you for having this resource for anyone and everyone !!

anonymous on October 21, 2012:

Fantastic ideas! Thanks!

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Thanks, I needed some inspiration for the feely boxes!!! I going to put jelly as brains!!!

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anonymous on September 25, 2012:

Liked your ideas, especially what you use to make Spooky Touch Things in a box.Thank you!

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Cool idea

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What delightful ideas you present in this lens for Halloween party ideas.

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i loved the ideas every one of them and your daughters costume is adoreable ,im using half to all of the things son this page!!!!

Lilly-n-Lloyd on September 16, 2011:

The awards for games idea is one that I will use. It motivates yet it's funny at the same time. btw this little animated ghost you have working above this comment area is adorable!

Hermionebug on October 23, 2010:

I'm having a Halloween party and this is exactly what I was looking for! I'll be back as the day draws closer!

surviving-2012 on October 20, 2010:

How Fun!

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Fun stuff! The costume contest is still one of my favorites:-)

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great lens, love the inflatable spider game idea!

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Great party game ideas! Adding to my Halloween on Squidoo Plexo!

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What a great party supply lens this is. Love those Pals!

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I love your lens. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Spookytreasure hunt riddles makes for a great Halloween party too.

Kirsti A. Dyer from Northern California on September 25, 2010:

Lots of fun ideas. I remember too well being creeped out by the Touch and Feel game as well as a kid. Is there a way of recycling the toilet paper from the mummy wrap?

squid-janices7 on November 04, 2009:

Love this fun lens! The Touch & Feel game brings back lots of creepy Halloween memories from when I was a kid. 5*

anonymous on October 29, 2009:

Hi thanks for the tips on the touch and feel boxes..... I am going to use them over and over.... I have been looking for forever for something like this

BeautifulGreenB on October 20, 2009:

I am having a Halloween party for 20 kids, ages 2-14. The little ones are easy but I was racking my brain for the tweens and teens- Thanks for these great ideas! The touchy-feely boxes are going to freak out even the toughest boys and the mummy wrap will be great for everyone. Great lens!

Treasures By Brenda from Canada on September 22, 2009:

As always, boo-tifully done!Blessed.

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Spookfully cool ideas, games and decorations. I think the kids are gonna have a blast this year!!

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Great lens. Those games sure look fun.

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